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I don't know what cabs is up to with all these other threads that he's starting but let's get on to the ratings war between me and him. I don't know when he'll have his first Raw up, if he ever will.
Here's my roster...

Eddie Guerrero
John Cena
Triple H
Kurt Angle
Matt Hardy
Sean O'Haire
Charlie Haas
Shelton Benjamin
Steven Richards
Rene Dupree
Sylvan Grenier
Scott Stenier
Ric Flair
Billy Gunn
Johnny Stamboli
Chuck Palumbo
Chris Nowinski
Rob Conway
Rey Mysterio
Jamie Noble
Shannon Moore
Miss Jackie
Ultimo Dragon
Dawn Marie
Gail Kim
Spike Dudley


WWE Champion: Eddie Guerrero
United States Champion: John Cena
Tag Team Champions: Rikishi/Scotty 2 Hotty
Women's Champion: Victoria

This is after WrestleMania, with the same results.

The show kicks off with General Manager, Paul Heyman in his office, sitting on his desk and adressing the people.

Paul Heyman: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the NEW Smackdown! Yes, it’s the new Paul Heyman’s Smackdown! After the last roster trade, it is a big change in the roster. But you know what they say…change is good. So let’s look at the champions we have on our show…first….a new addition to Smackdown…the Women’s Championship which is around the waist of Victoria! Next, we have still have our WWE Tag Team Champions, Scotty 2 Hotty and Rikishi. I regret to say that we no longer hold the WWE Cruiserweight Championship…which will be held by Chavo Guerrero Junior on the weaker show, Raw. However, I would like to introduce the World Cruiserweight Championship (Paul Heyman shows the new belt to the camera.) Now…I’m still undecided who the Cruiserweight Champion should be. Next is a title that was guaranteed to stay on Smackdown…one of the biggest rising stars in this industry…the United States Champion…John Cena! And last, but obviously not least…we have the WWE Heavyweight Champion…Eddie Guerrero! Now for all the boys in the back…if you have any problems whatsoever, you can come speak to me. But let’s address the main event for tonight…I think Eddie Guerrero needs a challenge here…so tonight will be a twelve man battle royale to determine the number one contender for the WWE Championship. The winner will face the champion two weeks from now on Smackdown! Thank you for your time and enjoy the show.”

The Smackdown intro is played followed by the pyros in the arena.

Women’s Championship Match: Victoria (champion) Vs. Nidia​

Both competitors have a stare down followed by a tie up. Victoria gains the advantage and gets a headlock on Nidia. Now the Women’s Champion is whipped to the ropes by the challenger. She takes Nidia down with a shoulder block and then goes to the ropes again. This time Nidia drops to the mat and Victoria leaps over her. Now Nidia leapfrogs over Victoria and on her way back gets a monkey flip on the champion however she lands on her feet. Now they both circle the ring. Nidia goes for a single leg takedown but Victoria evades it. This time the champion goes for the takedown but Nidia has it scouted as well. They tie up in the center of the ring and Nidia backs Victoria into the corner. Nidia slaps Victoria in the face and then Victoria answers with a slap of her own. Nidia makes the first mistake in the match by charging at Victoria in the corner but she misses. After evading the charge, Victoria hits some mean knife-edge chops in the corner and then whips Nidia to the ropes. The challenger comes off the ropes and dodges a closeline by the champ and then is thrown over the top rope. Victoria taunts to the crowd. Nidia gets back in the ring after a count of seven and calms the crowd down. Both women circle the ring again and get in a tie up. Victoria gets a headlock on the challenger and hangs onto it very tightly. Nidia pulls the hair of Victoria but the ref quickly gets her to let go. Nidia shoves Victoria to the ropes and when her opponent comes back, she hits Victoria HARD in the ribs with a knee. Nidia quickly gets Victora down on the mat with a body scissors. Victoria screams in pain as she attempts to get out of the maneuver. The demented female eventually gets out of the maneuver by reversing it into a pinfall…1…2-kickout by Nidia! Both competitors get up and Victoria goes for a closeline but Nidia ducks and hits Victoria in the face with a vicious slap. Nidia locks in a gut wrench very close to the ropes. The ref checks if Victoria is ready to submit as Nidia hangs onto the ropes with her arm illegally for extra leverage. The ref checks to see if Nidia is cheating but she has already let go so she doesn’t get caught. The ref checks on Victoria and Nidia again uses the ropes for leverage. Victoria complains to the ref who goes to check if Nidia is cheating but for the second time, Nidia is too quick for the ref. The referee goes to check on Victoria as she seems to be fading away and Nidia, for the third time uses the ropes for leverage. This time the official notices and kicks Nidia’s arm off the ropes. Victoria hits a hiptoss on the challenger and then hits an armdrag takedown. Nidia is put in an armbar submission now. The challenger eventually gets to her feet and gets out of the hold. Both competitors now begin trash talking eachother, showing their new deep hatred for one another. Nidia hits a slap on the Women’s Champion and then runs to the ropes. Nidia attempts a Lou Thesz Press but Victoria catches her and gets a spinebuster on the challenger followed by a half crab. Nidia screams in pain as she approaches the ropes and is quickly pulled away by Victoria to the center of the ring. Nidia once again fights her way to the ropes but it doesn’t stop the Women’s Champion as she pulls Nidia back to the center. After a minute of being in the submission hold Nidia is able to use her other leg to kick Victoria in the face and force her to let go of the submission hold. Victoria picks up Nidia and whips her to the ropes in an attempt for a backbody drop but Nidia notices this and counters with a facebuster. Nidia now slides to the outside of the ring and grabs the Women’s Championship. She slides it across the ring and the referee goes to take it out of the ring. While the ref is occupied, Nidia pulls out some brass knucks from her trunks and nails Victoria in the head. Nidia then shows off to the crowd who begins to boo her. Nidia slowly climbs to the top turnbuckle as she has some trouble getting to the top rope. Finally when she does, it appears she goes for a moonsault but Victoria kicks the ropes to stop the maneuver from happening. Now Victoria takes Nidia off the top turnbuckle in a peculiar position and brings her into the center of the ring with the challenger on her back. She’s set herself up for the Widow’s Peak. Victoria nails her finishing maneuver and goes for the cover…1…2…3!
Winner: Still Women’s Champion Victoria

Backstage, Rey Mysterio, Jamie Noble, Shannon Moore, Tajiri, Ultimo Dragon, Nunzio and Spike Dudley are all arguing in Paul Heyman’s office who the Crusierweight Champion should be. Dawn Marie comes in the door looking beautiful as always with all the Cruiserweights staring at her.

Dawn Marie: “I’ve been informed by Paul Heyman that he still hasn’t made up his mind however tonight he has assigned each of you a match. It will be Rey Mysterio, Ultimo Dragon, Spike Dudley and a partner of your choosing against Jamie Noble, Tajiri, Shannon Moore and Nunzio.”

All the Cruiserweights stare eachother down as the cameras fade to a commercial.

Rey Mysterio/Ultimo Dragon/Spike Dudley/??? Vs. Jamie Noble/Shannon Moore/Tajiri/Nunzio​

All the Cruiserweight stand in the ring as Rey Mysterio, Ultimo Dragon and Spike Dudley await their mystery partner when…

Viva La Rasa…

It’s Eddie Guerrero! He makes his way to the ring with the Lowrider and WWE Championship around his waist. The people chant the WWE Champion’s name as he starts off the match with Tajiri. Before tying up, Tajiri is able to hit some of the vintage martial arts kicks of his. Eddie is quickly taken to his knees and put in a headlock by the Japanese Buzzsaw. Eddie fights to his feet and escapes the hold with elbows to the mid-section. Eddie whips Tajiri to the ropes and then knees him hard in the mid-section. Eddie puts an arm wrench on Tajiri and then tags in Spike Dudley. Spike gets in the ring and wrenches the arm of Tajiri again. He then whips Tajiri into the turnbuckle and attempts a tarantula of his own on the Japanese Buzzsaw. Tajiri escapes by shoving Spike Dudley to the concrete floor. Ultimo Dragon, Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio get in the ring and begin trying to attack Tajiri but the referee forces them all to get in their corner. Meanwhile, Spike Dudley slowly gets to his feet in an attempt to break the ten count. Tajiri capitalizes by climbing to the top turnbuckle and hitting a moonsault to the outside which restarts the ten count…1…2…3…4…5…6…Tajiri picks up Spike Dudley and throws him back in the ring. The Japanese Buzzsaw drags Spike to the corner and tags in Jamie Noble. Noble kicks and stomps all over Spike Dudley before hitting a tiger suplex on him with the cover…1…2…Spike kicks out! Jamie Noble puts a sleeper hold and Spike to disable him from moving then tags in Nunzio. The Italian drops elbows on the smallest Dudley and then picks him up. Nunzio attempts a suplex but Spike blocks it twice. Spike follows by whipping Nunzio to the ropes and leap frogs over him. Spike Dudley bends over for a backbody drop but Nunzio counters with a sunset flip and a cover…1…2…Spike kicks out again! Nunzio slams Spike down to the mat with a classic scoop slam and then tags in Shannon Moore. Shannon climbs to the top and goes for the 450 splash but Spike Dudley moves out of the way. Shannon screams in pain and tags in Nunzio after the ref counts to three. By the count of five, Spike Dudley makes his way to his corner but Nunzio pulls Spike by the leg. Spike gets up and hopping on one foot. He hits an enziguri and tags in Ultimo Dragon. Ultimo hits a springboard dropkick from the apron and makes the cover on Nunzio…1…2…kickout! Ultimo Dragon gets a dragon sleeper on Nunzio and he taps out.

Paul Heyman appears on the titantron in his office.

Paul: “Hello again to all my adoring fans. Now incase you’re wondering why I’m talking…it’s because I’ve decided to change the rules to this match. It will be an elimination match. So this match will continue until one team no longer has any competitors. I thank you for your time.”

All the competitors staredown as the show goes to commercials.

Back from commercials now, Rey Mysterio has a headlock on Jamie Noble. Noble pushes Mysterio to the ropes and on his way back hits a twisting headscissors takedown. Jamie Noble quickly rises to his feet and gets dumped over the top rope. As Jamie Noble attempts to regain his focus, the cameras show a replay of how Ultimo Dragon was eliminated. Shannon Moore came in with brass knuckles from behind and nailed him in the head followed by a pinfall. At the count of six, Jamie Noble is back on the apron and Rey Mysterio approaches him for a suplex to the inside. Jamie counters by getting a rollup on Rey Mysterio with a hook of tights…1…2…Rey kicks out! Jamie Noble tags in Tajiri now who attempts an axe handle but Rey blocks it with a dropkick to the chest. Tajiri stumbles and finds himself positioned on the middle rope. Rey Mysterio calls out to the crowd and hits a 619! Rey now springs himself onto the top rope but Shannon Moore hooks the Cruiserweight’s legs, bringing him to the outside. The referee begins the ten count as Jamie Noble goes under the apron and holds onto Rey Mysterio’s legs. The referee counts out Rey Mysterio now thanks to Jamie Noble. Rey and Jamie now begin arguing on the outside. Spike comes from behind on Tajiri and attempts the Dudley Dog but Tajiri pushes Spike away once he’s in mid-air. Spike with cat-like reflexes lands on his feet and turns around, only to receive a red mist to the face. Tajiri calls for the referee as he makes the pinfall…1…2…3! It’s now Eddie Guerrero all by himself to take on Tajiri, Shannon Moore and Jamie Noble. Tajiri runs at Eddie in the corner and the champion gets a drop toe hold, causing Tajiri’s head to bounce off the middle turnbuckle. Eddie wrenches the arm of the Japanese Buzzsaw, springboards off the top rope and delivers a hurracarana to his opponent with the cover…1…2…3! Jamie Noble races into the ring and gets taken down with a hiptoss. Eddie delivers a couple more before picking him up and hits three repeated suplexes. Eddie looks to the crowd and dances his way to the top rope. Shannon Moore runs to Eddie and gets shoved right onto Jamie Noble. Eddie frogsplashes both Shannon Moore and Jamie Noble at the same time. Shannon rolls to the outside as Eddie makes the cover on Jamie…1…2…3! All that’s left now is Eddie Guerrero and Shannon Moore. Eddie dances in the ring, not realizing that Shannon Moore is recuperating on the outside. Shannon Moore gets back in the ring and superkicks Eddie right in the face followed by a cover…1…2…kickout by the WWE Champion! Shannon argues with the referee now as Eddie struggles to his feet with the help of the ring ropes. Shannon attempts another superkick but Eddie catches the foot, drops Shannon down to the mat and locks in the Lasso From El Paso. After a little bit, Shannon Moore taps out.
Winner: Eddie Guerrero

Backstage, The F.B.I., La Resistance and World’s Greatest Tag Team get into an argument of who the number one contender for the Tag Team Championships are. They start hitting eachother with fists as Paul Heyman comes racing to the rescue.

Heyman: “Cut it out! I will not stand for any of this fighting backstage! Here’s the plan…all of you will get non-title shots against Scotty 2 Hotty and Rikishi one week at a time. Whoever wins will face the tag team champions. So it could be a normal tag, a three team tag match or even a fatal four way tag team championship match! Now get along!”

Paul Heyman continues walking down the hall as the cameras follow him. He’s about to turn a corner when Kane comes from out of nowhere, grabs Heyman by his suit and slams him against the wall.

Kane: “Where is he!?”

Heyman: “Who? What are you talking about?”

Kane: “Where’s my brother…The Undertaker.”

Heyman: “He’s…he’s not here.”

Kane slams him against the wall for a second time.

Kane: “Do you think I’m stupid!? Tell me where he is Paul! Tell me where my brother is! He wasn’t supposed to show up at Wrestlemania twenty…I buried him alive! Do you hear me? The Undertaker is dead!”

Heyman: “In theory, he is dead. He’s the deadman. This is all your fault Kane. You brought the deadman out of him. It’s fault…it’s your problem…so you fix it yourself!”

Kane throws the General Manager to the ground and begins searching for the Undertaker.

United States Championship Match: John Cena (champion) Vs. Matt Hardy​

Matt Hardy stands in the center of the ring with a microphone.

Matt: “Hello to all my M’F’ers out there. You now have something to look forward to…Matt Hardy…Version 1…is back on SmackDown where he belongs! I was misused and mistreated on Raw…only fighting on second rate shows like Raw and Sunday Night Heat. And now…my first match back on SmackDown…I face John Cena for the United States Championship. Well I’m going to make a tremendous come back and shutup the Vanilla Ice wannabe!”

Word Life…

John Cena comes down to the ring with a mic and begins his pre-match rap.

Cena: “Yo Matt…the joke’s getting old…Version one’s not winning this gold. You’ve lost to everybody on both brands, and these M’F’ers don’t even exist listen to these fans! They’ll be chanting my name while you’re flat on your back…but since it’s your first night back I’ll cut you some slack. Instead of an embryo I'll make you look like a fetus, meanwhile I’ll be bragging about my giant…”

Cena drops the microphone and slides into the ring where Matt immediately begins stomping on the champion. Matt Hardy rips off the jersey, baseball cap, chain and United States Championship off of John Cena. Matt drags the U.S. Champ into the corner and repeatedly hits him with some vicious punches that bring the champ to the mat. Matt taunts the crowd who boo him extremely. Cena gets to his feet and turns Matt around so he can begin nailing the right hands. Matt is hit so hard that he is knocked to the outside of the ring. Cena doesn’t want to wait so he slides to the outside as well and begins chasing after Matt. Matt slides back into the ring after doing a lap and runs to the ropes. Cena just gets up to his feet in the ring when he is taken down with a huge closeline from the Sensei of Mattitude. Matt goes for the cover…1…2…kickout! Matt Hardy now locks the champion in a sleeper hold. Cena gasps for air as the challenger continues to apply pressure. Cena fights back up to his feet very quickly and runs Matt back into a corner. Matt refuses to let go off the hold so Cena attempts to back up into another corner. Matt is able to move out of the way, causing Cena to run full force into the turnbuckle. The Sensei of Mattitude now stomps a mudhole in the United States Champion and then taunts the crowd. Matt picks up Cena and again takes him down with a hard right hand. Matt now mocks Cena by putting on his jersey and baseball cap on the outside of the ring. He gets into a couple of arguments with the fans as Cena slowly gets to his feet. Matt now begins climbing the apron when Cena baseball slides into the mid-section of the challenger. The rapping champion picks up Matt and whips him full force into the steel steps. He clinches his right fist and begins hammering away at Matt Hardy. The referee initiates the ten count…1…2…3…Cena is relentless in his assault…4…5….6…Matt Hardy now begins fighting back…7…8…9…Matt quickly rises to his feet and gets back in the ring before Cena…10! The referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Matt Hardy by countout

Cameras go to a misty cemetery where Paul Bearer is walking with the urn held up.

Paul: “Kane…Kane…you’re no son of mine! I warned you…I told you not to interfere with your brother’s plans…but you wouldn’t listen. No, you wouldn’t. Then when all the paranormal activities occurred…you denied that he was back. You doubted your brother…you doubted me. I told you to accept your fate and you would not listen…you would not believe that the dead would rise again…and look now…”

Undertaker appears from out of the shadows.

Undertaker: “Yes Kane…I am back…you attempted to finish me off…however you should know better than anyone…you can’t kill something that’s already dead…and now my brother…you will pay the consequences…Wrestlemania was just the beginning…the beginning…of the end…Kane…you will…rest…in…peace!”

Paul Bearer: “Oh, yes!”

The cameras fade to a commercial.

12 Man Battle Royale to determine number one contender of WWE Championship​

HHH, Kurt, Taker, Kane, Steiner, Batista, Test, Sean, Rhyno, Billy Gunn, Bradshaw, A-Train.

All 10 competitors stand off and all begin looking towards the Undertaker. They all run at the deadman to try and take him over however the near-7-footer is able to fight everybody off. Undertaker immediately goes after Kane. HHH goes after Kurt Angle. Sean O’Haire goes after Test. Rhyno and A-Train take on eachother in a corner. Bradshaw and Billy Gunn exchange holds in the center of the ring and Batista and Scott Steiner attempt to show who’s the stronger of the two in another corner. A-Train whips Rhyno to the ropes and attempts a closeline but Rhyno ducks, again going to the ropes. This time Rhyno hits the gore on A-Train to take him down. Rhyno sees a weakened Billy Gunn in the corner and attempts a gore again but Billy Gunn moves out of the way. Bradshaw comes off the ropes from out of nowhere and hits a closeline from hell on the man-beast. Taker is choking Kane in the corner now as Batista is military pressing Big Poppa Pump in the center of the ring. Kurt Angle takes advantage of the situation and takes down Batista with a chop block followed by the infamous ankle lock. Batista screams in pain as HHH attempts to pull off the olympic hero. The Game finally succeeds and takes down Kurt with a pedigree. Hunter picks up Batista and orders him to work on Kurt Angle with him. Batista hits the demonic powerbomb on Kurt with the help of HHH. Both Evolution members celebrate the accomplishment before getting a big boot from Test and Sean O’Haire. Test goes for the pump handle slam on Batista and succeeds. Sean O’Haire attempts the inverted Death Valley Driver but Hunter counters with a pedigree. Hunter celebrates before getting the Test Driver from his wife’s former fiancé. Kane is now choking the deadman in the corner as A-Train squashes both Billy Gunn and Bradshaw in the corner. Both men stumble around as them and A-Train are tossed over the top by Test.

A-Train, Billy Gunn, Bradshaw are eliminated.

Test does some jumping jacks to taunt the crowd before he receives on overhead belly to belly suplex from Scott Steiner. Kurt Angle is finally regaining his senses and attacks HHH from behind. He attempts the Angle Slam but Hunter counters it by going behind Kurt and throwing him over the top rope.

Kurt Angle is eliminated.

Triple H celebrates his accomplishments way to soon again as he turns around and receives a gore from Rhyno. Rhyno celebrates his victory now and Steiner comes from behind however Rhyno notices the Big Bad Booty Daddy and tosses him over the top rope.

Scott Steiner is eliminated.

Kane slides to the outside of the ring and steals the urn from Paul Bearer and the Undertaker quickly follows him. Both competitors begin fighting on the outside with lefts and rights. Meanwhile, Evolution is now double teaming Rhyno. Batista whips Rhyno to the ropes and ducks in an attempts for the backbody drop. Rhyno catches on and kicks Batista right in the face. Batista drops to a knee as Rhyno attempts a gore. Batista moves out of the way and HHH is right in the line of fire but he uses his skills to drop to the mat and pull down on the top rope, allowing Rhyno to spill to the outside.

Rhyno is eliminated.

Batista is hit with an inverted Death Valley Driver by Sean O’Haire and HHH is taken down with a big boot. Test and Sean O’Haire stand toe to toe in the center of the ring and shake hands, signaling for an alliance. Sean O’Haire is on his way to go after Batista again but Test takes advantage and throws Sean right over the top.

Sean O’Haire is eliminated.

Undertaker cracks a steel chair over the head of his monstrous brother. Now Test realizes he’s in trouble as both Evolution members stalk Test in the ring. They begin pounding on him in the corner, playing the numbers game with Test. Undertaker gets back in the ring and Batista is ordered to go after him. Batista kicks the deadman in the mid-section and then goes to the ropes. Undertaker catches Batista by the throat and then chokeslams him straight to hell! Batista is then picked up by the deadman and tossed to the outside.

Batista is eliminated.

HHH realizes that he just lost his partner and sees that the Undertaker is now heading his way. HHH backs up into a corner and is now trapped by the deadman. Undertaker grabs HHH by the throat and drags him to the center of the ring. HHH gets a low blow on the Undertaker and then Kane comes back in and throws his older brother over the top.

Undertaker is eliminated.

Kane begins mocking his brother now as Test gets in line to nail HHH with a big boot. On the attempt, HHH ducks the boot and Test nails Kane, sending him to the outside.

Kane is eliminated.

Now only Test and Triple H remain in the match as they stare eachother down. Is this Test’s chance to become a main event superstar? Not if Triple H says so as he gets the first punch on Test. Test is furious from this blow and doesn’t react as if it hurt him. HHH is a little worried now as Test’s face shows the hatred that he has for Hunter. HHH attempts another punch but is blocked by Test. Test now hits a right hand of his own on the Cerebral Assassin and takes him down. Hunter backs up pleading with Test to stop but his opponent shows no mercy. Test picks up The Game and whips him to the ropes. Test attempts a big boot but Hunter ducks. On his way back off the ropes for the second time, HHH gives Test a knee to the face which stumbles the tall athlete. The Evolution member attempts to closeline Test over the top but Test ducks and HHH tumbles over the top rope. Test thinks he’s won the match but HHH stays on the apron. Test realizes this and attempts a big boot but Hunter ducks and bring Test to the apron with him. Both competitors exchange right hands with both about to fall to the floor. Test gets back in the ring and attempts to suplex Hunter back in the ring. The Game uses his leverage to get back on the apron. Now the Cerebral Assassin attempts to suplex Test to the outside but Test uses his leverage to push himself to the side and land on the apron. He elbows his opponent which forces him to lean against the turnbuckle. Now Test backs up a little and attempts a big boot off the apron but Hunter dodges the attack by getting in the ring and then pushing Test off the apron for the victory.

Winner: Triple H

Triple H along with Ric Flair and Batista celebrate the victory as the first new smackdown show comes to an end.
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duhhhhhhh juvys gonna win which one is cabs thread he started so many plus his roster is so gay

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The SmackDown! beginning video plays and the pyros go off.

Cole: “Ladies and gentlemen welcome to SmackDown!”

Tazz: “That’s right Cole, tonight it gonna be off the hook!”

Cole: “You’re not kidding, because tonight we’re gonna have a non-title tag team match.”

Tazz: “It’s part of a series that Paul Heyman has created, if any teams beat the tag champs in non-title matches then they will be a number one contender.”

Cole: “So to start off this series it’s going to be Scotty 2 Hotty and Rikishi taking on the F.B.I.’s Chuck Palumbo and Johnny Stamboli. But Tazz, that’s not all.”

Tazz: “That’s right Cole because tonight Sable makes her singles wrestling return in over 6 years! The tomatoes are gonna fly when Sable challenges Victoria for her Women’s Championship.”

Cole: “Plus, an important announcement regarding championships by Paul Heyman, all that and more here on SmackDown!”

Evolution’s music plays. Triple H, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair and Batista all make their way to the ring sporting their business suits. Triple H grabs a mic and begins his speech.

HHH: “Now, last week…I faced 11 other guys and I earned my shot at the WWE Champion for next week. Well I frankly can’t wait that long to face that Mexican reject…Eddie Guerrero…get your ass out here so I can take that belt from you!”

Viva La Rasa…

Eddie comes straight to the ring with his lowrider and grabs a mic from inside the vehicle.

Eddie: “How’s it going Hunter Homes Helmesley? You know what essa? As I came my way down here I was planning on getting in that ring. But now the harder I think, that’s not a smart idea. I mean, I slide in, Batista comes at me, Ric Flair comes at me…and then when I can’t even see straight, you’ll finish me off with that pedigree. I knew you were going to be playing these head games…after all you are the cerebral assasino. So I decided to even the odds a little.”

Test comes from the crowd and slides into the ring. Ric Flair turns around and gets the Big Boot. Test slides out of the ring afterwards to avoid contact from Batista. That doesn’t work however because Batista slides to the outside and begins chasing Test around the ring. Scott Steiner races to the ring and takes out Batista with a steel chair. Eddie now stands up and gets onto the hood of his lowrider and begins making his way into the ring. Triple H is left standing in the middle of the ring with no one to help him. Scott Steiner and Test now get in the ring to make sure Hunter doesn’t run anywhere.

Eddie: “Now I know these guys aren’t the best friends of mine…but they, much like the rest of Raw, Smackdown and the fans…absolutely hate your guts! Now…you wanted to finish this off…then lets do it!”

Eddie raises his hand and is about to strike Triple H with the microphone but Paul Heyman runs down the entrance ramp.

Paul: “Eddie, wait! Don’t hit him or I’ll strip you of that title and have you arrested! Now listen…I have a way to solve this problem…for tonight’s main event…it’s going to be Triple H…Batista…and Ric Flair…against…Eddie Guerrero…Test…and Scott Steiner. Now Test…Scott…if you could please leave the ring area…I’d like to have a word with our WWE Champion.”

Eddie turns his back to Triple H and drops the mic. He turns his focus on Paul Heyman which is a big mistake because Hunter low blows Eddie Guerrero and throws him over the top and onto the hood of his lowrider. Batista gets up on the hood as well and delivers a spinebuster, cracking the windshield.

Paul: “Now mister Guerrero…I must inform you…you might not make it to that match, haha! See…I got Evolution for one reason and for one reason only…they are the most dominant force in the WWE! Evolution brings in the money…they attract the fans because everybody wants to see them get killed…and it’s an ongoing cycle because nobody will ever…and I mean…EVER…defeat Evolution!”

Paul Heyman walks up the ramp with Evolution as the cameras go to the commercials.

Tazz: “Did you hear that Cole?”

Cole: “Yes. This is huge news! Tonight’s main event will see Test, Scott Steiner and the WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero against…Evolution!”

Back from commercials, Victoria is making her way to the ring.

Women’s Championship Match: Victoria (Champion) Vs. Sable

Both females circle the ring and tie up. Victoria backs Sable up into a corner using her strength and then hits her with a hard knife-edge chop. Sable falls to the floor in pain as Victoria mocks her. Sable gets to her feet now that Victoria is making her way back for an assault. Sable hangs onto the ropes and kicks Victoria away with both feet. Victoria turns around and drops to a knee so Sable takes advantage and delivers a bulldog to the champion. Sable goes for the cover…1…2-kickout! Both women get to their feet and the champion is taken down with a headlock. Victoria struggles to break the hold but is unsuccessful. Victoria finally counters by pulling on the hair of Sable in a pinning attempt…1…2…Sable sits back up with the headlock still applied. Victoria counters this time with a headscissors. Sable now struggles to break free of that hold but is unsuccessful. Sable fight to her feet and flips over in a pin attempt…1…2…Victoria kicks out! Victoria gets to her feet and closelines Sable with authority! Victoria appears to be going for a cover but chokes the challenger instead. The referee begins counting, warning Victoria of being disqualified…1…2…3…4…Victoria releases the choke. Victoria picks up Sable and takes her down with a DDT. The women’s champion now climbs to the top rope but is quickly stopped when Sable kicks the referee into the ropes, causing Victoria to lose her balance. Sable now climbs to the top rope with Victoria and hits a superplex. Sable goes for the cover…1…2…kickout by the Women’s Champion! Sable picks up Victoria in an attempt for the Sable Bomb. Once Victoria gets onto Sable’s shoulders she flips over with a sunset flip and pin with a hook of the tights…1…2…3!
Winner: Victoria

Victoria escapes with her title as Sable is frustrated at the champion for cheating.

Kurt Angle comes out and helps Sable out of the ring, he grabs a microphone.

Kurt: “Last week…I witnessed a disease. A disease that is affecting the entire U.S.A. This disease was passed on from Raw and I’m here to get rid of it. This disease I’m talking about…it develops a beak (a picture of Ric Flair’s big nose on the screen.)…did I mean one beak? I mean two (a picture of Triple H’s big nose appears on the screen). This gangrene that affects the skin (Batista’s tattoos are shown on the titantron.)…now this disease has been affecting not only the WWE with their power hungry ways…but it has affected the United States of America. Everybody looks forward to their heroes to come and destroy this disease…but the disease takes over their heroes because of the numbers. Well I’m going to save SmackDown…I’m going to save the WWE…I’m going to save the United States…I am going to be the true American Hero that I am and rid the world of this disease…this disease known as Evolution! So next week…I’m issuing a challenge to any member of Evolution that wants to take me on. Now Triple H, I know you also have a title match. I want to let you know that if you win that belt, I want to be the guy with the first shot. Now who’s going to take me on next week.”


Batista comes out wearing a robe similar to Ric Flair’s with the word Batista written on the back.

Batista: “So Kurt…you want to be the true American Hero? You want to try to take out Evolution? Well face facts…it’s impossible! I mean, look at the guys who have tried…Rob Van Dam…Booker T…Shawn Michaels…Goldberg! I mean…what makes you so different?”

Kurt stares off Batista for a little bit, which allows Ric Flair enough time to come from the crowd with a steel chair and get in the ring.

Kurt: “Are you going to stand there or accept my challenge? Is it going to be Batista and I next week?”

Ric Flair smacks the chair across the back of Kurt Angle. The Nature Boy then pulls a microphone out of his pocket.

Ric Flair: “Hell no! I want my shot against you…I’m going to break your legs. Evolution is about the past, present, and future of this business! You can’t just take that out…if…and that’s a big if pal! But if you take out Evolution…there will be no more WWE…we are the WWE. So look forward to next week when it’s the jet flying, limousine riding, wheeling, dealing, son of a gun…wooooo! The Nature Boy Ric Flair…one on one with you Kurt! Wooooo!”

Ric Flair struts his way out of the ring as cameras go to a commercial.

Back from the commercials, the Cruiserweight’s are all sitting in the locker room. Paul Heyman walks in.

Paul: “Alright gentlemen, I’ve come to a conclusion…to determine SmackDown’s new Cruiserweight Champion…we will have ourselves a tournament. The drawings have been selected and who will face you. Just in case any of you Mexicans or high flying freaks didn’t count yet, there are only seven of you…therefore we will have an automatic advancer in the tournament. By random drawing, this man is…Shannon Moore!”

Shannon celebrates.

Jamie Noble: “So who’s facing who? When’s the matches?”

Paul: “Listen Jamie, we will have one match per week. Therefore the finals will be held at the Judgment Day pay-per-view in May. Alright, so Shannon has the bye. The first round matches, in order are as follows. Rey Mysterio…you will face…Jamie Noble! Tajiri…you will face…Nunzio! Spike Dudley…you will face Ultimo Dragon…and the winner of that match will face Shannon Moore in the second round. I hope you all enjoy the competition. Goodbye.”

Paul Heyman leaves the room. All the Cruiserweights surround Shannon Moore due to the fact that he gets the bye.

Highlights are now shown of last week’s match of John Cena versus Matt Hardy where John Cena was counted out.

United States Championship Match: John Cena Vs. Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy gets in the ring saying he’s going to be the new champion towards the crowd. John Cena’s music hits and he races to the ring and removing his attire without doing the usual pre-match rap. John Cena gets in the ring and closelines Matt. Cena immediately goes after his opponent with right hands to the skull. The challenger is eventually able to roll out of the ring to regain his composure. Cena doesn’t allow time for Matt Hardy to escape so he baseball slides to the outside and begins chasing after Matt around the ring. The United States Champion is stalled when Matt throws the steel steps right in front of him. John Cena picks up the stairs now and begins chasing Matt who now slides into the ring. The rapper throws the stairs into the ring, just barely missing the challenger. Cena slides back into the ring and gets a knee to the mid-section via the Sensei of Mattitude. Matt now whips Cena to the ropes and hits a huge backbody drop on him. Matt goes for the cover…1…2-Cena kicks out! Matt Hardy again whips Cena into the ropes and this time Cena is locked in a sleeper hold. Cena struggles for air as Matt Hardy continues to squeeze the life out of the champion. Cena falls to a knee as his chances of winning the match are fading away. Cena now falls completely down to the mat and the crowd seems to be worried about him. The U.S. Champion shows little fight left until he drops his arm and doesn’t move. The referee asks Cena if he can continue and does not get a response so the official raises the arm of John Cena. It drops to the mat and people start chanting “Cena! Cena! Cena” in an effort to encourage him. The referee raises the arm of Cena for the second time and again it drops. The crowd is getting louder and louder as the champion’s arm is raised for a third time and the encouragement has worked because the rapping grappler keeps his arm up and begins fighting to his feet. Once on his feet, Cena hits three elbows to the mid-section of Matt but the hold still isn’t released. Now Cena backs Matt into a corner with authority. Matt now staggers his way to the center of the ring and the United States Champion runs to the ropes. Once reaching Matt from behind he hits the throwback and taunts to the crowd for a huge pop. Everybody is on their feet as John Cena stalks the challenger for the FU. Cena attempts it and gets Matt Hardy onto his shoulders. Matt squirms out of the move and hits a side effect. Matt Hardy now mocks John Cena before kicking him in the face. Now the challenger climbs to the top rope and misses a heavy leg drop. Matt seems to be out on the mat so Cena runs to the ropes and on his way back he dusts himself off and drops a huge fist on the face of the Sensei of Mattitude. John Cena goes for the cover…1…2…Matt kicks out! The champion picks up Matt and delivers an FU to the delight of the crowd. Cena goes for the cover…1….2…Matt gets a foot on the bottom rope. The United States Champion is frustrated with his efforts so he goes to the outside and picks up the chain and padlock he brought to the ring. Matt pulls himself up to his feet with the help of the ropes as Cena gets back in the ring with the chain wrapped around his fist. Matt turns around and dodges the punch from Cena and then kicks him in the groin. The referee calls for the bell in a disqualification but Matt continues the assault by stomping on the champion. Afterwards, Matt Hardy picks up John Cena and delivers a Twist of Fate then leaves the ring as John Cena lays out cold in the ring.
Winner: John Cena by DQ

Cole: “This is not over by a long shot. Matt Hardy started something he better be planning on finishing.”

Tazz: “No kidding Cole. When Cena gets up he’s going to be planning some major payback on the Sensei of Mattitude!”

Cole: “Matt Hardy…leaving his mark on the United States Champion tonight!”

Cameras go to a completely white white room. Sean O’Haire enters the room sporting a black suit.

O’Haire: “Pain…it’s inevitable…it’s reality. When does pain occur? The exact time is unknown, the exact place is unknown. Time…time is only a figment of everybody’s imagination for time does not exist. It is imagined by the entire world to organize themselves in a sensible fashion. Fashion…what is fashion? Fashion is related to what is popular…such as the rapping industry. Just talking with beats…and this is representing the United States. The land of the free and the home of the brave is represented by street thugs…I will put an end to this culture. You’re looking at someone who is a representative, is an example of what the world should be like. Full of knowledge, well-dressed…hey, I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.”

Sean O’Haire walks out of the room and cameras go to commercials.

Kane Vs. Steven Richards

Kane awaits Steven Richards to enter the ring. Steven’s music plays and he races to the ring, immediately hammering away on the Big Red Machine. Steven Richards has Kane off his balance and runs to the ropes to add some velocity into his shoulder tackle. Kane is taken off his feet but immediately sits up. Steven Richards closelines Kane over the top rope, going over with him as well. Steven Richards hammers away at the monster for a while and then gets back in the ring. Kane slowly gets up and rolls back into the ring. Kane sits up and slowly gets to his feet. Steven Richards again takes a run at Kane but gets a big boot to the face by the monster. Kane picks up his opponent, gives him a chokeslam and goes for the cover…1…2…3!

Winner: Kane

Kane is about to set off his pyros when suddenly the infamous gong is heard. The titantron seems to be having technical difficulties until the Undertaker and Paul Bearer appear at a misty open area outdoors. The ground has a flaming Undertaker symbol on it.

Undertaker: “Kane…at Survivor Series…you buried me alive. You started all of this. Ever since we were children…you always tried to destroy me…you always tried to better yourself. Remember your first day in school? The kids made fun of you…so you ran home and killed our pet dog. At Badd Blood…the first Hell in a Cell match…you cost me the title…Survivor Series…you thought you killed me. You didn’t kill me Kane…you woke me up. I had become like the others…someone feeding off the crowd…driving my motorcycle to the ring…I was torn away from the darkside. Well Kane…when you buried me…it brought me back to the darkside…the creatures of the night welcomed me back with open arms. Kane…you started this…and I’m going to end it!…Kane…when we meet again…you…will rest…in…peace!”

Paul Bearer: “Oh yes!”

The titantron goes back to Kane in the ring who is a little afraid. He snaps out of it and turns on his pyros before going backstage.

Tazz: “Oh my god Cole what does this mean?”

Cole: “It means…as bad as things were…it’s fixing to get a lot worst!”

La Resistance makes their way to the announcer’s table for the next match.

Non-Title Match: F.B.I. (Johnny Stamboli/Chuck Palumbo) Vs. Rikishi/Scotty 2 Hotty

Nunzio walks with Stamboli and Palumbo to the ring and grabs a microphone after the champions make their way to the ring.

Nunzio: “Riksihi…Scotty 2 Hotty…you call yourselves the tag team champions. Well see there’s a problem here…you’re facing us and it’s not even for the titles. You two are not only a disgrace to the tag team titles but a disgrace to the entire SmackDown! roster. When people watch the show this week they are wishing to see the rear ends of Divas, not overweight blonde samoans who stick their butts in other people’s faces. And then you have somebody who dances with moves like the moonwalk and the worm. That was almost thirty years ago…it’s old and so is your little team. Well tonight, the F.B.I. is planning to whack the entire SmackDown roster and we’re gonna start with the ape and the worm!”

Scotty 2 Hotty is distracted and Chuck comes from behind with a kick to the spine. Chuck now starts off with Scotty then gets an early tag on Johnny. Johnny “The Bull” Backs Scotty into the corner and then hammers him down to the mat with right hands. The Bull picks up Scotty and slaps him in the face. Scotty gets waken up from that slap and begins hammering away at Johnny uncontrollably and The Bull gets to the outside. Rikishi calms down Scotty as the F.B.I. regroups on the outside. Chuck Palumbo gets tagged in after so The Bull can wait outside. Rikishi tags himself in so Scotty can calm down. Rikishi slaps his ass to get the crowd going and Chuck superkicks Rikishi who falls into the corner. Chuck irish whips Rikishi hard into the opposite corner and then runs towards the champion but gets a boot to the face. Rikishi wrenches the arm of Chuck and tags in Scotty 2 Hotty. Scott works on an abdominal stretch for a little and then tag back in Rikishi. Rikishi hammers away at the ribs and then puts him in a gutwrench. Chuck sticks a thumb in they eye of Rikishi and then whips him to the ropes. Rikishi ducks a closeline from Chuck and then gets kicked in the spine by Stamboli. Palumbo now stomps on the spine of Rikishi and then tags in The Bull. The Bull hits a spinebuster and then goes for the cover…1…2…kickout! The Bull tags in Palumbo who drops a knee on the back of Rikishi followed by an arrogant cover…1…2…kickout! Chuck now tags in Johnny “The Bull” who slaps Rikshi around. Rikishi punches The Bull and then whips him to the ropes. Rikishi ducks for a backbody drop but The Bull stops and then pounds on the spine of Rikishi. Stamboli tags in Chuck Palumbo who bends Rikishi’s spine over the knee in a submission hold. Rikishi screams in pain for a while before Chuck lets go of the hold and rolls Rikishi onto his stomach. Chuck drops the elbow a couple of times on the spine before picking him up and tagging in The Bull. Johnny climbs to the top and hits a double axe handle on the back of Rikishi followed by a cover…1…2…kickout! Scotty 2 Hotty gets the crowd chanting Rikishi’s name. The Bull whips Rikishi into the turnbuckle and goes for a huge body splash in the corner but Rikishi moves out of the way. Both are down on the ground and reaching for a tag. By the count of four, Chuck Palumbo gets in the ring to distract the ref and then Scotty 2 Hotty gets in the ring after a tag. The referee didn’t see it so Scotty is sent back to the corner as Chuck and The Bull switch off without tagging. Chuck axe handles Rikishi’s back and then picks him up and gives him a powerful scoop slam. Chuck now climbs to the top rope and misses a leg drop. Both competitors are down as the ten count starts. At the count of 6, The Bull is tagged in followed by the tag to Scotty. Scotty hammers down both opponents. Rikishi works on Chuck in one corner and in the opposite Scotty is hammering away at the Bull. Scotty and Rikishi attempt to whip both members of the FBI into eachother but they are both countered. Rikishi ducks and Scotty leap frogs over his tag partner then closelines Chuck Palumbo to the outside. The referee is now ordering Rikishi to get out of the ring as Nunzio comes in the ring with a steel chair and smashes it over the back of Scotty 2 Hotty. Nunzio escapes the ring just in time as The Bull goes for the cover…1…2…3!

Winners: Chuck Palumbo and Johnny Stamboli, The Full Blooded Italians

Cole: “So what do you think of that La Resistance? The Full Blooded Italians advanced in this series, can we say the same thing about you two next week?”

Rene Dupree: “But of course Micheal Cole. On est La Resitance…n’ayez pas peur for we will be the next Tag Team Champions!”

Tazz: “Well tell Fifi I said bonjour or whatever it is.”

The cameras go to commercials before the main event.

Evolution Vs. Test/Scott Steiner/Eddie Guerrero​

Test and Scott Steiner come out in the lowrider with Eddie Guerrero. Eddie seems to be very sorry from the attacks earlier tonight from Evolution. After all three competitors get to the ring, Evolution makes their way to the ring together and seem to be in perfect condition. Scott Steiner and Triple H start off the match for each team. Both circle the ring and then tie up. HHH gets the headlock and Scott Steiner over powers the Game by shoving him very far. Another tie up and HHH again with a headlock but Steiner shoves HHH to the ropes. Hunter attempts a closeline but Steiner ducks. Triple H starts off again with a closeline but Steiner catches him and delivers an overhead belly to belly suplex. Steiner then wastes some time kissing his muscles before missing the elbow drop. HHH takes advantage off the mistake by bringing Steiner to the corner and hits some hard knife-edge chops. HHH attempts to whip Scott Steiner to the opposite buckle but it is reversed. Steiner then takes Triple H off of his feet and catapults him into the corner. Test hits HHH once with a right hand before Steiner powerslams Hunter and goes for the cover...1...2-kickout! Steiner wrenches the arm of Hunter and then tags in Eddie. Eddie climbs to the top and axe handles the arm of Triple H. Eddie then whips his opponent to the ropes and takes him down with a closeline. Eddie allows the Game to get to his feet. Hunter asks for a test of strength and he Eddie almost accepts but HHH tags in Batista. Batista now gets in the ring with Eddie Guerrero and asks for a test of strength. Eddie surprisingly locks up with the massive superstar but Batista kicks Eddie in the mid-section and delivers a huge suplex. Eddie gets right back up to his feet, punches Hunter and Flair off the apron then closelines Batista down. Eddie wrenches the arm of Batista and tags in Test. Test boots Batista all the way back to Evolution’s corner where Flair tags himself in. Flair and Test lock up. Flair backs up Test in the corner and then hits some knife-edge chops. Flair whips Test to the opposite corner and runs at him but gets a boot to the face. Test then climbs to the top and hits a huge shoulder tackle. Test goes for the cover…1…2…kickout! Test tags in Steiner who just pummels Flair in the corner. Big Poppa Pump wrenches the arm of Flair and then tags in Test. Test puts Flair in a headlock and is shoved to the ropes. Test comes off the ropes and boots Flair in the face. Flair backs off and tags in Batista. Batista closelines Test down and then puts him in a headlock. Test fights to his feet and Batista tags in Triple H. Batista whips Test to the ropes and drops, forcing Test to leap over him but after leaping HHH nails Test with a Harley Race knee to the face. Hunter goes for the cover…1…2…kickout! Hunter tags in Flair who climbs to the top and drops a knee. Flair goes for the cover…1…2…kickout! Flair picks up Test and whips him to the ropes then ducks for a backbody drop but Test counters with a sunset flip. The referee can’t make the count because the referee is distracted by Batista on the apron. Flair sticks a thumb to the eye of Test and then tags in Hunter again. Hunter gets a forearm smash off the top rope and then goes for the cover…1…2…kickout! Hunter spits in the face of Eddie Guerrero, getting him enraged and racing into the ring which distracts the ref. Hunter brings Test into the corner where all of Evolution assaults him. Hunter tags in Batista then whips Triple H to the ropes. Evolution double closelines Test to the ground. Batista goes to the top rope but is thrown off by Test. Test climbs to the top and Batista shakes the ropes. Batista climbs up and superplexes Test to the mat followed by the cover…1…2…kickout! Batista quickly tags in Flair who brings Test to the corner and hits some shoulder tackles before giving his opponent a fireman’s carry and a sleeper hold. Test slowly begins fading away until the fans start cheering for him. Test gets to his feet and elbows his way out of the hold. Test goes to the ropes and is taken right back down with a knife edge chop. Flair whips Test to the corner and then tags in Hunter. Flair whips Triple H into the corner and delivers a body splash followed by a powerslam and a cover…1…2…kickout! Hunter now locks Test in a sleeper hold. Test attempts reaching for the tag to Eddie Guerrero and fights out of the hold with elbows. Test runs to the ropes to try and take Hunter down but the Game scouts the hold and applies a sleeper hold. Test goes for a tag but misses by an inch. Test begins running backwards then regains his composure and runs forwards. Test makes the tag to Scott Steiner who takes down Hunter with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Steiner now, unlike his usual offense, climbs to the top rope and attempts to drop an elbow but Hunter scouts it and moves out of the way. Triple H quickly tags in Batista who hammers away at Scott Steiner and then body slams him. He attempts a leg drop but Steiner moves out of the way. Steiner gets up quickly and is taken down by Batista with a sweep of his feet. Batista holds the leg of Scott Steiner and tags in Triple H. Hunter and Batista double team Big Poppa Pump with a wishbone. Hunter tags in Flair now. The Cerebral Assassin and the Nature Boy both irish whip Scott Steiner and attempt a double closeline but Steiner runs right through them and closelines them both down. Steiner then capitalizes and tags in the WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero! Eddie gets in and hammers all members of Evolution down. Hunter falls to the outside of the ring. Test and Steiner come in. Test works on Ric Flair in one corner. Eddie Guerrero attempts to suplex Batista as the referee is distracted by Scott Steiner. Batista drops to a knee and low blows Eddie Guerrero. The Game comes back in and pedigrees the champion. Hunter goes for the cover as the others are fighting on the outside…1…2…3!
Winners: Evolution

Evolution escapes now with their hands in victory as Scott Steiner, Test and Eddie Guerrero are in the ring furious with Evolution’s tactics. Will Triple H be able to pedigree Eddie Guerrero and win the WWE Championship next week? We’ll have to find out because that’s the main event next week on SmackDown!

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bravo brsvo your show rocks cabs show is good but i loved this 10/10 the taker segment was excellent u r really good with mind games like u told me once in msn

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(This updated WE-Forums version is really crappy. It's only allowed 30 secs. of load time and if it's too long I have to send it in pieces so here we go finally...)



Highlights are shown of last week’s main event where Evolution cheated to defeat Scott Steiner, Test and Eddie Guerrero. Afterwards, the SmackDown intro is played and the pyros shoot into the air.

Cole: “Welcome everyone to SmackDown! I’m Micheal Cole along with Tazz and if you thought last week was good…you’ve got another thing coming.”

Tazz: “That’s right Cole…last week was off the hook and this night will be an extreme rocket buster because tonight two championships are on the line.”

Cole: “That’s right, for the Women’s Championship Victoria will take on Miss Jackie but the main event…”

Tazz: “We’ve been waiting for this one after Triple H won that battle royale…it’s going to be Eddie Guerrero defending the WWE Championship against Triple H…that’s a pay-per-view size match and it’s happening tonight!”

Cole: “That’s not all…because tonight we’re starting the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament with Rey Mysterio taking on Jamie Noble! Now let’s kick it off with…”

Evolution’s music begins playing and they make their way to the ring sporting their suits.

Triple H is the first to grab a mic for the group. He removes his sunglasses and begins his speech.

Triple H: “Tonight…is a huge night for Evolution. Before I go to my match…there’s somebody else who’s wrestling tonight…”The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. Now last week I watched on the monitor…Kurt Angle says he’s going to take out Evolution for the United States of America. Ooh, sounds all patriotic…it sounds like a fairy tale right? Well that’s not what’s going to happen. Paul Heyman said it last week…people fill the seats because they want to see Evolution get killed…and the seats keep filling every week because every week, their unsuccessful. You can’t kill Evolution…if you kill Evolution you kill the WWE. Now…Kurt has made a challenge and Ric Flair has accepted…Flair…I want you to make that bald American Jackass tap out right in the middle of the ring. Teach him a lesson.”

Ric Flair grabs the mic from Triple H and starts strutting around the ring.

Flair: “Kurt…Kurt Angle! I’m talking to you pal! You’re about to face the sixteen time World Champion! Woooo! Now Kurt…to be the man…you’ve gotta beat the man and that’s never going to happen because you don’t deserve a shot at the champ…you don’t deserve a shot at The Game.”

Ric Flair starts strutting again so Triple H takes the microphone back.

HHH: “Now…enough about Kurt. Let’s roll the footage again from last week…here we go. (Footage of last week are now shown according to what Triple H says.) First, Batista drops Eddie Guerrero on his car with a spinebuster, cracking the windshield…And then…I pedigree the champion in the ring. Then I go for the pin…one…two…three! Just as simple as that, Evolution takes out the WWE Champion. The same things gonna happen tonight when everybody’s chanting Eddie…Eddie…Eddie! I’m gonna pedigree his face permanently into the mat, beat him one, two, three. And then I’m gonna be the new WWE Champion! That’s not a prediction…that’s not a guess…that’s…Evolution!”

Triple H drops the microphone and Evolution leaves the ring as they go to commercials.

Women’s Championship Match: Victoria (Champion) Vs. Miss Jackie​

Both women start off in a face off in the center of the ring. Victoria immediately slaps Miss Jackie, causing her to crash to the ground. Victoria then stomps on the challenger making sure she can’t get any offense whatsoever. Victoria picks up Miss Jackie and gives her a hiptoss then climbs to the top turnbuckle. She is about to do a high risk move when all of a sudden, Sable’s music begins playing. Sable walks out with a microphone while Victoria sits on the top turnbuckle and Miss Jackie begins getting up.

Sable: “Victoria…last week you cheated to beat me. It was unfair and I think I deserve a rematch. Not just any kind of rematch…I want it to be for the Women’s Championship…and I want it to be a match with a special stipulation. (The crowd begins cheering.) Now…I’m not sure what the stipulation should be but I think this match will be a little…revealing. Now…why don’t you finish this match with Miss Jackie.”

Just as Sable finishes talking, Miss Jackie kicks Victoria in the face and then climbs up to go for a superplex. Victoria counters by dropping Miss Jackie on her face and then nails an elbow drop off the top. The Champion goes for the cover…one…two…kickout! Victoria puts the challenger in a sleeper hold now to weak her state but also adds wraps her legs around her opponent so she can’t escape. Miss Jackie attempts to break free of the hold and gasp for air but Victoria continues to hang onto the move. Eventually, Miss Jackie falls unconscious from the hold and the referee checks her arm. One…it drops limply to the mat. Two…again dropping limply. Three…it’s all over and Victoria retains the title!
Winner: Victoria

Highlights are shown of some aerial moves that Shannon Moore have done in the past. A voice now begins saying “Possibly the greatest Cruiserweight of all time…a future Cruiserweight Champion…the best in the business today…Shannon Moore!” Shannon Moore is now shown on the titantron with a leather jacket and nice pair of sunglasses before the cameras go to commercials.

Cruiserweight Championship Tournament-1st Round
Rey Mysterio Vs. Jamie Noble​

Both competitors start off with a tie up in the center of the ring. Jamie Noble quickly turns it into a headlock and flips Mysterio onto his back. Rey counters with a headscissors after a while and then Jamie escapes the hold. Again both competitors tie up in the center of the ring and Jamie Noble again getting a headlock on his opponent. Rey Mysterio pushes Jamie Noble to the ropes and drops to the mat attempting to make him leap over. Jamie Noble however, takes notice of the situation and drops a leg on the high-flying wonder. Both men get up and Rey Mysterio is met with a dropkick from Noble. Jamie Noble picks up his opponent and backs him into the corner and puts Rey on the top turnbuckle. Jamie goes up top but Rey Mysterio punches Noble and pushes him off. Rey goes for a senton splash but Noble moves out of the way and goes for a cover….one…two…kickout! The ******* picks up Mysterio and attempts a tiger suplex but Rey counters by shoving Noble into the corner. Rey hits some hard knife-edge chops and then whips his opponent to the opposite corner. Rey runs after Noble to splash him in the corner but the ******* cruiserweight gets a boot up and into the face of his foe. Mysterio drops to a knee, holding his face in pain while Noble climbs to the top and hits Rey with a bulldog off the top rope. Noble again goes for the cover…one…two…kickout! Jamie Noble goes to the outside and drags Mysterio out with him. Jamie Noble chokes his opponent by using the guardrail across the throat. Rey Mysterio is left hanging across the guardrail as Jamie Noble gets back to the apron and onto the top rope. Noble now attempts an axe handle smash and Mysterio moves out of the way. Rey Mysterio gets his composure back and whips Jamie Noble into the steel steps. Rey now follows by throwing Jamie back into the ring, going to the apron and goes for a springboard leg drop but Jamie dodges the aerial move. Jamie Noble rolls up Mysterio with a hook of the tights…one…two…kickout by Rey! Jamie Noble backs Rey up and then sets him up on the top rope. Jamie then kicks Rey in the face, taking him down to the arena floor. The referee warns Jamie Noble to stay in the ring, allowing Mysterio to eventually struggle to his feet and get back in the ring. Jamie Noble picks up Mysterio and attempts a piledriver. Mysterio counters by picking up Jamie and dropping his throat across the top rope. Jamie Noble stands up, holding his throat and gets dropkicked from behind by Mysterio. With Jamie now leaning over the middle rope, Rey Mysterio pulls off the 619, sending Jamie down to the mat in the center of the ring. Mysterio now goes for a springboard legdrop but Jamie Noble rolls out of the way and goes for a cover…one…two…kickout! Jamie Noble attempts a piledriver for a second time but this time Mysterio counters by lifting himself onto Noble’s shoulders and driving his face to the mat. Mysterio goes to the apron and finally hits the springboard legdrop followed by a cover…one…two…three!

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Non-Title Tag Team Match: Scotty 2 Hotty/Rikishi Vs. La Resistance​

Rikishi and Rene Dupree start off the match by circling the ring. Sylvan Grenier slaps Rikishi from the apron which distracts the big man. Rene takes advantage by running towards Rikishi only to be kicked in the face. Sylvan Grenier starts complaining so Rikishi knocks him off the apron with a right hand. Rikishi trash talks Sylvan on the outside and Rene capitalizes by dropkicking Rikishi into the corner. Dupree hammers away at Rikishi now but it’s quickly countered with Rene crashing to the mat after a chop. Rikishi picks up Rene and whips him to the ropes then ducks for an attempted backbody drop but Rene kicks his opponent in the face. Rene dropkicks Rikishi again who staggers on his feet. Rene gets a double leg takedown on Rikishi and then flips over for a pinfall…1…2-Rikishi gets the shoulder up! Rene’s back up to his feet first and tags in Sylvan Grenier. Sylvan wrenches the arm of Rikishi twice and then pulls on the arm of Rikishi several times with all his force to weaken the arm. Sylvan runs to the ropes and when he comes back, runs right into Rikishi and falls to the mat. Rikishi attempts to tag in Scotty 2 Hotty but Rene distracts the referee. Scotty 2 Hotty gets in and the referee now forces him to get back in his corner. Sylvan wrenches the arm of Rikishi and tags in Rene again. Rene comes off the top rope and axe handle smashes the focus point of La Resistance, the shoulder area of Rikishi. Rene now locks in an awkward submission on Rikishi who is sitting down on the mat. Rene pulls back the arms of Rikishi and forces his knee down into the shoulder of Rikishi. Rikishi screams in pain as Scotty gets the crowd to applaud the tag team champions. Rikishi up and backs Rene up into the corner. Rene crashes down to the mat and Rikishi notices this. He turns around and gets ready to back that ass up with a huge stink face but Sylvan distracts the big man. The referee now begins arguing with Sylvan Grenier as Rikishi goes for the stink face again. Rene counters with a low blow to the champion and then does his French dance. Rene then runs to the ropes and attempts to drop a leg but Rikishi moves out of the way. The referee initiates the ten count as Rene and Rikishi attempt to tag in their partners. At the count of six, Sylvan Grenier and Scotty 2 Hotty are tagged in. Scotty immediately goes for the right hands and takes down Sylvan. Scotty runs to the ropes and Rene pulls them down, causing the other tag team champion to crash to the outside. Rikishi has had enough of the French cheating tactics and goes after Rene Dupree. Sylvan Grenier pulls some brass knuckles out of his trunks without the referee noticing. The Frenchman then rolls to the outside and attempts to nail Scotty in the head but it’s blocked. Scotty 2 Hotty now hits some right hands of his own and whips his opponent into the steel steps before getting back in the ring. Rikishi now chases Rene through the crowd as Scotty gets back into the ring with the ref’s count reaching seven. Scotty waits for Sylvan to get up and then hits him with a bulldog. Scotty 2 Hotty has a psychotic look on his face as he hops up and down, performing the worm. The crowd chants along now…

Crowd: “W…O…R…M!”

Scotty 2 Hotty attempts to drop the chop across the throat but Sylvan sticks up his fist with the brass knucks, nailing the champion in the face. Sylvan Grenier goes for the cover after throwing the weapon away…1…2…3!

Winners: La Resistance

John Cena and Matt Hardy get into a fight backstage. Test comes out of nowhere and lays both competitors out with a steel chair.

Kane Vs. Bradshaw​

Kane steps over the ropes and immediately gets face to face with Bradshaw. Bradshaw slaps Kane right in the face. Kane barely feels the effects, rubbing his cheek. Bradshaw now runs to the ropes and attempts to closeline Kane off his feet but Kane just loses his balance. Bradshaw goes for another closeline and gets a boot to the face by the Big Red Machine. Bradshaw gets up and backs into a corner to try and stay away from the monster but Kane just corners Bradshaw with nowhere to go. Kane hits some hard elbows and then goes for a big right hand but Bradshaw ducks and hammers away at Kane. Kane again, grabs Bradshaw by the throat and tosses him back into the corner, much like his older brother does. Kane hits some fists to the mid-section before going to the opposite corner. Kane goes for a running closeline but Bradshaw moves out of the way, running to the ropes. Bradshaw comes back and hits the closeline from hell. Bradshaw now taunts the crowd, calling for a beer. Meanwhile, Kane sits up and awaits his opponent to turn around. When Bradshaw turns around, he gets grabbed by the throat and chokeslammed straight to hell! Kane goes for the cover…1…2…3!

Winner: Kane

The lights go out just before Kane sets off his pyros. The Undertaker appears on the titantron in some sort of garage.

Undertaker: “Kane…this must come to an end. There is a pay-per-view coming up…Judgment Day…I think it will be quite appropriate…You will be judged…but we can’t finish this the old fashion way. Just one on one…this must end!”

Paul Bearer hands The Undertaker a blue steel bar.

Undertaker: “We could end it in a steel cage match.”

The Undertaker drops the bar. Paul Bearer hands The Undertaker some fencing.

Undertaker: “We could end it…Hell in a Cell!”

Paul Bearer hands the Undertaker a shovel as he drops the fencing.

Undertaker: “We could end it…the same way you tried to end my life…Buried Alive! We could do that…but I have bigger plans…no matter what kind of way we decide to end this…you will…rest…in…peace!”

Paul Bearer: “Oh yes!”

The lights go back on and Kane is in shock over what he just saw on the titantron before cameras go to commercials.

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Kurt Angle Vs. Ric Flair​

Both competitors start off by circling the ring and attempting single leg takedowns however they are all evaded. Now they tie up and Kurt has the clear advantage, backing Flair into the corner. The referee forces the break and The Nature Boy sticks a thumb into the eye of his opponent. Kurt Angle is now brought to the corner and hit with multiple knife-edge chops. Ric attempts to whip Angle to the ropes but it is reversed. Flair comes off the ropes and receives a huge backbody drop and is almost put in an Ankle Lock but he is able to crawl out of the ring. Flair takes his time getting into the ring and locks up again with Kurt. This time The Nature Boy gains the advantage with a headlock. Kurt shoves his opponent to the ropes and takes him down with a shoulder tackle. Kurt goes to the ropes now and leaps over his opponent and then takes him down with a closeline. Ric Flair trips Kurt and then puts a submission hold on the right leg of his opponent. Kurt struggles for a while and eventually gets to the ropes to break the hold. The Olympic Gold Medalist shakes his leg to get feeling back into it but has no time because Flair takes him down with a chop block. Flair brings Kurt near the corner and then goes to the outside. Kurt’s weakened leg is wrapped around the ring post several times before receiving a figure four leg lock around the ring post. Ric Flair lets go of the hold after a while and gets back in the ring. Flair now drags Kurt to the center of the ring and locks the figure four on again. Kurt struggles in the hold for about three minutes before he reverses ita nd forces Flair to relinquish the hold. Flair begs for mercy as Kurt limps his way towards him. Flair sticks a thumb in Kurt’s eye and then puts him in a headlock. Flair hits a couple of right hands and then Kurt counters out of nowhere with an Angle Slam! Angle pulls down the straps and then puts the Nature Boy in the Ankle Lock. Flair shouts in pain and Batista races to the ring to distract the official on the apron. Flair begins tapping out but there’s no official to ring the bell. Test makes his way down the aisle and pulls Batista off the apron. Batista goes for a closeline but Test ducks and takes out the animal with a big boot. The referee now turns around and sees Flair tapping out therefore he calls for the bell.

Winner: Kurt Angle by Submission

The cameras go backstage to where they see Triple H making his way through the backstage area towards the ring. But before that match starts, SmackDown takes it's final commercial break.

WWE Championship Match: Eddie Guerrero (Champion) Vs. Triple H​

The referee takes the WWE Heavyweight Title from Eddie Guerrero and calls for the bell. The two men walk to the center of the ring and stand almost nose to nose trash talking each other. HHH shoves Eddie back and then he returns the favor. Triple H smiles and throws a big right hand only to have it blocked by Guerrero. The WWE Champion lays in with a quick series of left jabs to the head of Hunter, backing him up against the ropes. Eddie shoots HHH off the ropes and drops his opponent with a back elbow smash. The Game scrambles back to a vertical base, turns and takes a running clothesline that sends him over the top rope to the floor on the outside of the ring. Outside, HHH is struggling to his feet as on the inside Guerrero hits the far ropes and nails a baseball slide that sends the challenger sailing backwards into the guardrail. Eddie begins jiving in the ring that gets a huge pop from the crowd. Guerrero goes to the near turnbuckle, scales to the top and leaps off, crashing into Hunter on the outside with a cross body block. Outside both competitors are dazed, but Guerrero gets to his feet first and pulls the challenger up to a vertical position. Eddie takes The Game by the arm and attempts to whip him into the steel ring steps but HHH slams on the breaks and reverses it, sending Eddie crashing back first into the stairs. Triple H staggers over to Eddie Guerrero and lays in several stiff kicks to the upper body of a dazed champion before dragging him up to his feet. HHH rolls Eddie into the ring and slides in after him. The Game climbs to the second turnbuckle as Guerrero gets to his feet and turns to look for his opponent. Hunter leaps from the second turnbuckle and nails a closeline onto the WWE Champion, sending him to the mat. HHH gets to his feet, goes to the ropes and nails a leaping legdrop across the chest of his opponent. Hunter goes in for an early cover...one-kickout! The challenger pulls Eddie up, scoop slams him hard to the mat and goes back to the turnbuckle. HHH climbs up to the top turnbuckle, yells at some fans and then leaps off with a high risk move. The champion gets up a boot and it connects to the head of the Cerebral Assassin. The Game staggers back and falls through the ring ropes back to the floor on the outside. Eddie Guerrero gets to his feet, rebounds off the far ropes and flies over the top with a suicide dive down onto HHH, prompting an "Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!!" chant from the fans. Both men are slow to get up and The Game shoves his opponent away from him. The champion gets to his feet, grabs the challenger and rolls him back into the ring. Guerrero crawls in behind HHH and goes for the pin...one...two...HHH kicks out! Guerrero pulls The Game to his feet and whips him into the ropes. Eddie drops his head early and Hunter hits a swinging neckbreaker on a surprised champion. Triple H rolls towards the ropes and uses them to pull himself to his feet as Latino Heat slowly gets up. Eddie Guerrero turns around to face HHH and gets floored by a high knee from the multiple-time World Champion. Triple H locks in a side headlock as Eddie reaches out for the ropes to try and get a rope break. After several moments the fans starts clapping and stomping their feet trying to get the champion back into the match and Eddie starts to try and fight his way to his feet. Guerrero gets fired up and fights up to a vertical base, elbows his opponent in the ribs, breaking the side headlock, and hits the near ropes only to be caught with a knee to the face by HHH. Hunter leans against the ring ropes as the fans boo him but he simply smiles and tells them to suck it. HHH turns, pulls Guerrero up to a vertical base and nails a snap suplex on the champion. He floats over into a pin attempt as the referee counts...one...two...Eddie kicks out! HHH positions Eddie into a seated position and hits a leaping neck breaker, shades of th late Curt Hennig. Eddie Guerrero rolls out of the ring and The Game follows him out. The Cerebral Assassin pulls the WWE Champion to his feet and goes to whip him into the ring post but Eddie reverses it and The Game slams shoulder-first against the post. HHH staggers away from the post holding his shoulder and takes a closeline from Latino Heat that drops him to the floor. Eddie leans against the guardrail to catch his breath as fans pat his back in support. HHH slowly gets back to his feet and rolls back into the ring. Guerrero quickly climbs up onto the ring apron but The Game grabs him by the head and drops down, guillotining him across the top rope. The champion falls to the ring apron and rolls into the ring then Hunter goes for the cover...one...two...Eddie puts a foot on the rope, breaking the count! Triple H pulls Guerrero up, whips him into the ropes and hits another high knee that takes his opponent off his feet. The Game now quickly locks in a figure four leg lock submission hold and the champion immediately starts trying to fight his way out of the hold. Eddie uses his legs to drape across the bottom rope and Hunter is forced to release the hold. HHH gets to his feet, pulls Guerrero up and drives a knee into the ribs of Guerrero, causing him to bend over in pain. The Game follows up with a DDT and goes for the pin...one...two...Eddie kicks out and the crowd pops tremendously! HHH mounts Latino Heat and starts to pound away with stiff right hands until the referee makes him break. Hunter pulls Guerrero up, whips him into a far corner and follows him. Eddie gets a boot up into the challenger's face, knocking him back. The Game charges again but the champion side steps the man, causing his opponent crashing sternum first in the corner. Eddie hooks Hunter from behind and takes him to the mat with a back drop. Guerrero springs to his feet and he looks as if he's caught his second wind as the fans roar their approval. Guerrero dances for a little bit and then scales his way to the top turnbuckle as the Cerebral Assassin gets to a vertical base. HHH turns around and is nailed with a closeline from the top rope that sends him crashing into the referee and down to the mat. Guerrero looks at the downed referee and shrugs. He pulls a dazed challenger to his feet and hits not one, not two, but three consecutive snap suplexes! Guerrero covers Hunter and reaches over to shake the referee to life. The referee stirs and rolls then starts to make his count....one...two...Triple H just gets his left shoulder up! The referee returns to his downed position, weak from the blow that he has taken. Eddie gets up and tries to pull Hunter into position for another suplex but The Game drops to his knees and hits a low blow to counter without the referee seeing it. Eddie bends over in pain and HHH rolls him up from behind for the pin attempt...one...two...Guerrero kicks out! The challenger pulls Latino up and whips him into the ropes. Eddie ducks a closeline and hits a flying shoulder tackle on the rebound. The Game lands hard on the canvas and rolls out of the ring. On the outside, HHH reaches under the ring apron and pulls a chair out from under the ring. Eddie reaches through the ropes to grab his opponent but gets the edge of the chair jammed into his throat. The WWE Champion falls back into the ring and Hunter crawls inside quickly. Hunter hooks the far leg as the referee is finally stirring once again then makes the count...one...two...Eddie just barely gets a right shoulder up and the crowd pops huge! A look of frustration is on the face of HHH as he yells at the referee that he had a three count. The Cerebral Assasin reaches down to pull the champion to his feet but gets rolled into a small package...one...two...Hunter kicks out! The challenger rolls to his feet and tries to go for a closeline. Guerrero ducks down and reaches behind him hooking the head of his opponent and dropping him with a neckbreaker...one...two...The Game kicks out! Eddie gets to his feet and attempts to whip HHH into the ropes. The Game attempts a side slam but the champion counters with a titl-a-whirl headscissors takedown. Eddie hooks the leg as the referee goes for the count...one...two...again HHH kicks out! Latino Heat gets to his feet, pulls Triple H up and positions him for another series of suplexes. Guerrero attempts hoisting his opponent up but HHH blocks it by hooking the leg of the champion. Eddie knees Triple H into the mid-section and then whips him to the ropes. The champion bends forward in an attempt to backbody drop the challenger but the Cerebral Assassin has it well scouted and hits his opponent with a knee lift. Eddie stumbles around for a while from the blow and then turns around and gets set up for a pedigree. Eddie counters by hitting a double leg takedown and then rolling onto Triple H for the cover...one...two...The Game kicks out! Ric Flair quickly races to the ring and begins arguing with the official. The Game low blows the champion, rolls to the outside, brings in a sledgehammer and gets ready to take down Triple H as the crowd boos. Scott Steiner makes his way down to the ring with a steel chair and cracks the skull of The Game. Scott throws the chair out of the ring and then knocks The Nature Boy off the apron. Big Poppa Pump goes after Flair on the outside as Eddie climbs to the top rope and hits his finishing maneuver, the frog splash! Eddie goes for the cover as the crowd counts along...one...two...three!

Winner: Eddie Guerrero

Scott Steiner grabs the title and gives it to Guerrero before hoisting the champion onto his shoulders. Both competitors celebrate the victory in the ring as Evolution returns backstage frustrated as SmackDown comes to an end.

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WOW 10/10 again loved the main event undertaker vs kane is gonna be good

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After the video is played and the pyros explode, Evolution’s music plays as they make their way to the ring in their business suits. Triple H is the first to grab the microphone.

HHH: “Now...it seems that every week this show starts off perfectly...with Evolution’s speech. Now last week, I lost to Scott Steiner therefore I don’t get my title shot at Judgment Day. Sounds real good right? Well I WILL be part of that main event at the pay-per-view one way or another! I will get back to that later but first...there seems to be a monkey on the back of Evolution. This monkey is bald...ugly...and loves to represent all
the good that is part of the United States. That’s right...Kurt Angle.”

Kurt Angle’s music begins playing and he makes his way to the entrance of the aisle.

Kurt: “That’s right. I’m the monkey on your back. That’s a pretty funny one Hunter. But in all seriousness. I am 2-0 against Evolution. Three weeks ago...I said I would save the United States of America...I would save SmackDown...from Evolution. Two weeks ago, I made The Nature Boy Ric Flair tap out and just last week I made Batista tap out. It looks like there’s just one more person on my list to tap out....Triple H!”

HHH: “That’s right Kurt. Two lucky wins...you attacked when your prey was vulnerable. As good as you are Kurt...I’m that much better than you. So if I were you, I’d be a good little monkey and keep their nose out of Evolution’s business...maybe go eat a banana or something.”

Kurt: “Another clever comment. But see if you were me Triple H...it would be impossible to keep your nose out of Evolution’s business...because your nose is so huge. Have you seen that thing in a mirror lately? I’ve heard that widescreen television sales have gone through the roof to all Smackdown fans ever since you got traded over here. But anyway, earlier you were saying that you will be a part of the Judgment Day Pay-per-view main
event...well change of plans...I’ve talked with Paul Heyman...and he’s given me the duties of being the special referee for that match. And with me there...I’ll make sure you have no chance of getting by ringside for that one. Looks like once again I’ve upset...The Game and one upped Evolution!”

Kurt leaves with his hands in the air as Triple H is furious at Kurt Angle. The cameras go backstage to Kurt Angle who is walking down a flight of stairs and bumps into Eddie Guerrero.

Eddie: “Kurt...why do you want to be the referee for this match?”

Kurt: “I’m doing what I was set out on doing...taking out Evolution.”

Eddie: “Yeah right homes.”

Kurt: “What?”

Eddie: “That’s not the reason. I’m sure everybody can guess it. You’re jealous of me being champion...and you’re jealous because I beat you at WrestleMania 20!”

Kurt: “Eddie...bring that up one more time and I’m going to have to get physical!”

Eddie: “Oh...a touchy subject. Smackdown main event....Madison Square
Garden...WrestleMania 20...in front of millions of viewers around the world...the adrenaline flowing...your shoulders down to the mat...one...two...three!”

Kurt: “Eddie!...You know what...nevermind...I guess I’ll see you at Judgment Day.”

Kurt walks off frustrated as Eddie looks a little mad himself staring back at Angle before cameras go to commercials.

Back from commercials, The Game barges into Paul Heyman’s office. Batista grabs Paul Heyman by the shirt and drags him across the desk.

HHH: “Paul...what about me? I want to be in the main event at Judgment Day!”

Paul: “I can’t do that...I’ve already got the competitors and the referee.”

HHH: “Batista...show him a little taste of it.”

Batista bends back Paul Heyman’s fingers which brings him to his knees.

HHH: “So...what’s it gonna be Paul?”

Paul: “Alright, alright. I’ll find something for you. Just give me a week to think about it.”

Batista picks up Paul and pushes him back down before Evolution leaves the room and cameras go back to ringside.

Test Vs. Sean O’Haire​

Both competitors tie up in the center of the ring. After a little bit of sturggling, Test backs up Sean O’Haire into the corner. Sean reverses it by switching positions. After Sean is forced to release a shoving match begins with O’Haire getting the advantage with a hiptoss. O’Haire gets a side headlock afterwards but is quickly stopped with a knee to the mid-section. Test backs his opponent into the corner and hits him with some kicks to the
sternum. Sean counters by bashing Test’s head into the turnbuckle. Sean goes again but Test blocks it and then whips his opponent into the corner with authority. Test picks up O’Haire and is hit with some right hands in the mid-section. Test takes the advantage again with a knee to the face. Test continues the assault witha sleeper hold. The crowd chants “Test sucks!” which gives Sean some momentum to get up and put a sleeper hold on Test. Test counters by throwing Sean O’Haire to the ropes and then puts him in a
sleeper hold. Sean O’Haire, after a long period of struggling, counters by kicking off the ropes and crashing onto Test. Both competitors get up at the count of six and exchange right hands. O’Haire gains the advantage and whips Test to the ropes and gets big booted to the face. Test goes for the cover...one...two...kickout! Test picks up Sean O’Haire and goes for the pump handle slam but Sean counters with a reverse death valley driver that
he calls the Devil’s Advocate with the cover...one...two...three!

Winner: Sean O’Haire

Women’s Championship Match: Victoria (champion) Vs. Gail Kim​

A slap fest starts off this match with the challenger gaining the advantage. Victoria regains the advantage and takes down her opponent with a german suplex. Victoria gets up and runs towards Victoria but is taken down with a drop toe hold. Gail Kim locks in an armbar until Victoria gets to her feet, then she takes her down with an armdrag. Gail Kim whips Victoria to the ropes and goes for a body splash but misses. Victoria hits a tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown and then gets a headlock on her opponent. Gail Kim counters with a backdrop and then goes for the cover...one...tw-kickout! Gail Kim picks up Victoria and attempts a powerbomb but Victoria counters with a hurracarana and holding the trunks for the cover...one...two...three!

Winner: Victoria

Sable comes out with a sign reading “Victoria: poor excuse 4 champ.”

Victoria is shocked over the sign and begins chasing Sable up the ramp. Victoria catches up and bashes Sable’s face into the SmackDown set. Victoria then pulls on Sable’s hair and continues to smash her face into the set everywhere. Victoria gets a microphone.

Victoria: “You think you’re pretty? Huh? You’re just old! You used to be the hottest thing in 1998...but now...I’m the hottest diva in the WWE. What? You don’t believe me? Well then...next week...you and I...in a bikini contest!”

Victoria drops the microphone on Sable then leaves.

Highlights are shown of some aerial moves that Shannon Moore have done in the past. A voice now begins saying “Possibly the greatest Cruiserweight of all time...a future Cruiserweight Champion...the best in the business today...Shannon Moore!” Shannon Moore is now shown on the titantron with a leather jacket and a nice pair of sunglasses before the cameras go to commercials.

Cruiserweight Champion Tournament 1st Round: Spike Dudley Vs. Ultimo Dragon​

Both competitors circle the ring then tie up. Spike gets a headlock on Ultimo Dragon and is then shoved to the ropes. Just as Spike hits the ropes, Kane’s pyros go off. Kane gets in the ring and meets up with Ultimo Dragon. Ultimo fights with some martial arts kicks as Spike has already escaped from the ring. Kane chokeslams Ultimo out of nowhere and then Spike hops into the ring and hits Kane with some fists. Kane grabs Spike by the throat and chokeslams him over the top rope.

Winner: Ultimo Dragon by DQ

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The EMTs come out and put Spike in a stretcher as cameras go backstage where Eddie Guerrero is walking down a hallway when he bumps into Ric Flair.

Flair: “Hey, Eddie. You’ve had some great matches these past couple of weeks. You’re impressing the hell out of me. You remind me of myself back in the days.”

Eddie: “Really? I always thought to be better than you.”

Flair: “Hey, to be the man, you gotta beat the man. The only people you’ve beaten that have really impressed me are Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle. That match you had against Triple H was a fluke because of the interference. And speaking of interference, why don’t you turn around...champ!”

Eddie turns around and sees Batista. Flair low blows Eddie and then Batista hammers away at the WWE Champion. Both members of Evolution assault the champion and then HHH comes up and delivers a pedigree to Eddie on the cement floor. Evolution walks off as the cameras focus on Eddie out cold and then go to commercials.

Non-Title Match: John Cena Vs. Matt Hardy​

After Matt Hardy gets in the ring he grabs a microphone.

Matt Hardy: “Now...for all of you who believe in Mattitude. I find it very insulting to call you M’Fers. It is berating and calling you all something else in which you are not. So from now on...you will all be known as famattics. Now...I am going to introduce to you all the number one famattic who will accompany me to the ring each week from now on...Miss Jackie!”

Miss Jackie makes her way to the ring look as beautiful as always and she gets in Matt’s corner.

Both competitors start off by circling the ring and a tie up occurs but Matt quickly shoves Cena away. They tie up again and Matt gets a headlock on Cena followed by the wrenching of the neck. Cena attempts to counter with a wristlock but Matt shoves his opponent away once again. Cena circling the ring and ties up again with Matt followed by the Sensei of Mattitude getting another headlock. Cena counters with a wristlock but Matt slaps Cena upside the head. Again they circle and tie up with Matt getting a headlock. Cena shoves Matt to the ropes and then takes him down with a closeline followed by some vicious stomping which gets a huge pop from the crowd. Matt’s head is now bashed into the top turnbuckle and then his face is raked at by the United States Champion. Cena now begins biting the ear and then whips Matt to the ropes and goes for a right hand but Matt rolls out of the ring. Matt Hardy now takes his time getting back in so Cena gets the crowd hyped up. The Hardy Boy finally gets back in and ties up with Cena. Matt wrenches the neck of Matt and then hits him with some punches and kicks until he takes his opponent to the outside of the ring. Cena lands on his feet and pulls Matt out with him. The U.S. Champion gains the advantage on his opponent with right hands and then bashes his head into the guardrail. Cena attempts to whip Matt into the steps but it is reversed. Matt gets back in the ring awaiting for Cena to get back in the ring which he does at the count of seven. Cena gains the advantage with a thumb to the eyes and then a
ten punch attempt in the corner. After a third right hand to the face, Matt drops Cena face-first on the top turnbuckle. Matt now kicks away at the champion until the referee forces him to break it. Matt whips his opponent to the buckle hard enough to cause him to bounce back in recoil. The Hardy Boy kicks John Cena in the mid-section then hits a neckbreaker followed by the cover...one...tw-kickout! Cena now is given a neckbreaker across the top rope with Matt landing on the outside. Matt drops some elbows across the
throat of Cena before getting back in and exchanges right hands with the rapper. Cena gains the advantage, runs to the ropes and is taken down with a closeline. Cena gets back up in the corner and is hammered away at by Matt Hardy. Cena crawls across the ring and gets right in front of Miss Jackie while Matt distracts the referee. Miss Jackie slaps Cena in the face and is then picked up by Matt. Cena kicks his opponent below the belt without the referee noticing. Cena runs towards his opponent to take him down with a closeline but Matt counters by attempting to throw him over the top. Instead of being thrown out, Cena’s neck is caught in the ropes. The ref helps Cena out before he is choked to death and then Matt Hardy follows him and bashes his head into the steel steps. Cena is thrown back in the ring and taken down with right hands again. The Sensei of Mattitude drops a knee across the back of the head three times before going for the cover...one...two...kickout! Matt rakes the face of his opponent then runs to the ropes. Cena counters by picking up Matt and dropping his throat across the top rope and then going for the cover...one...two...kickout! Cena does it again and then goes for the cover for a second time...one...two...kickout! Cena attempts to do it again but the weight is too much for the US Champion. Matt takes advantage by hammering away at Cena in the corner but positions are reversed after a while. Matt drops to the mat due to the pain caused by the right hands and is then picked up and whipped to the turnbuckle with authority! Cena picks up Matt Hardy and whips him through the middle ropes to the outside. Cena goes for a baseball slide but Matt evades it and takes Cena down with a right hand. Matt runs towards his opponent and gets backdropped on the ramp. Cena goes up to the apron and drops the elbow onto Matt Hardy before bringing him back in the ring at the count of seven. Cena hits a double arm DDT and then goes for the cover but Miss Jackie has got the referee distracted for a long enough time. The official turns around...one...two...kickout! Both competitors are up and exchange right hands. Matt gains the advantage and goes for the Twist of Fate but Cena counters by positioning his opponent on his shoulders for the FU. Miss Jackie sweeps the legs of Cena, taking him down. Cena rolls onto the apron and Matt picks him up then drives a neckbreaker onto his opponent again.Cena rolls back into the ring after the count of three as Matt climbs to the top. Cena gets to his feet quickly as Matt jumps for an axe handle. Cena counters with an atomic drop and then closelines Matt over the top rope also taking himself over. Both competitors are on the outside and Cena gets up to the apron first. Cena goes to hit a reverse elbow on Matt who just gets up but Miss Jackie pulls Matt away, causing Cena to bash his head against the guardrail. Matt again capitalizes by driving Cena head-first into the steel steps. Matt Hardy drags Cena over to the spanish announce table and clears it off. Matt hits the Twist of Fate on the announcer’s table, causing it to break in half. Matt gets into the ring at five and Cena gets back up to the apron at eight. Matt distracts the official as Miss Jackie smashes a steel chair over John Cena’s head. Cena however makes his way up to his feet on the apron and is taken down when Matt rushes into Cena, shoving him down to the floor. The Sensei of Mattitude goes on the outside and brings Cena back in the ring and goes for the cover in a cocky fashion...one...two...kickout! Matt argues with the referee for a little and then hits a Twist of Fate followed by a cover...one...two...three!

Winner: Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy escapes the ring after his hand is raised and celebrates with Miss Jackie as John Cena is out cold in the ring. The cameras go to the commercials.

A small video package is shown to advertise the next WWE pay-per-view, Judgment Day. It shows an event that occured at a previous Judgment Day which is Kane defeating Triple H in a chain match for the Intercontinental Championship.

Kane Vs. Rhyno

Kane steps over the top ropes to square off against his awaiting opponent, Rhyno. Rhyno goes for the assault early like many others that have failed. Rhyno closelines Kane over the top rope, causing Kane to land on his feet on the outside of the ring. Rhyno goes through the middle ropes with a flying shoulder tackle, taking Kane to his feet. Rhyno now bashes Kane’s skull into the steel steps and then throws him back in the ring. Kane gets up and holds his head in pain, facing the crowd. Rhyno gets back in the ring and sets up for the Gore. Rhyno goes for it but Kane moves out of the way, causing Rhyno to nail the ringpost shoulder-first. Rhyno turns around and Kane takes him out with a chokeslam. Kane isn’t finished yet so he picks up Rhyno and delivers two more chokeslams before going for the cover...one...two...three!”

Winner: Kane

Kane grabs a microphone.

Kane: “Alright...brother...where’s your message for today? Every week so far...you say you must end this...you must end what? This all started because you burned me as a child...it’s all your fault. The only way this is going to be finished is if one of us...is dead!”

The Undertaker’s gong echoes through the arena. The lights dim and The Undertaker is shown backstage with Paul Bearer and a casket.

Undertaker: “Kane...you can’t kill something...that’s already dead. Now I promised the dead would rise again at WrestleMania 20...and I lived it out. Now...I am making another promise...I promise that sooner or later...this casket will be filled with a corpse...a corpse from our family. Whether it’s you or me...but I think we all know the answer.”

Paul Bearer grabs a can of spraypaint and spraypaints something on the casket. Paul Bearer turns away to show that The Undertaker has painted Kane's name on the casket. Kane is in shock as the cameras go to commercials.

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Back from commercials, Scotty 2 Hotty and Rikishi pull out La-Z-Boy reclining chairs on the stage and get ready for next match.

Number One Contender’s For Tag Team Titles Match:
World’s Greatest Tag Team Vs. Full Blooded Italians (Chuck Palumbo and Johnny Stamboli) Vs. La Resistance​

All hell breaks loose to start off the match. Shelton Benjamin goes to work on Johnny Stamboli and Chuck Palumbo is exchanging right hands with Charlie Haas as La Resistance looks on. Chuck is taken down with a russian leg sweep by Haas. Johnny The Bull takes the advantage with an atomic drop. The Bull celebrates when La Resistance come from behind and take him down with a double teaming backdrop. Shelton Benjamin goes to work on Rene Dupree as Stamboli and Haas are once again going at each other. Haas is outnumbered quickly when both members of the F.B.I. begin attacking him. The numbers grow even though when Sylvan Grenier goes after The Bull. Chuck Palumbo takes down Charlie with a closeline then locks in a camel clutch. Better news for the World’s Greatest Tag Team as Shelton Benjamin gets an armbar on Rene. More bad news for La Resistance as Sylvan Grenier is placed in a camel clutch as well. Shelton Benjamin nails Stamboli with a crescent kick. Shelton Benjamin celebrates too soon as he is thrown out of the ring by Sylvan Grenier from La Resistance. Johnny Stamboli, Rene Dupree and Sylvan Grenier all go to the outside in a brawl, leaving Charlie Haas and Chuck Palumbo the duties of fighting in the ring. Charlie Haas and Chuck Palumbo tie up. Chuck quickly takes down his opponent with a full nelson slam. All the competitors that were on the outside are now in their respective corners. Chuck Palumbo drops a series of elbows onto the member of the World’s Greatest Tag Team and then celebrates his beating. Another celebration too soon as Charlie gets to his feet and takes down his opponent with an inverted DDT. Charlie Haas locks in the figure four near the La Resistance corner which allows Rene to tag himself in. Rene gets in the ring and puts Chuck Palumbo in a sleeper hold. The frenchman hits a German suplex followed by the cover...one...tw-kickout! Chuck Palumbo tags in Johnny “The Bull” Stamboli who runs in and quickly is tripped to the mat. Dupree now begins choking his new opponent...1...2...3...4...Rene lets go before he is disqualified and then lets go before he is disqualified before doing it again...1...2...3..4...Rene lets go. Rene picks up the big man and gets hit with a thumb to the eye. The Bull hits a double leg takedown followed by a half crab. Rene gets to the ropes eventually to break the hold. Rene gets up and hits Stamboli with some major right hands. Rene runs to the ropes and is tagged in by Shelton Benjamin. Shelton and Rene argue which allows the Bull to capitalize with knees to the mid-section of his opponent. Stamboli drags Shelton over then tags in Chuck who powerslams Mr. Benjamin with a pinning attempt...one...two...kickout! Chuck awaits Shelton to get up then takes him
down with a superkick followed by the cover...one...two...Sylvan Grenier breaks up the count! Rene argues with Chuck Palumbo now and tags himself in. Both Rene Dupree and Shelton Benjamin exchange punches until Rene gains the advantage and attempts to closeline his opponent but Shelton Benjamin ducks and gets a waistlock on his french opponent. Rene reverses positions with the waistlock on Shelton who now reverses the hold into a hammerlock. Shelton then grabs the second arm and turns around to hit an
underhook suplex with the cover...one...two...kickout! Rene is whipped to the ropes and tagged by Sylvan Grenier who races into the ring and body slams Shelton after a thumb to the eye. Shelton gets locked in a sleer hold now. He struggles for air in the center of the ring until he falls to his knees and then lays down. Sylvan continues to apply pressure as the refere raises the arm of Shelton...it drops. If it were to drop two more times, La Resistance would win this match. The referee raises the arm for a second time and it stays up. The crowd cheers as Shelton Benjamin fights to his feet and tags in Charlie Haas. Sylvan dodges a closeline from Haas and hits a bulldog to keep the advantage with his team. Sylvan picks up Haas and whips him to the ropes but he also runs to the ropes. They meet in the center of the ring with a double closeline The refere initiates the ten count...1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...Rene Dupree is tagged in. Shelton Benjamin takes down the frenchman with an overhead belly to suplex then celebrates. The Bull capitalizes by tagging himself in. The Bull pins Rene Dupree...one...two...kickout! Stamboli picks up his opponent and delivers a running powerslam followed by another cover...one...two...kickout! Everybody gets in the ring now as the ring looks like a massive riot. Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty get off their chairs and race to the ring. They race
in and throws everybody out of the ring then celebrate. The referee calls for the bell.

Winners: Draw

Cole: “Well Tazz...this is only going to add more complications for the tag team title division.”

Tazz: “You’re not kidding Cole. I wonder who the number one contender is now?”

Cole: “I’m not sure. But what I am sure about is SmackDown’s next pay-per-view event coming up in two weeks...Judgment Day!”

Tazz: “That’s right. There have been a couple of matches signed which are quite surprising. First off...The Cruiserweight Championship Tournament will end at Judgment Day with the finals.”

Cole: “As we saw earlier, Rey Mysterio has advanced to the finals and will take on the winner of next week’s match of Shannon Moore and Ultimo Dragon!”

Tazz: “Wouldn’t that be interesting if we saw Rey Mysterio and Ultimo Dragon. Those two are probably the top two Cruiserweights in the world.”

Cole: “That could happen...but also...Scotty 2 Hotty and Rikishi will defend their tag team titles but against who?”

Tazz: “I’m not sure either. We were supposed to have the answer for tonight but you just saw that the match resulted in a draw. There have been three teams battling over the number one contender’s spot and we’re still not sure. We should find out soon though.”

Cole: “Anyway...it seems that Sable’s magic has worked because at Judgment Day she’s going to be facing Victoria for that Women’s Championship. These two have been taunting each other for weeks now and it’s going to boil over in two weeks.”

Tazz: “And don’t forget...for the WWE Championship Cole! It’s Eddie Guerrero who will defend the championship against Scott Steiner.”

Cole: “And we also heard earlier tonight that Paul Heyman has announced that either Kurt Angle or Triple H as the special referee. He will judge who has done a better job tonight. I’m sure we’ll be hearing about it next week. Remember, Big Poppa Pump earned his shot by defeating Triple H and will see if he can take that Heavyweight Title away from the waist of Eddie Guerrero who retained his title by defeating Kurt Angle at WrestleMania 20.”

Tazz: “And speaking of Scott Steiner...he’s coming up next when he takes on Batista!”

Batista Vs. Scott Steiner​

Batista charges towards Steiner and is taken down three times with hiptosses. Steiner goes for the cover...one...two...kickout! Batista runs to the ropes and takes down Steiner with a shoulder tackle. Batista goes for the cover...one...two...kickout! Steiner takes down his opponent with an armdrag takedown with the armbar submission hold being applied. Batista struggles at first then backs Steiner into the corner and hits him with some shoulder tackles followed by knife-edge chops. Batista is distracted by the ref and is
whipped to the buckle. Batista runs towards Steiner and is hit with a powerslam followed by a cover...one...two...kickout! Steiner attempts a ten punch but is stopped at five because Batista takes the advantage with an atomic drop. Batista goes for a closeline and takes down Scott Steiner. Batista throws his opponent over the top rope and then flexes towards the crowd before going to the outside. Batista attempts to throw Scott head-first
into the steel steps but Steiner counters by bashing Batista’s head into the steps. Steiner gets back in the ring and does a couple of pushups until Batista gets back in the ring. Steiner stomps away at Batista and then goes for the cover...one...tw-kickout! Steiner runs to the ropes and is taken down with a huge spinebuster early. Batista goes for the cover...one...two...kickout! Batista picks up Steiner as if he were a baby and drops him back-first across his knee in a backbreaker. Batista hits a stalling suplex followed by the cover...one...two...kickout! Batista picks up Steiner and then whips him to the ropes and ducks for a backbody drop attempt. Steiner counters by jumping onto his opponent’s back and applying the Steiner Recliner. It looks as if Batista’s going to tap out but Ric Flair comes out to the ring. Steiner brings Flair in the ring and begins assaulting him. Triple H races to the ring now and attacks Scott Steiner.

Winner: Scott Steiner by DQ

After the three on one assault, Kurt Angle races to the ring and takes out Ric Flair with an Angle Slam. Kurt removes the straps and is taken out with a pedigree by The Game. Scott Steiner gets up and chases the rest of Evolution out of the ring. Scott Steiner helps Kurt Angle up to his feet as Evolution celebrates their accomplishments to end the show.
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