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I was going through my computer and found some stuff that I don't ever remember posting. I also have made some newer stuff.

AEGFX logo from when I was going through one of my non-OZ stages again.

Pistons splash that I used on another forum. I believe it was against Imaginator before he started posting here.

I think this is the first thing I made with the ink/blood brushes I downloaded

This was going to be a Windows Media Player skin, but I never finished it. The buttons sucked so I didn't include them.

Logo made for Wrestlestop.com

Splash made for Wrestlestop

If it doesn't break right, you can view it at www.wrestlestop.com

Main news topic image for WS (I personally like the gold style)

WrestleMania 21 ad banner made for Wrestlestop and Wrestling-Edge

Ad banner made for TurnbuckleZone Fantasy using the gold style again

Avatar and banner made for another site

There's still a crap (carp if you're dyslexic) load more, but I'm sick of uploading and finding.

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AEGFX logo is sweet. The splash sucks, sorry but it is awful, if I saw it I wouldn't pick it to be your work. The wrestlestop logo is nice though.

Do you ever buy fonts? Or do you use fonts you are supposed to pay for or do you use shareware fonts?
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