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SmackDown: US title, a new stable & Mason Ryan.

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This is my idea to make SD more interesting, return prestige to the US title and make use of Mason Ryan.

After ADR is defeated for one last time for the WHC he will come out on SD and announce the formation of his faction maybe named something like "Million Dollar Team" he will first introduce his first member which will be Mason Ryan when you are all down you take out your biggest gun to blow them all, the second member would be Mahal from rich dynasty of India like he is from Mexico and the final member would be Alex Riley a young upcoming talent who will evolve with the stable. This stable is gonna last for 3 years till break up due to internal feuds with the WHC.

After Santino loses the USC to Cesaro Mahal will challange him for the title and win it then while defending it in a match McInyre will come out and attack them both this will lead to triple threat ladder match which Mahal will win then begin one on defense with new opponents every night against opponents like Ryder, Santino, Cesaro, Sin Cara, Swagger, Kidd, Gabriel, McInyre to showcase his skills and moves and gain good reputation and prestige until finally losing it to McIntyre in a hardcore rules hard fought triple threat match also involving Ryder which will involve trash cans, tables, kendo stick etc. then it will be followed by a fatal 4 way hardcore rules ladder match between the previous 3 with Cesaro as a new addition the match will be long and hard fought and will be won again by Mahal to regain the USC then a real epic feud will begin between Mahal and McIyre lasting for 3 months and involving a lot of twisted storylines like throwing the title in the river, beating up of McInyre with ADR's stable and involve different types of matches and see the title exchange a few times until Ryback wins it in a triple threat match and ends the storyline.

Now coming back to the ADR stable ADR will recapture the WHC will the help of his new stable but will lose and exchange meanwhile Mahal will be in the USC storyline which i said above and Mason Ryan and Alex Riley will be competing in singles matches beating their opponents to showcase their skills and to gain weightage. This will continue for two months until they together form a tag team and win the titles a few times. At a certain time all the titles on SD will be with this stable.

The stable will start breaking when Riley will suddenly be chosen to compete in a match for the no.1 contender for the WHC and he will win it and go on to face the then champion and beat him which will result in ADR attacking him with the left 3 and throwing him out of the group and facing him for the WHC in a 3 stages of Hell Match this feud will continue for a few months then the story will continue with more such fallouts etc.
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