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One of my favorite WCW PPVs. Great stuff like Outsiders clubbing it out w/those spectacular Faces of Fear. Benoit vs Jarrett having a sleeper great match. Which is stunning considering the rest of Jarrett's WCW tenure from this stint would be the worst thing to come from 1997. Eddie vs DDP was good; WCW did a great job giving the finals to those two. Not something you saw very often as we all know. WCW letting two rising workers compete for the upper mid card championship. Malenko vs Dragon is one of those matches I can firmly understand someone not thinking is as "great" as myself & others may do, but it still more than holds up for me. Was always a bit miffed it got nixed from making the Starrcade DVD set released back in 2008. Women's match gets slept on this show too & that's a good, quality match. And finally, Liger bullying the piss out of Mysterio for 14 minutes is brilliant. Underrated match that is. I think some expected the showcase of what would be the two most iconic high flyers, but instead we got Liger being a jerk & Mysterio working his grand plucky underdog goodness. May have not gone the way some have conceived, but it's still damn great.

Hogan vs Piper is what it is. Seen worse, seen MUCH better. Can understand it being a draw b/c well...it was. Simply put. Hogan vs Sting the year later is worse & that was "the" money match for WCW. That's how things go sometimes. Remember zilch about Luger vs Giant, but I think that says it all. I actually wonder if that is kind of awesome, now that I think about it. Luger was out of his prime & Giant hasn't found it yet. It's probably far from it, but dammit I want to have some hope.
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