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Molly Holly tunrs blonde again. Her becoming a sort-of good girl again would balance out the raw diva roster more. Lemme Show you what I mean.

Good: Trish (Main Woman) Stacy (Manager) Jacqueline (Not Much of a wrestler anymore)

Bad: Molly (Main Woman) Victoria (Main/Manager) Jazz (Main) Gail Kim (Main) Jackie Gayda (Manager)

Undecided: Ivory,

I also think bringing back Daphne would be a good move for Smackdown.

Also, Trading Ivory, Lita, and Jacqueline to Smackdown would be good for there careers because Lita is just like Gail Kim. Gail Kim would be good on RAW and Lita on Smackdown. Ivory and Jacqueline could make a come-back on SD! And it could also mean a Smackdown Womens title.

--- Thanks for listening!
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