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Smackdown reborn

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TAZZ: Hello and welcome to Smackdown and, Me and Cole have got the privilege of been your commentators for the show.

(Clips of the main event last week and what happened at the end between Brock Lesnar and Batista)

Stone Colds music hit’s the arena and the crowd give him a standing ovation.

AUSTIN: Well tonight we have some great matches lined up and tonight there’s going to be a cruiserweight ladder match and the winner will face Kid Kash at Backlash for the Cruiserweight Championship because, Well can you all see this Clipboard and there’s a piece of paper on it. That’s a contract for the winner and in this match, there is Paul London, Rey Mysterio, Brian Kendrick, , Juventud and Jeff Hardy. We are also starting a U.S championship tournament . The matches are:
Chris Beniot vs. Ric Flair
Big Show vs. Shelton Benjamin
Kurt Angle vs. Ken Kennedy
Bobby Lashley vs. Triple H


Ric Flair and Chris Benoit are out here and ready for their match.


Benoit here in control doing slaps on Flair in the corner. Flair reverses in and does some slaps of his own. He then does a back drop on Benoit and Benoit hurt in the corner. Benoit getting up here but flair throws him out of the ring. Flair dominating Benoit now. Just giving him slaps and punches, Flair smashed Benoit head on the Ringpost. The referee gets up to the count of eight then roles Benoit and himself back in the ring. Then Flair got hit in face by Benoit who looked like he had no life in him after his head cracked on ringpost but he to his feet. He then ran at Flair to clothesline him but Flair ducked and Benoit hit the referee. The referee down now and Benoit then hit a clothesline on Flair, He was picking Flair up and Flair did a low blow on Benoit. Flair then went to get a chair and hit Benoit with it. The referee gets up and does the count 1----2----3
TONY CHIMELL: Here is your winner Ric Flair.

TAZZ: Now I no why they call Flair the dirtiest player in the game.

TONY CHIMELL. Coming to the ring The Big Show
TONY CHIMELL: And his opponent Shelton Benjamin.


Big show using his power just throwing Shelton around. A big slap,O wait Shelton ducks and dropkicks him. Shelton in control and goes to the top rope to do a missile dropkick and connects. Shelton knows that he cant carry show so he using pace to wear him down here, Big show laid on floor with a bad knee while Benjamin climbs to top rope again, He goes to clothesline him from top rope but Show catches him round the neck in position for a choke slam. Shelton been hung in air ready for Chokeslam but magnificently counters it into a DDT. Show laid out. 1----2---- O Show kicked out somehow, Shelton cant believe it, Big Show then gets up and goes for Chokeslam but Benjamin somehow reverses the choke slam into a T-bone suplex. 1----2-----3

TONY CHIMELL: Here is your winner Shelton Benjamin!!!


TONY CHIMELL: Coming to the ring Kurt Angle
TONY CHIMELL: And his opponent Ken Kennedy

Angle has been dominating this match all the way through until Kennedy picks Angle on his shoulders and spinebuster Angle. Angle managed to get on his feet just to be suplexed hard to the mat. Kennedy then took Angle to the corner a gave him a few left and rights. He put him on top rope looking like he was going for the Greenbay Plunge until Angle pushed Kennedy off and Kennedy fell into the referee. Angle then brought a Chair into the ring and went to hit Kennedy with it. Kennedy ducked and Angle hit the floor fiercely and it came back up and hit himself in the face. The referee came to his senses and Kennedy realized he got up so he laid on floor like he had been hit by the chair. Which the referee saw when he got up. The ref thought Angle had hit Kennedy in the face with it.

TONY CHIMELL: Here is your winner via disqualification Ken Kennedy.

We go to see what is happening at the General Managers room here to get a interview with him. Noises are coming from the room and we find out it’s the Boogeyman in there but what could he want???

TONY CHIMELL: Coming the ring Triple H
TONYCHIMELL: And his opponent Bobby Lashley.


Triple H has Lashley outside the ring and he tries to smash Lashleys head on steel steps but with his power he lifts his head up and smashes Triple H on the steps instead. Triple H cut open now and looks in a mess. Lashley rolls HHH and himself back in the ring. Then Triple H pretended to be hurt so when Lashley went to him he did a thumb to the eye and a low blow because the ref couldn’t see. HHH went for the pedigree but Lashley reversed it into a dominator.1----2----3.

TONY CHIMELL: Here is your winner Bobby Lashley.


TONY CHIMELL: The next match is the Cruiserweight ladder match and the first person to grab the contract will be the winner
TONY CHIMELL: Coming to the ring Paul London
TONY CHIMELL: Coming to the ring Rey Mysterio
TONY CHIMELL: Coming to the ring Jeff Hardy
TONY CHIMELL: Coming to the ring Brian Kendrick
TONY CHIMELL: Coming to the ring Juventud


Rey goes to get the ladder while all the others are down, he starts climbing up the ladder but Paul London grabs Rey leg, Rey kicks his hand off but then Juventud jumps onto Rey back and backwards hurricaranas Rey off. Brian Kendrick then starts climbing it but his leg gets grabbed by Jeff. All five superstars are fighting until Kid Kash the Cruiserweight Champion comes running out and joins in. He grabs a chair and hits Rey in he face with and Rey rolls out of the ring. He then brain busters London and he rolls out of the ring. He then hits Juventud with a chair and same to Kendrick. Jeff then starts fighting Kash. Jeff gets the better of him and does a DDT on him. Hardy goes for the belt but Rey crawls back in the ring and grabs his foot. Rey climbs up ladder so their both facing each other. Jeff somehow suplexes Rey off the top and Rey lands and all three other superstars. Jeff climbs back up the ladder and grabs the contract. The superstars are trying to get in the ring but cant hook the contract for some reason. He turns around and Swanton bomb Juventud, Rey, London and Kendrick. All the superstars are down ringside on the floor and not moving. Kendrick starts to move and crawl in the ring and so does London. They both start to climb the ladder but Juventud crawls in and pushes the ladder over. London and Kendrick crash and burn to the outside of the ring. Juventud and Rey then climb up the ladder but Jeff pulls them down and does the DDT on Rey and the Twist Of Fate on Juventud. Jeff climbs and grabs the contract and successfully earns a shot at the Cruiserweight Championship at Backlash.

TONY CHIMELL: Here is your winner Jeff Hardy!!!

TONY CHIMELL: The next match is for the World Heavyweight Championship of the World. Coming to the ring first the challenger Brock Lesnar.
TONT CHIMELL: And coming to the ring he is he World Heavyweight Champion Batista!!


Lesnar in control in the corner and throws Batista over the ropes. He picks him up and smashes his head on the Steel Steps. Batista is cut open and blood is coming out so fast. Lesnar then rolls him back in the ring and goes for the F-5 and it connects. 1----2---- and somehow Batista kicks out. Lesnar gets mad and starts throwing everything he has at him. The animal wouldn’t stay down though. Then the animal Unleashed hell on Lesnar and clotheslined Lesnar and Batista went and got steel steps and threw them in the ring. He picked Lesnar up and Batista bombed Lesnar not once but three times onto the steel steps.1----2----3

TONY CHIMELL: The winner of this match and still World Heavyweight Champion Batista.

Then Smackdown went off air and the screen faded black.
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its nice, but your show should all be in the same thread, you have two smackdown reborn threads and all the shows should go into 1..just saying :D but other than that, you made a nice change using colors in this one compared to the all black in your first one
but yeah, more promos would be good

good luck in the future

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The Pyro sets off and the Smackdown movie comes on.

TAZZ: Hello and welcome to another edition of SMACKDOWN!!! The show that is have a great match for tonight
A video comes on and shows the clips of the Championship match between Brock Lesnar and Batista.

Batista music then comes on and he walks down to the ring with the pride and joy of this company THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP. Batista then starts talking about how he will not lose the title to anyone in this business. Then Bill Goldberg’s music hit’s the arena and there’s a huge pop.

GOLDBERG: Well I no someone who could beat you and that person is……

Kurt Angles music hit’s the arena and he comes out and says that man is me!

BATISTA: Okay then Austin come out here now because I have a very good idea.

Austin’s music hit’s the arena and he gets a standing ovation.

AUSTIN: Okay then what’s this match going to be then,

BATISTA: Well it going to be a singles match between Goldberg and Kurt Angle and it will be a number one contenders match. The winner will face me at Backlash.

AUSTIN: Yes that’s a good idea but just one more thing, Well there was a very special person in my office asking for a title shot and that person is The Boogeyman.

The match was made it was going to be Kurt Angle vs. Bill Goldberg vs. Boogeyman.


TONY CHIMELL: The next match is the U.S championship tournament match. Coming to the ring Ric Flair
TONY CHIMELL: And his opponent Shelton Benjamin!!!


Flair doing chops in the middle of the ring but Benjamin reverses it into a suplex and takes control of Flair and throws Flair over ropes. Benjamin rolls himself and Flair back in the ring. Shelton goes to pick Flair up but Flair low blows Benjamin where the referee can not see. He puts Shelton in the figure 4 leg lock and when Benjamin looks like he is going to tap the lights go out and someone hit’s the referee with a chair. He then takes Shelton and throws him out of the ring.

He lights come back on and the person is Triple H!!!. He starts beating Flair up into pieces and then Pedigrees him and cuts him open. He then goes and gets his trusty sledgehammer and nearly breaks Flairs back. Flair doesn’t move and Tazz gets in the ring and calls for EMT. Flair gets took out on a stretcher.

Now everyone can see what I can do. Shorten people careers. If anyone in the back thinks that I am just doing it because they think Flairs better than me then come out.

Shawn Michaels music hit’s the arena and Michaels says ok you just disrespected a 16 time world champion so im going to disrespect you!!!

Michaels hits HHH and dives on HHH. He tunes up the band with the super kick and it connects. He goes and grabs a chair and hits Triple H over the head with it. He hits another super kick and leaves the ring.


TAZZ: There’s bad blood between these two now and I wouldn’t be surprised if they faced each other next week at Backlash.

COLE: Yes I wouldn’t either and there’s also a big rivalry already between these two already .

We go backstage and the legend killer is hear and ready for his match tonight against JBL. He starts walking down the hall as his match is up next when he is attacked by MNM but as this was going on JBL was coming out so no one knew what had happened.

TONY CHIMELL: Coming to the ring JBL!!!

Randy Orton’s music hut the arena but there was no Orton. Then MNM music hit the arena and Joey Mercury came out. Mercury ran down to the ring and started exchanging left and rights with JBL until Nitro and Melina came out of the crowd and MNM were taking out JBL but why?
Then The Big Show came out looking like he was here to save the day until MNM started talking to him saying they can lead you to the World Heavyweight Championship title shot. Big Show picked JBL up and choke slammed him. JBL was a bloody mess until Benoits music hit the arena and he took out MNM and then he and Big Show exchanged left and rights. Big Show used his power to knock Benoit out of the ring but JBL had got out of the ring and had gone through the crowd.
COLE: What was all that about?

TAZZ: I don’t know but im sure Austin will make the right decision.

We go backstage and Austin and Big Show meet in the corridor.

AUSTIN: First why did you do that to help MNM because this is my show and there’s no place for backstabbers in my show so I am going to make a match for tonight and it will be a loser leaves Smackdown match and that match will be. The Big Show against Chris Benoit and you better get ready because that match is next!


Chris Benoit is already out here and all fired up.

TONY CHIMELL: And his opponent the Big Show!


Big Show here dominating Benoit in the early goings of this match and if Show connects with a Chokeslam Benoit will be leaving Smackdown. Big Show throws Benoit over the ropes and Benoits lands on his back. Big Show gorilla presses Benoit onto the safety barrier and Benoit is screaming in agony. Big Show gets himself back in the ring but there’s no count outs so Show rolls Benoit in aswell. Show throws benoit into the corner and starts punching him. He puts Benoit and himself on the outside of the apron just in front of Tazz and Cole. Big Show gets his hand round Benoits neck to set him up for a choke slam but where will he choke slam him? Oh My God he choke slammed Benoit from the apron all the way to the announce table and benoit goes crashing threw it. Benoit been down here for about 2 minutes now and starts moving. Show goes to him to pick him up but Benoit picks up a chair and hits Show with it Show fall down and Benoit takes control for the first time in this match. He starts hitting Show with the chair.
He rolls himself back in the ring and run and jumps through the middle rope onto Big Show. What a move by Benoit there. They are both down but Benoit starts moving so he rolls Show in the ring and sets him up for a Diving Headbutt and it connects. He waits for Show to get up and he Crippler Crossfaces him. Show is about to tap out until MNM come out and start beating Benoit up they do a Snapshot on Benoit. Show covers and the Referee counts 1-------2-------3

TONY CHIMELL: Here is your winner The Big Show!!

COLE: No thanks to MNM ,Chris Benoit has got to leave Smackdown.

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s music hit’s the arena and there’s a huge pop.

AUSTIN: Benoit you are not going anywhere as MNM you got involved in a match you had no part of so I am making a match at Backlash and MNM you wont be able to get in because at Backlash it will be Chris Benoit against The Big Show in a steel cage match.

TAZZ: Yes what a match and all that steel there is going to be some bad blood.

AUSTIN: Just one more thing at Backlash it will be a Street fight between Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

COLE: Another great match it cannot get much better than it already is. There’s just one thing the U.S tournament will continue tonight. We already no Shelton Benjamin is through to the final so it will be Shelton Benjamin against Ken Kennedy or Bobby Lashley.​

TAZZ: Your missing one thing Cole and that is the World Heavyweight Championship. I mean who will it be to face Dave Batista at Backlash. The Boogeyman, Kurt Angle or Bill Goldberg.


TONY CHIMELL: The next match is for a one fall and is a United States qualifying match. Coming to the ring first Ken Kennedy and his opponent Bobby Lashley!


Kennedy here with Lashley in a sleeper, The referee checking Lashley still awake. He checks by doing the arm drop and gets 1---- again and gets 2------ Lashley manages to keep his arm alive and elbows Kennedy in the stomach but Kennedy hits him on the neck and Lashley falls to the floor and runs off the ropes and elbows him. Kennedy with a suplex and then irish whips him into the corner and head butts him in the gut not once but three times and Lashley goes down and the ref checks on him and Kennedy pulls the ring rope guard off. He picks Lashley up and goes to swing him into it but Lashley uses his power to reverse it and Kennedy’s head hit’s the steel and Kennedy’s bleeding badly now. Lashley throws Kennedy over the ropes and Kennedy is not moving. Lashley smashes Kennedy’s head on the steel steps and Kennedy is just laying there. Lashley then nastily slingshot Kennedy into the steel post and then Lashley rolls himself and Kennedy into the ring. Lashley easily does the Dominator on Kennedy and gets the pin 1--------2-------3

TONY CHIMELL: Here is your winner Bobby Lashley.

COLE: So it will be at Backlash Ric Flair against Bobby Lashley.

We go back stage to Austin’s room and he has a updated injury report on Ric Flair and that means Shelton Benjamin will take Flairs place in the number 1 Contenders match at Backlash as he wont make it.

TAZZ: The main event next as it will be Kurt Angle vs. Goldberg vs. The Boogeyman.
Austin also said that we will see the match we never saw at Backlash between Randy Orton and JBL and it will be the Number 1 Contenders match for the World Heavyweight Championship.

TONY CHIMELL: The next match is the triple threat match and the winner will receive a number 1 contenders match at Backlash for the World Heavyweight Championship. Coming to the ring Bill Goldberg and his opponent Kurt Angle and The Boogeyman


The Boogeyman has just done a Pumphandle Slam on Kurt Angle and then started eating worms. Goldberg was stalking him in the corner ready for a spear and he misses the boogeyman who hits Goldberg with his fists and then shoves worms in his mouth. Angle starts moving and gets to his feet and dodges boogeyman trying to put worms in his and Angle slams him. Angle then goes to get a chair to hit boogeyman with but boogeyman ducks and throws Angle out of the ring. He then smashes Angles head on the steel steps and then slingshots his head into a steel ringpost. Angle is cut open then Boogeyman rolls back into the ring but Goldberg spears him. Angle gets a table out and throws it into the ring and sets it up. Angle and Goldberg then pick Boogeyman up and they do a double suplex on The Boogeyman and he goes through the table. Angle then gets a ladder as Goldberg gets another table. Angle sets a ladder up and Goldberg puts a table up and then they put The Boogeyman on it. Angle climbs up it and does a moonsault onto The Boogeyman. Then Brock Lesnars music hit’s the arena ad Goldberg is the only man standing looking at the ramp but Lesnar and A.J Styles come out and start beating Goldberg up. Lesnar plants a F5 onto Goldberg. Angle gets up and gets another table and does a Angle Slam on Goldberg onto the table and then hit’s a german suplex onto Boogeyman. Then puts in the Angle lock on Goldberg and he taps out.[/COLOR]

TONY CHIMELL: Here is your winner Kurt Angle!!

COLE: What was all that about.

LESNAR: I can tell you what all that was about. Goldberg has two many chances at the World Heavyweight Championship so I decided to put a faction together to take out anyone who thinks that they deserve a title shot more than me.

Lesnar goes but Angle is still out here celebrating until Batista music hit’s the arena to a huge pop and they face off nose to nose as Smackdown goes off air.

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The Pyro sets off as Backlash is about to begin as the camera goes up through the noisy but anxious crowd we see the steel cage hanging above our heads as two men The Big Show and Chris Benoit will be fight inside that tonight.

Brock Lesnar is already in the ring with A.J Styles.

LESNAR: Last night I informed every single one of you that I am starting a faction off to stop all the people who think they deserve a title shot more than me and me and A.J are not the only ones in this faction.

TAZZ: What does he mean?

LESNAR: Please welcome the new member to the faction that I am going to name ELIMINATORS Rob Van Dam!!

RVD music hit’s the arena and there’s mixed feelings about the faction.

Then Lesnar was just about to speak when Bill Goldberg music hit the arena and there was a huge cheer.

GOLDBERG: You had to make a faction to take me out didn’t you. I mean you cant do it yourself because your so crap. I mean you only won the Battle Royal because I helped you and you knew I was going to win the match and become the NEW ! World Heavyweight Champion so you thought. No one could possibly win the title off Goldberg so I should take him out. So I decide that tonight we settle this in a First Blood match between me and you.

LESNAR: I cant possibly as I don’t have my kit so I have a idea. Tonight we have a elimination tag match and it will be my wrestlers RVD and A.J Styles against your two players and the winners will gets a world Tag Team Title shot and the manager who’s team wins gets the choice of match we have at Judgement Day.

COLE: That’s huge news but what does Stone Cold Steve Austin think. I think we might find out though as he’s coming out to the ring now.

AUSTIN: Well that’s a great idea but I have a better idea and this is what it is, The winners will get a Tag Team Title shot but the other thing is at Judgement Day it will be Three Stages of Hell and the manger who’s team wins the match will pick two of the matches in the Three Stages of Hell.
TAZZ: What a match we have scheduled for tonight and the match for Judgement Day.


TONY CHIMELL: The next match is for a one fall and is for the Cruiserweight Championship coming to the ring first is the challenger Jeff Hardy. And his opponent he is the World Cruiserweight Champion of the World Kid Kash!


Kid Kash has Jeff on the floor doing some quick running elbows to Jeff Hardy’s back, Kash throws Hardy over the ropes and Hardy lands hard on his back. He stays in the ring and when Hardy gets up he ran and jumps through the middle rope and land on Jeff. They start getting up and Kash goes to smash Jeff’s on the announce table but Jeff reverses it and hits Kash head on instead. He then DDT Kash hard to the ground and then puts Kash on the announce table and Jeff punches him and Kash is just laying there. Jeff goes to the top ropes and Jeff Swanton Bombs Kash trough the table. 2 Minutes later Jeff gets up and rolls him and Kash into the ring. He does a suplex and then a DDT on him. He goes to the top rope and does a moonsault on pins.1-------2-------- kick out. Jeff then goes to clothesline Kash but he ducks and hit’s the referee. Kash then gets a chair and hits Jeff with it. He does a brain buster on Jeff. 1-----------2----------3.

TONY CHIMELL: The winner of the match and still The World Cruiserweight Champion Kid Kash!!!

TAZZ: Cole I can not believe what has just happened.

COLE: Neither I mean Jeff Hardy with that Swanton Bomb onto Kash when he was on the table.

We go backstage and find MNM speaking to Big Show about his match tonight and that if you need help we will come down to the ring to help. Austin then walks in and says that tonight you wont be helping anyone because you have Table match against Super Crazy and Psychosis from the Mexicools and by the way its for the Tag Team titles and its next.


We come back and the Mexicools are in the ring. MNM music hit’s the arena and the is mixed emotions.

TONY CHIMELL: And the Champions coming to the ring MNM!!!.


Joey Mercury hammering down Super Crazy in the corner. Psycosis throws Nitro over the ropes. He hits Mercury then and Mercury goes down. Super Crazy gets up and jumps over the ropes onto Nitro. Mercury starts to get up and gets DDT by Psycosis. Nitro then gets a Table and puts Super Crazy. Psycosis realises so he gets out of the ring and tries to hit Nitro but Mercury grabs him. Nitro hits Super crazy’s head on the steel post and cuts his head open. MNM bring a table in he ring and start working on Psycosis. They set him up for a Snapshot but he reverses it into a double hurricarana. Super Crazy crawls into the ring and backdrops Mercury over ropes and he lands on safety barrier. Mercury is really hurt now. Super Crazy then looks at the hurt Joey Mercury. Nitro then throws him over the ropes. Psycosis starts getting up and sets a table up ready for Nitro. He goes to hit Nitro ducks and he then pushes Psycosis over the ropes. Nitro gets a chair and hits Crazy and Psycosis with it. He rolls himself into the ring and Mercury who’s really hurt. The lights then go out and someone comes out and the lights come back on and it The Dudley Boyz. They 3D Nitro through the table and that means Nitro is eliminated. They then do the Wazza drop on Mercury and then leave. The Mexicools then get another table and Psycosis puts Mercury on it while Crazy goes to the top rope. Crazy does his Moonsault onto Mercury and the match is over.[/COLOR]
TONY CHIMELL: Here are your winners and the NEW Tag Team Champions The Mexicools.
COLE: What was all that about?!

TAZZ: I don’t know but if I know right I think the Dudley’s are back.

Shawn Michaels music hit’s the arena and he comes out to a huge pop. But HHH comes out in his music and hits him and takes him down to the ring.


HHH comes for a chair to hit the bloody Shawn Michaels with as his head got cut open from the slingshot into the Steel Ring Post. He gets the chair and hits Shawn Michaels with it. Michael’s is just laid there. HHH picks him up and carries him up the titantron and they go backstage. HHH puts Michaels down and they are next to a steel cage. He goes to Irish Whip Michaels into it but somehow Michaels reverses it and HHH goes into it. HHH is cut open now and Michaels and HHH both go over to a ladder and a table. Michaels punches HHH and he falls onto the table. He keeps hitting him and HHH doesn’t move. Michaels goes over to the ladder and starts climbing it. He gets on the top and jumps off going for a Elbow but somehow the lifeless HHH moves. Michaels goes crashing through it and is just not moving. HHH gets a chair and puts it on ground. He Pedigrees Michaels onto it.

TONY CHIMELL: Here is your winner HHH
COLE: That was brutal and now Shawn Michaels is been carried off on a Stretcher.


Shelton Benjamin is in the ring and Bobby Lashley music hit’s the arena and he comes running out and clothesline Shelton.


Benjamin hits Lashley and runs off the ropes and clothesline him and goes for another but Lashley Spine Busters him. Lashley throws him over the ropes and then he smashes Shelton’s head on steel steps. He throw himself and Shelton into the ring. He goes for the dominator but Shelton reverses it into T- Bone Suplex. 1----------2-------- Lashley kick out at 2 and half. He whips Lashley into the corner and lifts him up onto the top rope and SuperPlexed Lashley and goes for the T- Bone again but Lashley counters it into a Dominator. 1----------2------------3

TONY CHIMELL: Here is your winner Bobby Lashley!!!


TONY CHIMELL: The next match is the Number 1 Contenders match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Coming to the ring JBL And his opponent Randy Orton

Orton has JBL on the floor and does a elbow and then a leg drop. JBL gets up and Orton goes for a clothesline but he duck and then Orton turns round and gets a spine buster. JBL hits Orton with a Powerbomb and goes for a pin.1-----2--- kick out. JBL stalking Orton, Orton starts getting up and turns around and JBL goes for a Clothesline from hell but Orton pulls the top rope down and he goes flying over the ropes. Orton rolls out of the ring and swings JBL into the steel steps. He rolls himself and JBL into the ring. He goes for a clothesline on JBL but he ducks and he hit’s the referee. Orton then acts quickly after missing his clothesline with a RKO. Then The Dudley Boyz come out looking like they are helping JBL but Orton hits them off apron. Orton turns round to be hit by a Clothesline from Hell by JBL. The Referee gets up 1------------2----------- Somehow Orton kicks out. JBL goes for another Clothesline from hell but Orton ducks and does a RKO
TONY CHIMELL: Here is your winner and the number 1 contender Randy Orton.

TONY CHIMELL: The next match is the Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg team match. Coming to the ring first A.J Styles and Rob Van Dam.

All the fans sit there anxiously until The Dudley Boyz music hit’s the arena and the fans go wild.


Bubba has RVD on the outside apron and he runs and clothesline him off and RVD fall and hit’s the floor hard. Then A.J comes running at Bubba but Bubba ducks and pulls down the top rope and A.J goes over it and falls on Van Dam. Then D-Von goes to the top rope and elbows RVD and Styles. Bubba then smashes RVD head on RingPost. And Dam starts bleeding. A.J gets in the ring and starts hitting D-Von. He hit’s a suplex on D-Von and then starts clotheslining him again. Bubba runs in and gets Spinebustered by A.J who then goes up to the top rope and waits for them both to get up and when they do he Cross Body them. Van Dam then rolls in and Suplexed Bubba. Then A.J goes up high again but Bubba runs to the ropes and throws him off and he lands on the referee. Bubba then does the Bubba Bomb on Van Dam. He goes and gets a Table! He sets it up and D-Von hit’s a hard punch on A.J who falls back on the ropes and comes forward. Dudley’s hit a 3D. The referee gets up 1-------2-------3

TONY CHIMELL: The winner of this match Team Goldberg The Dudley Boyz

COLE: The Dudley Boyz on their return to the WWE with a great win!!


We come back and the Cage is being lowered down to the ring as we get ready for Chris Benoit against The Big Show!

TONY CHIMELL: Coming to the ring first The Rabid Wolverine Chris Benoit and his opponent The Big Show!!!

Benoit getting dominated here as Big Show Whips him powerfully of the ropes and he comes bouncing back and gets picked up and then tossed again. Show then gets hold of Benoit and whips him into the corner. Big Show goes running at Benoit who’s in the corner. He moves and trips Show who’s head smashes the steel. Benoit then for some reason lifts Shows foot and his whole body falls over the ropes so he is between the ropes and the cage. He runs and baseball slides Big Show not once but twice and Big Show is bleeding now. Benoit goes to climb out of the cage but Big Show grabs his foot. They are both on the rope now and Benoit somehow hits Big Show and he falls off the cage. Benoit climbs up and stands up on the cage. He looks at Show who is lifeless. Benoit for some reason jumps off the cage and Diving Headbutts Show. After about 2 minutes they start moving and Benoit goes for a CrossFace but Big Show turns it into a sidewalk slam. He then waits for Benoit to get up and he goes for a Chokeslam. He’s just about to do it but he lets go. It shows that Benoit bit him. Benoit locks in a Crippler Crossface and then doesn’t have enough energy to get up so he crawls for the Cage door. Show grabs his foot and low blows him. He then Chokeslams Benoit and then Show heads for the door. He pulls the Chain off the door and then when Benoit gets up he hits Benoit with the chain. He then Chokeslams Benoit and walks out the door.
TONY CHIMELL: Here is your winner The Big Show!
TAZZ: What a match there. Two men putting their bodies on the line and both coming out really hurt.

We come back and the cage has been lifted ready for the next match.

TONYCHIMELL: The next match is a one fall and it is for the World Heavyweight Championship. First coming to the ring the Challenger Kurt Angle and the Champion Batista!


Angle been a suplex machine in this match doing not one straight away but three. Now though Batista has Angle in the corner just punching him with left and rights and a few spears in there. He then goes to the opposite corner and runs at Angle and clotheslines Angle over the top rope. He goes after Angle who is in no mans land at the minute. Batista goes to hit his head in the steel steps but Angle gets his foot in the way. He smashes Batista on instead. Angle then throws the steps in the ring and also himself and Batista. Angle does a snap suplex on Batista who’s in pain. Angle then starts stalking Batista, he hits three German suplexes on Batista. He Whips Batista into the corner into the corner. He sets him up for a superplex but Batista pushes him and jumps down from the ropes and as Angle is getting back up he starts getting his energy back. Angle comes running at The Animal who just knocks him down with power and keeps doing that. HERE COMES THE ANMIAL!!!
The animal has been unleashed now as he knocks him down once more then does a very powerful Spinebuster on Angle. He does the taunt when he rocks the ropes and then does the thumbs up thumbs down sign but Angle duck when he goes for the Batista Bomb and Angle locks in the Angle. We might have a new Champion here but the champ powers Angle off with his legs and then ducks when Angle went to punch him and Batista Bombed Angle onto the Steel Steps.1--------2---------3.

TONY CHIMELL: Here is your winner and STILL the World Heavyweight Champion Batista.
Then Randy Orton comes out and RKO Batista and says at Judgement Day that belt is mine and Backlash goes off air with Orton lifting the Title.

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Batista beat Kurt Angle with a Batista Bomb to retain Heavyweight title

Kid Kash beat Jeff Hardy with a brain buster to retain Cruiserweight title

Mexicools become new Tag Champs beating MNM by the help of The Dudley Boyz

HHH defeated Shawn Michaels by hitting a Pedigree on a chair in a street fight

Lashley defeats Benjamin in number 1 contenders for the U.S Title with a Dominator

Randy Orton becomes number 1 contender for Heavyweight title by beating J.B.L with a RKO

Team Goldberg (Dudleys) defeat Team Lesnar (RVD and A.J Styles) by hitting a 3D on A.J Styles

Big Show wins Chris Benoit with a combination of a steel chain and a Chokeslam the walking out the door


Goldberg decides what match he wants as number 1 with Lesnar

Kurt Angle vs. Big Show vs. JBL

Dudley Boyz vs. MNM

Cruiserweight Battle Royal for Cruiserweight Championship

Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy vs. Mexicools

Randy Orton vs. HHH

Bobby Lashley vs.Ken Kennedy
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