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Some Banners.

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Just found these on my PC, I didn't really like them when I made them but I thought I may aswell upload 'em now.

Not too bad, just not too great either :).

Yeah, think this was the more recent of them.

Then this one. Which I quite liked but wasn't too sure on how good it actually was.

And lastly a Splash I made for another forum battle. Which I won :). Not my best either.


Yeah so rate them please :).
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I liked the Stone Cold one. The text is pretty good, and the use of the Bevel Emboss is good. The Pictures and placement are real good. Im not to sure, it seems to lack some effect on the main cut. But I like it.

Dont really like the C Daniels one, but I do like the main cut effect, looks good. 7/10

The Batista splash, Not to sure about it. I dont like the pics you used, cause it messes up the picture placement. I like the effects on the text, but Dont like the font. So 7/10
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