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I've been looking through some of the past threads, and realised that most of them have been about the WWE roster split, or the WWE Vs wCw, with a few fantasy promotions built arount current WWE rosters.

So I've decided to do things a little differently. I'm going to start a company, possibly today built around the WWF in 1989. This is the time the WWF was competing with the NWA (before it became wCw) for dominance into the 90's. I'll have the roster/other info up soon.

To make it more realistic however, I'll be using EWR 3.0 to keep track of the shows and hirings/firings. Each week I'll do a staff meeting to keep people up to date on what's going down.

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Company Name: World Wrestling Federation

Starting Balance: $14500000

Company Status: Global 20%

Risk Level: 16% ----- Production Values: 70%

Merchandising: 70% ----- Advertising: 85%​


Main Event
Andre The Giant - Heel
Hulk Hogan - Face
Randy Savage - Face

Upper Midcard
Arn Anderson - Heel
Big Bossman - Heel
Honky Tonk Man - Heel
Jake Roberts - Face
Jim Duggan - Face
Million Dollar Man - Heel
Mr Perfect - Heel
Ravishing Rick Rude - Heel
Ronnie Garvin - Face
Tully Blanchard - Heel
Ultimate Warrior - Face

Akeem - Heel
Ax -
Big John Studd - Heel
Boris Zukoff - Heel
Bret Hart - Heel
Dino Bravo - Heel
Doink The Clown - Face
Greg Valentine - Heel
Haku - Heel
Hillbilly Jim - Face
Jaques Rougeau - Heel
Jim Neidhart - Heel
Marty Jannetty - Face
Nikolia Volkoff - Heel
Raymond Rougeau - Heel
Rick Martel - Face
Shawn Micheals - Face
Smash - Face
The Barbarian - Heel
The Warlord - Heel
Tito Santana - Face

Lower Midcard
Bad News Brown - Heel
Brutus The Barber Beefcake - Face
Bushwhacker Butch - Face
Bushwhacker Luke - Face
Hercules Hernandez - Heel
Koko B Ware - Face
Owen Hart - Face
Paul Roma - Face
Rockin' Robin - Face
Sam Huston - Face
Virgil - Heel

Danny Davis - Heel
Jim Powers - Face
Scott Casey - Face
Terry Taylor - Heel
Tim Horner - Face

Barry Horowitz - Heel
Steve Lombardi - Heel


WWF Champion - Randy Savage
WWF Intercontinental Champion - Ultimate Warrior
WWF Tag Team Champion - Demolition

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I'm doing it on medium, due to the lack of actual talent in 1989. I should have the first show up tonight/tomorrow, depending on what I have to do for WEF.

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Most shows won't actually have a lot of storylines due to me trying to keep in with the way wrestling was done in the early 90's. I'll have a preview of the first show in a few hours.
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