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star or jobber

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will these people be stars or jobbers and why

Daniel Bryan-star he is already held a title and has alot of upside to him

Alex Riley-jobber-u don't see him in the ring compete to much and it hard to tell if he will anything good in WWE

Mason Ryan-star- he is big and looks like the animal kinda smaller version

Michael McGillicutty-jobber-i just don't like the guy for some reason

Heath Slater-star-i like him he will be star at some piont

Jack Swagger-jobber-he has gotten lost in the shuffle it seems on smackdown

Tyler Reks-jobber-i don't know much about him but i don't see him on tv very often

Wade Barrett-star-but the thing that is odd about him is he will not be a star if thay don't make him a solo wrestler until then he will never be a star
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Ryan, Bryan, Barrett and maybe Swagger are the only decent ones on that list.

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Bryan - Star. WWE learned their lesson not to piss of the IWC fans who go to RAW events and PPV's.

Riley - Star. Best on NXT2 by a longshot, plays The Miz's apprentice well and as a bright future ahead of him.

Mason Ryan - Star. WWE is very high on him, has good size and will do well in the future.

Michael McGillicuty - Jobber. Mid-carder at best only because he's the son of Curt Hennig. I do like his in-ring skill though.

Heath Slater - Jobber. Doesn't have a good look and is just bland. Possibly a Chavo future at best. Can put on great in-ring performances though, he was arguably the best during the WWE/Nexus Summerslam match.

Swagger - Star. I admit I do bash him alot but due to his size he will be used again for sure. He has charisma but I believe he seems to have a confidence problem which he'll need to overcome. He'll be back near the top one day.

Tyler Reks - Unknown. Unique look but I know nothing him about so I can't judge him.

Wade Barrett - Star. The biggest on your list. I can honestly see him being the next Triple H, he's well liked by all his peers and his employer. No doubt will be one of the WWE's biggest stars for a very, very long time.
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