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SPOILERS FOR FUTURE RAW's and Smackdowns and PPV's

Vengeance match between Cena and Del Rio - will be a last man standing match

The Raw that follows the next day in Austin will be a Main Event Cena Vs Del Rio in a cage match.

The Smackdown taping the next day in Houston will feature another 41 man battle royal.

Raw the following week will be hosted by The Muppets

Liverpool UK Raw Will have another Triple H & CM Punk vs. The Miz & R-Truth tag match

1st of November Smackdown will have a 6 man Tag match of Big Show,Sheamus and Randy Orton Vs Mark Henry,Christian and Cody Rhodes - with Booker T as Special Guest Ref

November 14th Raw the first Raw after the world tour in Boston will be a three hour special with The Rock, also not having CM PUNK listed either

The Rock wil definitely return for Survivors Series
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