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Something stupid on RAW

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Not sure if I'm the only person that found this to be stupid, but in the Hunico vs Sin Cara match this week, they made no mention of the fact that these guys feuded before and Hunico lost his mask due to losing... even though it really wasn't that long ago, something that you'd think would be worth bringing up as it can make the match a lot more interesting (probably would've been a good idea to let Hunico get some offense in too), but nope, they talk about Cole vs Cena instead and Sin Cara's injury too.

They forget storylines all the time, but this match could've been a lot more interesting this way... much more interesting than the shit they had with Ryberg in the very next segment. Anyone else agree?
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Cole says less than a minute into the match, "Long history between these two men, goes back to the debut of both Sin Cara and Hunico."

But yeah, they pretty much glossed over the whole "Twin Cara" storyline.
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