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The fireworks went off as a new season of wrestling is about to begin.
TAZZ: What a season it will be Cole as Teddy Long was found out to be involved in the ECW invasion so Mr McMahon fired him. So the question is who will be named new manager of Smackdown.
The chairman of the WWE Mr Vince Kennedy McMahon music hit the arena and the fans gave him a standing ovation.
MR MCMAHON: Well it a new season of Smackdown and well there’s a lot of changes to be made as Theodore Long was involved in the ECW invasion so i fired him so now there’s two vacant GM spots on RAW and Smackdown and I have made my decision on both General Managers.

---------COMERCIAL BREAK----------

MR MCMAHON: The new General Manager for RAW is my son Shane McMahon!! And the General Manager for Smackdown is Stone Cold Steve Austin!!!

COLE: I don’t believe it, Stone Cold Steve Austin the new General Manger of Smackdown.

TAZZ: I no it will be a great season for Smackdown.

MR MCMAHON: Another change I will make is that we will split all the superstars up and we will have a big draft right here, right now.

TAZZ: Great some fresh blood to the roster.

Smackdown take first pick and get in order they come out:
Big Show
Kurt Angle
Rob Van Dam
Shawn Michaels
Shelton Benjamin
Triple H
Ric Flair
Batista ( c )
Booker T ( c )
Brian Kendrick
Chris Benoit
MNM( c )
Ken Kennedy
Bobby Lashley
Kid Kash ( c )
Matt Hardy
Paul London
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio
A.J. Styles
Brock Lesnar

COLE: That’s a very good roster for Smackdown.
AUSTIN: Hey Shane how about tonight we have a RAW vs. Smackdown night. We have superstars like John Cena against Kurt Angle. Matches like that.
SHANE: Okay then and I say the first match is a tag team match. My superstars will be Edge and Christian. Who are your superstars going to be.
AUSTIN: Well that’s going to be hard to beat but the fans will be exited because Edge and Christian used to team up in a TLC match against these two people. Matt hardy and Jeff Hardy, The Hardy Boys and I say we make the match a TLC match!.
SHANE: Okay then its settled right here right now Edge and Christian versus The Hardy Boys in a TLC match.


When we came back from the break Edge and Christian had made their way to the ring.
Matt Hardys music goes off and there’s a huge pop
TONY CHIMELL: Please welcome to the ring Matt Hardy!
Jeff Hardys music comes on and the crowd wait anxiously.
TONY CHIMELL: And his partner Jeff Hardy
The crowd give him a standing ovation and start chanting ,Hardy boys, Hardy boys, Hardy boys.

Jeff has Christian in the corner and gives him some left and rights. Christian is hurt in corner, at the same time as all that was going on Edge was hitting Matt Hardy with a chair. Edge then stood on the apron and without him knowing Jeff went running and drop kicked him off the apron and on to the announce table. Christian then threw Jeff over the ropes and all 4 superstars were ringside. Christian smashed Jeff’s head on steel steps and then brutally did the unpretier onto the steel steps. Now Jeff had been cut open. Then Matt got a steel chair and hit Christian over the head with it. Edge hit Matt then with his fists and rolled Matt into the ring. Edge stalking Matt. Edge was just about to spear Matt when Jeff somehow got onto the top rope and missile dropkicked Edge in the back of the head even after taking a brutal unpretier onto the steel steps. Jeff got back on .the ropes and did a sensational swenton bomb on Christian who was on the outside of the ropes. Then Matt did the Twist of fate on Edge.1---2---3
Ding, ding, ding
TONY CHIMELL: Here are your winners the Hardy Boys.


AUSTIN: Well Shane what’s the next match going to be?
SHANE: How about a singles match between Chris Masters and one of your superstars.
AUSTIN: Okay then my superstar will be Bobby Lashley.

TONY CHIMELL: Please welcome to the ring, The Masterpiece, Chris Masters
TONY CHIMELL: And his opponent Bobby Lashley!


Lashley has Masters in the corner and is using complete power knocking Masters to the floor, Masters now sitting in the corner nearly knocked out. Lashley goes to other corner and runs at Masters and knees him in the head. Masters looks in really bad condition here. He’s not moving at all. Lashley not bothered about what he has done does the dominator on Masters and the referee counts 1----2-----3 Ding, ding, ding

Masters now being carried off on a stretcher.

SHANE: Look what your superstar did so now I make a match and its going to be a match which will make the crowd go wild. A cross brand match and it will be 5 superstars from my show and 5 superstars from your show in a 10 man over the top rope battle royal match. The last man standing will earn a title match on his show next week.
AUSTIN: Yes I like it come on then who’s your superstars.
SHANE: Well mine are Chris Jericho, Kane, John Cena, JBL and The Undertaker.
AUSTIN: Well mine are Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, Goldberg, Big Show and Kurt Angle
TAZZ: What a main event it will be


All the superstars are in the ring.

Randy Orton and Undertaker going after each other straight away and Orton gets the better of Taker and as Orton is delivering left and rights to Taker, Jericho is tossed over the ropes by Goldberg but manages to hold on, Jericho then turns round but Goldberg goes running at him and spears him off the apron
Chris Jericho has been eliminated.
Kurt Angle is setting Cena up for a Angle Slam but Cena reverses it into a F-U and him and Cena and Kane work together to get Angle out but just before they are about to throw him out Big Show grabs Kane and Chokeslams him. Then Angle low blows Cena to get him off of him and then Angle slams him hard. Lesnar gets hold of JBL and F-5 him so hard that he landed on the ropes and managed to not get hurt. JBL then got revenge and clothesline line from helled him. Goldberg then went to spear Kane but he reversed into a big boot. Undertaker then Tombstoned Orton, Kane and Taker then threw Orton out.
Randy Orton has been eliminated.
Angle then went after Kane but Angle couldn’t get Kane into the Angle Slam, so then Kane power bombed Angle to the mat. Big Show then went to help Angle but JBL did a outstanding clothesline from hell on Show. JBL then threw Show out but then JBL got Speared by Goldberg.
Big Show has been eliminated
Goldberg then went to work on JBL and Lesnar went to work on Taker. Angle and Cena both down. Goldberg then sat JBL on the top ropes and superplexed JBL.Goldberg then went to throw JBL out but Cena grabbed Goldberg’s leg but JBL kept running and did the clothesline from hell on Goldberg. Cena and JBL then threw Goldberg over the ropes but he managed to hold on the ropes and Angle pulled Goldberg back over the ropes to safety. Cena the stalked Angle and then when Angle turned round Cena F-U angle over the ropes.
Kurt Angle has been eliminated
Lesnar and Goldberg are the only men left on team Smackdown and there’s Cena ,Taker, Kane and JBL on team RAW. Lesnar then got double teamed by Cena and JBL and Goldberg got double teamed by Taker and Kane. Lesnar managed to get away from JBL by hitting him really hard and then reversed a punch by Cena into a back body drop. Cena went over the ropes from that move.
John Cena has been eliminated
Goldberg hits Undertaker to the ground but Kane got him round the neck and went for the Chokeslam but when Kane lifted Goldberg up, Goldberg got back down and did the Jackhammer on Kane and then Undertaker was running at Goldberg but Goldberg ran and speared Taker. Lesnar and Goldberg then threw out Taker
The Undertaker has been eliminated
JBL then came to his senses after a spear by Goldberg, He stalked Goldberg to get revenge and when Goldberg turned around he clothesline from hell him, The move connected, Lenar tried to help him but Kane Chokeslamed him. JBL and Kane then threw Goldberg out and then it was Lesnar all by himself against the big red machine Kane and the so called Wrestling god JBL.
Bill Goldberg has been eliminated
Lesnar getting double teamed by Kane and JBL and it looks like RAW has won the match but it all changed when Kane came running at Lesnar, So did JBL but he put both of them into a F-5, sensational move by Lesnar and Kane and JBL are both laid out. Then Lesnar threw Kane out and it was just 1 on 1 here.
Kane has been eliminated
JBL stalking Lesnar here and Lesnar thinks that JBL is still down but he’s not. Lesnar then turns around and JBL comes running at Lesnar, Lesnar realizes and pulls the top rope down and moves and JBL goes over the ropes but manages to hang on. Lesnar picks up JBL up into a F-5 position and JBL manages to pull Lesnar over the ropes. There both on the apron now and giving each other left and rights. Lesnar then grabs hold of JBL`s arm and piks him up and F-5 him off the apron and outside the ring.
JBL has been eliminated
TONY CHIMELL: Here is your winner Brock Lesnar.
The world Heavyweight Champion Batista then comes out and Lesnar and Batista or face to face and then the screen starts going black and Smackdown is off air.

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Its allright. Show - 7/10
Presentation - 0!

Try using Bold, Color, Italics, Underline. Add spacing to the lines and dont bunch them up. Make it look good not only in writing but also in the way you present it. Id like to see some women added but thats your decision. A way to present it can be found in my own BTB, a link is in my sig. Overall a good show and I will be reading.

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Good show, i like the original ideas that you have, just try to use for colours and effects liek the other guys said. Nice ideas though.
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