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SS was a solid PPV

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I am not sharing the popular opinion that is sucked. Just because your favs didn't go over. I am a Wyatt Mark and stil enjoyed the ppv. Putting the traditional SS match on the pre show, without any build or hype at all, especially considering it was the ME last year, was incredibly stupid and lazy. And they put the Dudleys on the pre show was absurd. They are HOF worthy, and least greats. They should be on the mai show. Other then that Ambrose Owens match was very good. Even Reigns and Del Rio had a solid one. Paige and Charlotte I Thought had a very underrated match. Pity crowd could give two damns, same with the Breeze and Ziggler match. Ziggler was the man a year ago, now jobbing to the hawian HBK. BOD shoulden't of squashed Wyatts like that. I mean did Wyatt even land a shot lol? They are big, young guys. And Taker and Kane looked 20 years younger. But the opening entrances were epic. They woulden'give someone that amount of screeeen time with Taker on his 25th Anniversary. IF he wasen't in their plans. When Taker leaves, I expect Wyatt to run amock. And then the screwery finish that everyone hates or loves. I am just glad Shamus did win, Reigns push is too manufactured, and I Want it to become organic, and make me care about his story. That won't happen until a heel turn. I well give it 5/10.
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A solid F-.
That's too harsh...

...I'd give it an F+.
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