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i really dont feel like posting an entire show so all just post "spoilers" of what the show would have been like. if anyone wants to grade me they can grade me by if they would be looking forward to this show or not

JBL and the Cabinet start are show by coming down to the ring. They say that they are the reason why The Big Show was beaten down. Kurt Angle and his stable come down to the ring and say they disagree with them. They argue which brings out Big Show. Big Show storms the ring and begins fighting all of them off. But the 7 get the best off him again which brings out Eddie Guerrero and Booker T. Teddy Long comes down to the ring and announces Eddie Guerrero qualifying for the rumble and Joy vs. Amy at the royal rumble. If any parties get involved they will be removed from their respected matches.

Match 1: Eddie Guerrero, Booker T and The Big Show def. The Bashem Brothers and Orlando Jordan. After the match Kurt angle capture Joy and brought her backstage. Show chased angle up the ramp but Jindrak and Reigns beat the Big Show down. Eddie Guerrero and Booker T were getting dismantled in the ring by the Cabinet.

Backstage Big Show is back up on his feet and he is looking for Joy and Kurt Angle. Heidenreich gets in his face and laughs.

Match 2(Royal Rumble Qualifying Match)
Hardcore Holly def. Nunzio. Your basic squash match. After the match Daniel Puder came down the ramp and was clapping on the stage as Holly looked on shaking his head.

Backstage JBL was about to leave the arena Teddy long stopped him and announced tonight main event. John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Rey Mysterio.

Match 3(Royal Rumble Qualifying Match)
Billy Kidman def. Funaki. After the match Kidman cut a promo claiming himself to be the number 1 contender for the cruiserweight title. However he is willing to forget that because he knows he will win the royal rumble match in 3 days at the rumble.

John Cena cuts a promo backstage. Kenzo Suzuki confronts him and Hiroko tells Cena that Kenzo has qualified for the royal rumble match. The 2 get in a huge brawl backstage. They end up coming down to ringside and brawl through the crowd. They get in the ring and the match begins.

Match 4(U.S Championship)
Kenzo Suzuki def. John Cena to become the new united states champion. After the match both Kenzo and Dupree double teamed John Cena. Cena was busted open. Non the less he was still able to get up and leave the crowd through the chain gang.

Backstage Big Show finds Kurt Angles lockeroom. He breaks down the door and finds Joy’s clothes all over the place. Joy is tied to a chair and her arms are handcuffed. Big Show lets out a huge scream. That’s right folks we now have a rapeist angle in the WWE.

Match 5
John Bradshaw Layfield def. Rey Mysterio. There was a funny segment where Layfield stopped on the 619 camera. Rey did get in all his move but with the cabinet at ringside jbl was able to walk away with the victory.
Backstage Kurt Angle is shown coming down to the ring.

Kurt Angle is in the ring and its time for the Kurt Angle open invitational. He explains the rules but than Big Show comes down to the ring. Jindrak and Reigns come back down but Big Show is able to clean the ring completely. Untill Heidenreich storms the ring Heidenreich gets in the Big Show’s face and Kurt Angle connects with a low blow. Angle escapes the ring and heads up the ramp. The Undertaker’s music hits and Taker comes down to the ring. He has his men bring a casket to the ring. Heidenreich trys to escape but he gets chokeslamed by Big Show. Undertaker is able to capture Angle and brings him back down to the ring. Taker holds Angle and Big Show holds Heidenreich. They exchange wrestlers. Undertaker rolls Heidenreich into the casket and slams it down. The Big Show than chokeslam’s Kurt Angle through the ring. The fans chant holy shit as Taker and Big Show stare each other down. JBL looks scared backstage as the shown ends.
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