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Stable teams in Wrestling that havent been done!

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With the emergence of Ace's and Eighters in TNA as well as looking back at WWE stables (man I miss stable teams). I thought how different they all were and what they resembled.

D-Generation X represented some sort of youth movement and angst as well as anarchy

Nation of Domination represented a Black Supremacy group.

Evolution represented a sign of past present a future.

NWO was fighting against the system type group, and eventually turned into a gang.

Plus many more. the question is more or less, what kind of stables havent the WWE (or any other promotion) thought of yet? Post your ideas.

My idea was a stable called the Zodiac, not sure how it would work but maybe have people accositated with Star Signs, Would be quite call to have wrestlers called Leo, or Aquarius :p
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If I remember correctly Zodiac was an alias for Brutus Beefcake. I never want to be reminded of that clown again
How about a holligan stable. A group of wrestlers who just like to cause havoc and mayhem, fight and beat people up. My ideas for the stable would be similar to when Nexus first started out, assaulting people, and damaging property like when the Nexus first debuted and they tore everything apart. Except none of this, we are one crap. They just like doing what they do and have no ideology, except cause chaos.
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