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so..... do you think wwe will add something new to punk/orton

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besides beatdowns and punts.. wish they would add a twist or turn, something to keep you watching next week.
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it should be the WWE title. But that's just me.
it should be the WWE title. But that's just me.
yeah it should. cena is fighitng the miz yet wwe kept on pushing for whats cena going to say to the rock. This booking is becoming borderline on tna if you ask me
Orton finally getting his hands on punk?

they havent really touched and anytime they have punk got the upper hand aka EC match and the raw where randy broke punks nose only to get GTS'd and left moitionless
It's PG so they're really limited as to what they can do seeing as both their characters are psychopathics. If this was the Attitude Era this feud would've been 20 times better but it's still exciting seeing as how they gotta be careful with what they do.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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