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just letting nitemere know and maybe users.....anyway on this smiley- :cuss:

the #[email protected] comes out as nothing since the board is white...when you hilight it you see what it is...just sayin..doesnt really need discussion..maybe Nitemare can turn the "words" black...

it looks like the guys constipated with the white text

Could be. I have disabled several things on my PC for optimization and speed. Although BDV1 could not save it as a GIF, either. I was thinking it was WEForums' server settings were wrong. (Considering any GIF I try to save on WEForums' server seems to be BMP only. For example, BB's avatar. However, I can save your signature as a GIF fine.)

Can you do it in the Admin CP? Or do I have to? You should be able to, rit.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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