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Hey guys, we're putting together an all around pop culture convention featuring comics, movies, TV, games, and more! This year we seem to be focused more on classic wrestlers from days past.
So far we have Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee, Doug Gilbert, Jimmy Valiant, and commentator Lance Russel, and that's just the wrestling related guests.

It's April 17 and 18 at the National Guard armory in Evansville Indiana
check out the website or look up Pop!Con on Facebook for more info.

https://m.facebook.com/POP.CON.2014 https:// www.facebook.com/ POP.CON.2014

also, you can meet my ugly mug as I'll be there selling tshirts and ( #shamelessplug ) promoting my comic book!

(also, Mods, if you think this would do better in the Classic section, feel free to move it. I wasn't sure where to post it.)
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