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So Triple H versus The Rock confirmed for Mania?

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They've been hinting on a HHH vs Rock rematch and now that HHH is champ its an added bonus that whoever is the champ going into WM is going to drop it to the challenger.

Hence The Rock is going to come back and win the WWE title.

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Rock probably isn't even wrestling at Mania. And think about it this way: If Rock was to wrestle at Mania, it wouldn't be to lose in a WWE title match to Triple H. With his movie schedule I don't see how Rock could have another reign unless he drops it the next month or two. That would be pointless.

Reigns is challenging again, and he'll get booed again.
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Yes but remember this is WWE, each month we've been served nothing but pointless. At this point it would be out of the ordinary for them not to use this opportunity to bring in The Rock, we already know Rock confirmed that he will be at WrestleMania this year.

Roman Reigns could still be involved in match, perhaps run an interference for The Rock that helps put him over Triple H.

It's going to gather heat for the both Reigns and Rock which would be par for the course it seems as of late.
That makes Reigns look second rate to Rock though. Reigns gets eliminated clean at the Rumble by Triple H, then Reigns assist Rock to do what he couldn't do at the Rumble? I don't see WWE letting that happen.

Rock had his time. While I'd mark for a Triple H vs Rock match, the title should not be on the line.

Reigns/HHH is 100% happening.
okay some of you wrestling forum fans are talking out of the sides of your mouths, and one minute you hate Reigns but now you all are acting like you cannot see a WM with HHH not facing Reigns. Come on. Pick a side and stick to it.

Hear me out Headliner, Reigns winning the belt against HHH at WM32 to become 3 time champ is a terrible idea.
And it's not going to help Reigns at all. Fans will continue to hate him and it will probably be the first WM where people boo the main event.

Reason why is because WWE is horribly pushing this character Roman Reigns.

Reigns needs a character revamp. Become someone completely different, take him out of this storyline all together, and I think the Undertaker is key to this happening. See the earlier post I made.
I agree that it is not a good idea for Reigns to challenge Triple H, but this is the clear direction they are heading. They want Reigns to overcome the Authority again by beating "The crown jewel of WWE & the McMahon family", Triple H. Once Reigns speared Triple H at Survivor Series, then destroyed him after TLC it was clear. So you mean to tell me that all the sudden Reigns/HHH is suddenly done with the heel getting the last laugh over Reigns? That's not how WWE works. You should know how the WWE babyface/heel dynamic works. The babyface always prevails in the end during situations like this. They're not going to have Reigns look like a sucker while he helps someone else get the win that he's suppose to get.
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