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As I was watching The Rock's promo tonight on mini Cena one thought popped into my mind. I can't remember any big name face over the years Hogan, Savage, Warrior, Bret Hart Undertaker, Diesel , Shawn Michaels, Austin, Rock , Angle, Lesnar Eddie Guerrero be called untalented or not that good. Now this is something that has been said about Cena well before The Rock used it anyone remember some of the things Triple H said to Cena during the build up to their match at Wrestlemania in 2006. I also think that Edge & Randy Orton have said somethings of similar meaning as well.

The point I am trying to make is this why is it WWE kind of lets their biggest star in the company get hit with things on the mic that could in some way make him look very bad and in the process make the other guy look like a fool for losing to a guy that was said to be not good. Could you even think of some of those guys I listed off called untalented that way Cena has over the years?
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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