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Sons of Anarchy request

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Subject: A sig and ava of Jackson Teller of the Sons of Anarchy TV show, he's gotta have that sexy long hair.
Size: Up to the artist.
Link to last request: One of Ted Dibiase, can't find it anymore.
Colors for banner: Again, up to the artist.
Link some pictures for the artists to use:

Don't have to use these pics, it's just a guideline. Leaving all the creativity up to the artist.

Thanks to whoever attempts this.
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Uhh 'Jax Teller' somewhere and 'Principino' too.
I wanted to keep this one simple beyond belief as I felt the images themselves were strong enough. I do understand however if you were looking for something a bit more extravagant.

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Oh sweet guys. Such a beautiful man, no ****. Love both attempts, I think I'll vary it every week. Appreciate it.
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