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I been meaning to post this but coupld of months back I stated doing a WMXX storyline where HHH and Angle get eliminated at the same time in the royal rumble match and thier feeet hit at the same time. I was playing Smackdown! HCTP the other week and they use MY storyline for the royal rumble as I wrote way before HCTP was realeased. I was kinda really shocked when I saw it.... here the exert from my Royal Rumble:

when there were only 2 left Kurt goes to eliminnate HHH with a clothesline over the top rope but HHH ducks and throws kurt over but Kurt holds on to Triple H and drags him over the toprope with him, and thier feet both touch at the same time.

Crowd severly boos when Finckle annoces that there is no winner to this years Royal Rumble as it goes off the air
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