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Some words translations of Alberto del Rio

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I'm mexican.

Sorry my bad english

Some words of Alberto del Rio is common used in the country, some are bad words :cuss:, some are normally.

He has a enormous potential, only used 30% theirs moves in WWE (we don't know why :sad:)

Friday Smackdown 10 08 2010

Alberto: Mi gran debut por fin en Smackdown! (My big debut finally in Smackdown)
Rey: Cuidado con lo que dices (Be careful what you say)
Alberto: Pequeñito (Little guy)
Rey: No me toques (don`t touch me)
Rey: Tu no eres nadie aqui (You nobody "here")
Rey: Yo no soy tu amiguito ( I'm not your amiguito) Amiguito: Little friend

After win:
Alberto: Oooorale! (c'mon)
Ricardo: Su ganador Albertooo deeel Riooo (Ur winner ...)

More next.....
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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