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The footage of E.C.W. reforming is shown and then we see the picture of the Big Show, then The entrance video for Smackdown airs.

Michael Cole Welcome ladies and gentlemen to W.W.E.’s Smackdown right here in the great city of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tazz And what a rocket buster we have for a main event, E.C.W. vs. Smackdown.

Cole - Yes Tazz tonight we will see the Dudleyz/F.B.I. Taking on Billy Kidman and Paul London as of right now.

Tazz- Lets show the fans why. Footage of What happened on Velocity is shown . Although this was seen earlier tonight.

Billy Kidman and London going into Big Show’s office with a smile on their faces. They say Show we have found 2 partners to be with us and u have nothing to worry about. Team E.C.W. is going down.

E.C.W.’s theme hits and Paul Heyman and Tommy Dreamer come out.

Ladies and gentleman let me introduce u to the one behind it all, Tommy Dreamer.

Dreamer - What happened last week was just the start of things 2 come. And if u don’t believe us just ask Rey Mysterio Jr.

Paul Heyman - We are here to take over Smackdown. Were here because most of u forgot about the Extreme ones. So just when u thought it was safe to come around to W.W.E. E.C.W. back, and were better then ever.

Viva La Raza hits and Eddie Guerrero makes his way down to the ring. He grabs a mic,

Eddie - Hole Essa vatos, u thought it was pretty funny Holmes when u almost took me out last week. U’r trying to get me as well as the Undertaker ambushed , and u brought back Extremely crappy wrestling.

Paul - Eddie, Eddie why are u talking this bad about the company u used to work for before u made it in W.W.E., u weren’t extreme enough to wrestle in E.C.W.

Eddie - E.C.W. was nothing, and I just worked there because I needed a job, u did nothing for me Essa, nothing for me, Stone Cold, and all the other that were in E.C.W.

Paul - U know ur right Eddie, we did nothing for you however we did do something special for him.

Eddie turns around thinking Tazz is going to do something, but Rhyno enter’s the ring and gores the hell outta Eddie Guerrero.

No Mercy on P.P.V., W.W.E. clothing /shop zone . Preview for the parker’s as well as Batman on U.P.N. on Saturday night.

And were back with John Cena’s music hits as he makes his way out.

He cuts a rap on Luther Reigns as well as Kurt Angle * I’m terrible at raping so I wont even try.

Luther’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring.
He gets into a shoving match with Cena, and Cena is overpowered. Luther sends Cena into the corner , shoulder block. Cena Down as Luthor goes for the pin. 1.2.kickout.

Raw vs. Smackdown videogame preview
Smackdown magazine

And were back Reigns just knocked out the ref. Angle comes in with a chair, he hits Cena with the chair. There’s no ref. Reigns goes for his finisher, but Haas comes out. He makes the save, with a chair on Angle. The ref is reawoken as Reigns gets 2 the 2 count. Frustrated Reigns goes for the chair, but Cena kicks the chair into his face, he bounces off the ropes, F-U. 1.2.3. Cena wins this match. Angle gets a hold of the chair and knocks out Haas on the outside. He gets the chair and Reigns and Angle attack Cena, paying attention Cena’s leg/ankle. Angle puts him in the ankle lock as Referee’s come out , finally after like being in the ankle lock for ½ minute, he lets go.

Raw Rebound
The Hurriciane/Rosey winning the Tag Titles, Christian’s return and Batista/Flair vs. Beniot/Edge

Backstage promo by Billy Gunn

Announcer - Billy Gunn we saw what happened last week on Smackdown, u were having a match against Johnny The Bull and u have asked for this time.

Billy Gunn- Last week Paul Heyman brought back E.C.W., and there trying to take over Smackdown, well I just aint gonna stand for that. To night I’m gonna do something about it, tonight I’m teaming up with London/Kidman and were going to get rid of E.C.W. before it starts.

Announcer- But wait Billy Gunn, that’s only 3 of you who else are u going to have with u.
Hardcore Holly walks up to the stage. Tonight I join up with the 3 of them to eliminate the Dudleyz/F.B.I., and then hold the tag team titles no matter who has them.

Billy Gunn- Whoa hold on there buddy our partners are the tag champs.

Holly yes tonight there our partners, but next week their our enemies. Because their the Tag Champs, and were not.

Preview for next Steve Harvey. Preview for Exorcists the Beginning .

Smack of the night Mark Jindrek getting dumped by Teddy Long.

Were back and Mark Jindrak is in the ring. Now when I first started here in W.W.E. I was a partner of Cade’s, and we went nowhere, not getting a single’s title shot.

Rene Dupree comes out and cuts him off.

Rene- Excuse me sir, will u stop boring us to death. U were nothing, u never going to be a something, and your always going to be nothing. Now unlike me Renee Dupree, I have been a 2 time World Tag Team Champion. And Mark just punches him in the mouth. He sends him to the corner
cloth line. Rene goes outside, he grabs Mark’s foot and he slides under the bottom rope onto the outside. He slams him into the ring steps. Hits his head to the stairs. He sends him into the barricade.

Stacker 2.

And were back, during the break Mark gets back in the ring, Renee sends him to the ropes and slam a sleeper hold on him. Jindrek hit’s the low blow and does a stunner to Rene. He sends him into the corner and does his finisher, 1.2.3., After he gets the 3 count Orlando Jordan comes out and attacks him.

They show Big Show is his office , he’s on the phone with Linda McMahon apparently. He says ok thank u Linda and as he hangs up his phone, we see him smile.

* Commercial *
Pepsi Blue returns
Preview for tonight’s news
Preview for Parkers

And were back and Big Show’s theme hits, he makes his way down to the ring.
Show - Ya know something folks, I’ve been out on the injured list for about 5 months now, and after I was healed up I was brought back as the General Manager of Smackdown since that little weasel Kurt Angle pulled the will over every bodies eye and was able to wrestle. Although that’s the reason I’m out here. Ye see I just got off the phone with Linda, My Doctor. I have been cleared to wrestle as of next week. And seeing as I’m the G.M. I will need to have someone replace me, I need someone who can fill these Big Shoes. Although I think I have found the perfect person to be the G.M. ………Teddy Long.

His entrance theme hits he grabs a mic, let me holla at ya playa. Now I been sittin in the back watching these playahata Extreme Crappy wrestler come n try n take Smackdown away. I have some plans in store for them next week.

The E.C.W. theme hits as Tommy Dreamer with his cane and Paul Heyman come out. Paul grabs a mic.

Paul - Well Teddy, if ur so sure were so crappy why don’t u put a little wager on tonight’s match. Lets say if E.C.W. wins we get control over Smackdown, we can make any changes we want fire anyone we want and pretty much run Smackdown.

Teddy - What do we get playa??

Paul - If u win E.C.W. is dismantled.
Teddy /Big Show are talking,

Teddy- Ok playa it’s like this, u win Paul u become co G.M. and can make any decision’s u want. Also u could take over the stage, but I will have final say in matches and . However if we win E.C.W. is dismantled and R.V.D. is out of the main event of No Mercy.

Paul - U have got a deal he extends his hand to Teddy and sucker punches him after werds. Big Show gets in Paul’s face and is about to punch the shit outta him when Tommy Dreamer gets in his face, with his cane, show backs away.

Cole - Well out next Match will decide the fate of Smackdown forever.

Tazz - Yea I know what ya mean Cole. Our jobs are pretty much on the line here. Lets go over everything that happened.

They show the footage of 2 weeks ago when R.V.D. is asking Paul Heyman for some advise, then last week E.C.W. reforming.

We go to the E.C.W. locker room and there getting rallied up, in the Smackdown locker room , Big Show is rallying up the troops for their match.

The 8 man tag is up next.

New W.W.E. Game
Young Buck’s debut C.D. coming out.

And were back as the E.C.W. theme hits, they make their way out to the ring, along with Paul Heyman and Tommy Dreamer. The ref throw’s them out without question. They argue and then leave.

Smackdown comes out to the Smackdown theme. The ref goes over the rules. And the bell is sounded as the match starts.

Billy Gunn starts off with Bubba Ray, They start off with a fake test of strength, Bubba kicks Billy in the gut. He gets him in a headlock . He goes over 2 the E.C.W. corner where he tags in D-Von. D-Von is using his power to take Billy out of it. He sends him to the corner where he goes like a head of steam. However he misses and Billy struggles to make the tag . * Tag 2 Little Guido*, Tag 2 Paul London*

London runs into the ring and dropkicks Guido. 1.2. Kick out. He sends him into the ropes and does a back body drop, Tag 2 Billy Kidman who climb’s the top rope. Shooting star press miss. Guido tags in Johnny The Bull. The bull is pounding away at Kidman , he sends him into the ropes, shoulder block by the Bull. He sends Kidman into the E.C.W. corner as he plays that he injured his shoulder. London comes into the ring, and the ref sends him back into the ring.

Blink 182’s tour
Summer slam D.V.D.
No Mercy preview

And were back , they show footage of Kidman getting beat in the E.C.W. corner.
J.T.B. tags in Bubba, Bubba goes for his Bubba bomb, 1.2. London comes in, Guido comes in and now everybody comes into the ring. Hardcore Holly gets a chair and when the ref aint looking he nails London with the chair, Billy Gunn goes for his fameasser on D-Von but Holly grabs his leg, he turns around and looks at Holly, he goes W.T.F. turns around and 3-D. 1.2.3. And your winners are E.C.W.

The rest of E.C.W. comes out and Paul Heyman grabs a mic.

Paul - Ladies and gentleman your winners of the match Team E.C.W., and all thanks to Hardcore Holly . Holly shakes Paul’s Hand. Tommy Dreamer then gets on the mic Tommy - Thanks Hardcore, however u were never in E.C.W. This signals the attack of E.C.W. on Hardcore Holly, and the rest of W.W.E.

Dreamer then goes as of next week we will have out own stage, and a new entrance ramp.

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You did a great job of your first show dude, hope you can keep it going for a while cause I like the idea of an invasion Angle again.

Nice twist with Hardcore at the end, I'm not to sure of Big Show being GM tho..... but it'll be interesting the see what you can do in the future.
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