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Credit: prowrestling dot net

Pre-taping notes:

WWE star Shawn Michaels noted on his Twitter page that he is at the Smackdown tapings. "At Smackdown with friends," Michaels wrote. "They are having a great time. It is awesome to see the crew. Everybody looks ready for WrestleMania."
Dot Net reader Jorden Wise is at the WWE Smackdown taping in Kansas City and reports that there is a cage hanging above the ring.
SmackDown Taping:

It was announced that Kane and Big Show will be challenging Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater for the WWE Tag Titles, so the advertised Edge and Christian tag title match is off.

1. Edge defeated Brodus Clay (w/Albert Del Rio and Richardo Rodriguez). Good match with Edge hitting the spear after Christian came in to get rid of Del Rio. There was a brawl on the outside afterward.

Teddy Long came out and set up Christian vs. Del Rio in a steel cage for the main event.

2. Sheamus beat Kofi Kingston in a champion vs. champion match. "Great match, I enjoyed the heck out of it!" Paul wrote. Both guys got their offense in and there were some really nice spots. Sheamus won with the Brough kick.

3. Layla defeated Kelly Kelly. Michelle McCool was on commentary for the match. It was a typical Divas match. Kelly controlled most of the match, but Layla knocked Kelly off the turnbuckle after a distraction from McCool and got the win.

4. Kane and Big Show defeated The Corre via DQ. Gabriel pulled the referee out of the ring after Show chokeslammed Slater. Barrett and Jackson came in after. The Corre continued the attack.

5. Jack Swagger defeated Chris Masters. Not enough time to make it good but served its purpose. Swagger won with the ankle lock, then Michael Cole came out of his Cole Mine and did the ankle lock on Masters as well.

6. Rey Mysterio defeated Ted DiBiase (w/Maryse). A good showing from both guys with a few botched spots here and there. Ted continues to lose, but at least he made it to TV this week!

7. Christian defeated Albert Del Rio in a steel cage match. Solid main event. Both guys worked really hard. There were some cool spots and some near falls that really had the crowd going. Christian won by escaping the cage when the two got tangled up. Before Del Rio could attack Christian, Edge appeared in Del Rio's car. He threatened to destroy it before Brodus Clay made the save and the two destroyed Edge with a con-chair-to on Edge's arm to close the show.

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Drew McIntyre lost to WWE developmental wrestler Percy Watson in a dark match prior to tonight's SmackDown! taping. Also, a steel cage is hanging above the ring at the event.


Percy burying Drew.

It`s a fast, fast world.

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fpalm Jesus why everyone I'm starting to warm up to all of sudden getting buried?

First Zack Ryder, Jack Swagger, Sheamus (though he recovered since now becoming United States Champion) and now Drew McIntyre.


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Fuck, Drew just wrestled a dark match and lost. That's it, now i'm sure he won't be in WM this year. :(
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