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Ok just an idea or thought here. K in the Sports section last year there was a Non-American Sports sub section to seperate all the European sports such as Soccer and Rugby etc from the North American sports such as football, hockey, baseball etc. Well in the last couple of months i think that there has been more than a fair amount of Non-American Sports Threads in order to have a Non-American Sub Section Sports Thread. Just a random thought there.

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Soccer is big in Brazil. That's not part of Europe. We used to have American and Non-Amercian sporting threads.
By having them as one forum, it looks busier than having 2 separate ones. It would look shit having one part of the forum with a lot of traffic and one with little traffic. This way, the Sports Forum looks busy.

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Adam said in post #5 :
Finally....Otacon get's off his lazy ass and decides to contribute to the forums :D
See the red? I don't think palying in the arcade is a worthwhile contribution :cuss:

Besides...I haven't seen any member with a crown for a while, have they disappeared, or have they been won by lurkers?

If you beat the current high scores you will get the crown, though.

Now there is not enough talk about American sports to split the forums...
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