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Show is like RAW, 2 Hours Long
Commentators: JR and Tazz

In the back HHH is talking to Shane O'Mac, GM,

[Editor's note: in my show Bisch got fired and got his job back. When the two shows merged, Steph vs. Eric vs. Morely vs Shane O'Mac elimination TLC [Tables match elimination] and Shane won with a table terminator right to his sister's face. Shane is like the Commish of WWE, and the APA are V. McMahon's "enforcers of rules", paid to make sure no shit happens ringside.]

and says that he wants to be a fighting champion and wants to fight the people that he wants to fight or else he will leave. Shane O'Mac tells him for right now fine, cause he has more important things to deal with, and the first is bringing back "My title, dammit, and I am proud to have it back. You are fighting for a title, and I will announce what is is at the title defense."

Round 1 Title Matches:

Rico vs. John Cena
Cena wins with the KillSwitch, but cannot have any more help from DOGG because the APA has tossed him for trying to use a turntable on Rico.

Johnny the Bull vs. Shannon Moore
Johnny and Shannon battle back and forth. Johnny counters the Halo atempt and picks up Shannonfor his fishes in the sea finisher gut wrench lie down powerbomb). THe FBI then walks into the ring, slaps Shannon in the face as they do all defeated opponents, Chuck Palumbo nails the guillotine (hangman's neckbreaker), Johnny nails the fishes in the sea, and Nunzio nails the arreviderrici.

APA goes and talks to Shane O'Mac about the FBi. Shane tels them to hold on because he wants to see some hardcore action.

hardcore battle royal bracket match: when you are thrown out of the ring or pinned your seed is determined. All enterants are past winners, except DeMott, who defated Kanyon for the right.

Tommy Dreamer (1)
Maven (7) Exits after a 2X4 shot and a dropkick
Bill DeMott (2) Dreamer Driver
Crash Holly (8) Exits after getting nailed by 10 kendo shots
hardCore Holly (4) the ignition from a grill fries him enough to toss
Bradshaw (3) missed clotheline from hell
Test (5) jericho hits first
Chris Jericho (6) Exists via momentum with Test from a dipsy-do

Women's Number 1 Contender's Match : jazz vs. Victoria w/ Spercial Ref Steven Richanrds (Bitch on a pole match)

Unlike most matches this match features the stipulation tht you must put a collar on your opponent and clip her to the pole to win the match. Steven nails a Stevie T to jazz after she tried to bite his ear and Victoria clipped her using the Widow's peak hold

Unlike most pole

HHH talks about facing one of the veterans of the WWE. A man that has "entertained us all." A man that has shown us what its like to have fun, to be serious, and even a bit extreme at times. Father figure to some, bitter rival to few, a good man all around, my challenger is non other than:

{"What does everybody want?"}

Al Snow

HHH beats up poor Al in a "title defense" match that looks like a complete job from Al Snow. During the match, other people come to the masks to start fucking around with HHH's stable. When HHH is distracted by this, Al school boys him for the title. These people later turn out to be the following:

Jeff Hardy

they go back and celebrate their victory.

Show ends

New posts on Thursday and Sunday

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I know that you are new,but I dont like it!
Cause you didnt describe anything:matches,show is too simple,matches are stupid!Do u know any famous superstars like Undertaker not Cena,or Brock not Rico,Big Show,there is a lot of them,I can give $100 you just started to watch SmackDown or Raw,so look what othere people are writing!

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i don't think he was talking about match description, just match particpants. And it is different, I just would have liked it a lot more if a main eventer would have won the title instead of Al Snow, unless in your show, Al Snow is a main eventer.

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Show number 2
2 Hours Long

Show is 2 hours

Starts right with action.
Tag Titles #1 Contender Match (Los Guerros vs. Team Angle)

Eddie and Shelton start. Quick pased action. Eddie goes for the frogsplash at 7:50 after a Chavo vertical suplex but gets
pushed off the turnbuckle. APA starts to beat the tar out of Sheldon. Charlie comes over to try and help Sheldon, but gets
nailed by the Gory Special from Chavo. Chavo applies the STF, and its over.

#1 Contenders: Los Guerros

Los Guerros will face Nunzio and Chuckie P. for the Tag titles

Title Tournament for Shane McMaHon's title

Round 1: Kane vs. Mark Henry

mark Henry and kane have a very physical match. Hewnry puts on all the heal tricks (eye rakes, exposed turnbuckles, etc) to
try and destroy kane. At 10:15 Henry goes for a pin after a fallaway slam from the top turnbuckle tht countered a flying
clothesline attempt. APA orders a match restart because Henry's feet were on the ropes. Henry smacks Farooq, only to get
destroyed by a chokeslam and a super tombstone (off the top turnbuckle) from Kane.

Women's Championship Match: Victoria vs. Ivory (C)

Ivory had been played as the biggest bitch in the WWE the past few weeks (vignettes included a manicure that just "wasn't
good enough," eating in a fancy resturant that didn't have exactly what she wanted so she poured coffee on a waiter's crotch, beating up her boyfriend D'Lo (which is why D'Lo "left" the WWE), etc.

Ivory and Victoria have a horrible fight that Sr. Referee Hebner has a hard time keeping under control. Lots of raking, hair
pulling, etc. In the end, Ivory wins with a Tori Suplex at 9:12.

McMaHon's Title: Round 1 (final Round 1 match)

Sean O' Haire vs Span.. oops Brian Kendrick

This is a fast paced match. O'Haire and Kendrick get 9-counts following a 900 splash a 4:20. O'Haire nails a seanton bomb
at 6:59 but only gets a two count for it. Kendrick only gets a 2-count when O'Haire puts his foot on the ropes follwing a
Sliced Bread #2 at 9:12. O'Haire wins with with a "Did I need to tell you?" (Twist of Fate off the turnbuckle) at 15:15.

Huge pop for both. Benoit comes out and helps both men to the back.

Next Week: O'Haire vs. John Cena and Kane vs. Johnny the Bull (semifinals)

IC title match: Benoit (c) vs. Edge

Great match! Stipulation is that the match can only end by a non-pin finish and any win forces a title change (benoit wanted
a submission match but Edge still wanted other ways to win). Edge stops an attempted Ankle Lock at 3:45. Benoit and Edge
battle on the outside. Edge hits an Edge-O-Matic on the steel steps, getting him an 8 count before Benoit crawls back in.

benoit hits 6 German suplexes before ending with a T-bone suplex almost KO'ing Edge at 6:45. Rhyno runs in with a crowbar to hit Edge at 7:31 to try and get Benoit disqualified, but missses and Benoit gets nailed.

Winner and still IC champ: Benoit

After the match, Edge yells at Rhyno for the botched job. We hear that Edge payed a good sum to try and get the title just
to have Rhyno mess up. Edge begins to beat up Rhyno when Evolution makes the save. Rhyno says thanks to HHH and tells him if there is anything he could do, he would be willing to help out.

Promo airs for a European championship match between Regal and Nathan Jones the next show.

The Undisputed Champion Al Snow comes out with Goldust, RVD, and Jeff Hardy. Huge pop (Al comes out with an old J.O.B. squad
Tshirt and Head). The 4 of them begin to say that all through their careers the WWE has treated them horribly, either not
giving them the respect they deserve. Giving them either bizarre characters, jobbing to the snobs, etc. "There are those in
the WWE who dont evolve, and whose entire roll it is to JOB because of politics in the back." And sometimes, the freaks stop
Evolution. Evolution can only happen because of freaks, those who are bizarre, or those who don't play by the normal rules.

And we intend to stop it.

RVD: And we intend to welcome one more man who has never been afraid to stop because of evolution or politics. And we plan
to welcome this man into our group, and make him our leader.

Out comes Bret Hart. Show ends with the 5 of them in the ring.

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I think it was a goos show with few errors.
-Many people saying Match 1,not Round one.
-Promos could have been a bit longer
-Write out who won at the end of your matches (it looks more organized that way)
- NDM was defently present. I mean your first match was way to short compared to your last and so on.
(NDB means no discrimination of matches. For example:

Don't have some of your matches long and some of your matches short. Try to have all your matches around the same length so that way you won't be discriminating against, say a Hardcore match vs a Cruiserweight match.
-Make main events,cause you dont have it.
-Where is Cole and Tazz or King and JR?
-Put a little bit of effor in your show.
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