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Since I'm in the SmackDown! spirit here in Anaheim, California at Arrowhead Pond, with my laptop at SmackDown!. So here's Smackdown! if booked by me.

It's the SmackDown! 200th episode, and they're running a special edition SmackDown! X for tonight in celebration of the 200th episode of SmackDown!.

The show cuts to Vince McMahon in the back, with some boos from the crowd:
Vince: (laughing)"Last week, I said things were going to change for the better.Yes, tonight will indeed be a glorious night. Things will be changing for the better tonight. Tonight, marks the 200th episode of SmackDown!.(with a small pop from the crowd) And with the celebration, will be the celebration of the end of Hulk Hogan, and the end of Mr. America!(boos from the crowd) Because tonight, we're gonna have a match, that proves that Mr. America REALLY IS Hulk Hogan. Tonight, as our main event, in one corner, it will be Mr. America. In the other corner, we will have Hulk Hogan. That's right. Tonight, on SmackDown! X, we will have Mr. America vs. Hulk Hogan! And the Special Guest Referee, will be none other, than me: Vincent Kennedy McMahon!"(fades out with a sadistic smile on Vince's face)

The theme for SmackDown! starts, and then the pyro starts. Pyro ends, with the crowd cheering as SmackDown! X kicks off.

Cole: "Welcome everyone, to a very special edition of SmackDown!. We are live in Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, California. And what a night we have in store for you! Tonight, it will be Mr. America vs. Hulk Hogan, with Mr. McMahon as the Special Guest Referee!"
Tazz: "Yeah, tonight, Vince McMahon is determined to prove that Mr. America really is Hulk Hogan. Tonight, may be a scary night folks!"

Stephanie McMahon's music hits, and she walks down to the ring with a big smile on her face. She gets in the ring and grabs a microphone.

Steph: "Welcome everyone, to the 200th episode of SmackDown!(huge pop from the crowd) Tonight is going to be a very special night! Tonight, I am signing a WWE Tag Team Title Match. In one corner, it will be your current Tag Team Champions, Eddie & Tajiri! And in the other corner, it will be the challengers, Chris Benoit & Rhyno! AS you can see, there is a cage hanging above the ring. This WWE Tag Team Title Match will be none other, than a Cage Match!(Huge pop from the crowd)

Angle's music cues. The fans don't know what to expect, but after they see 'Team Angle' on the Titantron, they immediately start chanting "You Suck!" Team Angle walks down to the ring, with a frustrated/worried look on their face. They get in the ring, and Charlie Haas grabs a mic.

Haas: "Now this is just not fair!(boos from the crowd) How do Chris Benoit and Rhyno get the shot? We've been DQed for the past two weeks thanks to that idiot, Eddie Guerrero! They have done nothing to deserve a shot! We are the only ones here that deserve shots!(boos again)"

Steph: "You've had your chance, Team Angle! Now I realize that Kurt Angle is coming back tonight, and you guys probably want that gold, to impress him, don't you? (they shake their heads) Well Team Angle, tough luck. You've had two chances to regain those tag titles, and you haven't succeeded. Now you will follow my orders, and stay out of the tag team title match, or be suspended!"

Team Angle stare at Steph for a minute, and then immediately attack the Tag Champs, Eddie and Tajiri. They continue the assault for about two minutes, but then Chris Benoit and Rhyno run out with chairs to make the save. They hit Team Angle with the chairs and clear the ring, with Eddie & Tajiri standing beside them. They then turn and attack the tag champs, and assault them with chairs. Then, to everyone's surprise, John Cena runs out and makes the save! He attacks Benoit and Rhyno and clears the ring, cue John Cena's music.


SmackDown! returns with a limo arriving. The limo driver opens the door, and out steps Kurt Angle, to a huge ovation. He walks directly to the ring. Josh Mathews catches up with him:

Josh: Hey, Kurt, can I ask you a few questions?
Kurt: Please, just back off. I have a couple of people I have to confront tonight.

It cuts into Team Angle's locker room. Haas and Benjamin are pacing after seeing what just happened.

Haas: Oh man, what are we gonna do now? He doesn't look too happy.
Benjamin: Look, just shut up, ok? We didn't win the tag titles, and there's only one way to do this. We have to go to the ring and do this face to face.

So Benjamin and Haas walk out the door of their locker room and towards the ring as well.

It now cuts to Vince McMahon, who walks into Mr. America's locker room. Mr. America has his head down, and Vince has a big smile on his face.

Vince: So, Hogan. Are you ready to submit to the power of Vince McMahon? You might've been able to pull that lie detector test off, but there's no way you can pull this one off. Face it, Hogan. It's over. Your contract, along with Mr. America's contract, will be extinct.

Mr. America: Well lemme tell you somethin', brother. Tonight, I will wrestle, and I will be wrestling Hulk Hogan. I will prove to you that I am NOT Hulk Hogan, dude! I will prove to you that the lie detector test was right, brother!

Vince: Oh yeah, well we'll just see about that, won't we? I'm going to Hulk Hogan's locker room. It's too bad that no one will be there. See you later, Hogan.

Vince leaves with a disgusted look on his face, with Mr. America staring after him.

It is now time for the A-Train vs. Taker match. Undertaker comes to the ring. A-Train then comes to the ring accompanied by Big Show, and the match starts. Taker takes advantage most of the match, pulling off some power moves. Show then trips Taker up, putting momentum in A-Train's favor. A-Train hits the Train Wreck out of nowhere. 1-2-shoulder up. A-Train throws Taker to Big Show and distracts the ref. Big Show puts Taker through the announce table with a chokeslam, and the ref sees it over A-Train's shoulder and rings the bell.

Your winner by disqualification: Undertaker

Show throws Taker back in the ring and A-Train and Show start double teaming him. After about two minutes, it's totally dark. No one can see anything. Then, the lights go back on, with Nathan Jones standing in the ring. He delivers a powerful superkick to Big Show, then he powerbombs A-Train. Big Show gets back up and goes for the Chokeslam. Jones kicks Big Show in the gut and uses all his power to powerbomb Big Show, sending Big Show right through the mat! The crowd gives a huge reaction, and Jones and Taker leave victoriously. The ring officials come out to fix the ring.


SmackDown! X returns with Angle's music hitting, and the ring has been fixed. But again, it's Team Angle. They walk to the ring with worried looks on their faces. They get in the ring and Shelton Benjamin grabs a microphone.

Benjamin: Look Kurt, w-w-we're j-j-just really s-sorry.
Tazz: Look, he can't even talk right! (laughing)
Benjamin: I-I-I know we lost the t-t-titles, but we've been s-s-screwed these last two weeks.
Haas: Kurt, don't be angry with us, we cheated--got cheated in the last two matches. It's not our fault.

Angle's music hits, with a huge ovation from the crowd. They chant 'Angle! Angle' as he walks to the ring. He gets in the ring and grabs a microphone. There's a huge 5 minute ovation from the crowd. He finally speaks.

Angle: First of all, it is great to be back here in the WWE on SmackDown!(pop from the crowd) I would like to thank all my fans, who supported me throughout my surgery and recovery. Thank you!(ovation from the crowd) Now to you, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin.

Tazz: Uh-oh!

Angle: First of all, I cannot believe you lost the titles to Eddie Guerrero and Tajiri. But you know what? They deserved those titles. Now I saw what happened the last two weeks. Yeah, you guys got screwed, but there's something you two should live by. My three I's. Intensity, Integrity, and INTELLIGENCE. Intelligence is the key word there. If you had intelligence, you wouldn't have fallen for those tricks, would you? Now don't come crying to me. You two should've known better. You see all these people?

Angle turned around and pointed, but Team Angle jumped him before he could finish. They continued to assault Angle, and started working on his surgically repaired neck. Brock Lesnar ran out and made the save. He delivered an F-5 to Charlie Haas, and then delivered another one to Shelton Benjamin. Brock Lesnar cleared the ring and helped Angle up. The two then shook hands and Brock Lesnar's entrance music cued.

Just as Brock and Kurt were about to leave, Stephanie McMahon's music hit. Steph walked out with an envelope in hand. Team Angle was walking to the back, and they were wondering what was going on as well.

Steph: You know, this gives me an idea. We have Team Angle, or I guess just Haas & Benjamin, who are complaining about the tag titles, and then we have Kurt Angle & Brock Lesnar, who have just seemingly formed a tag team. So here's what I propose. Tonight, we're going to have a ladder match! (pop from the crowd) In one corner, we'll have Haas & Benjamin, and in the other corner, we'll have Angle & Lesnar. Now what I hold in my hand, is a contract that signs a tag team title match against the winners of tonight's cage match at Vengeance. So this contract will be in a briefcase, suspended high above the ring. Now whichever team climbs up the ladder and gets this briefcase, not only wins the match, but gets a Tag Team Title Shot at Vengeance.(pop from the crowd)

Stephanie's music hits and she walks to the back.


It is now for the Cruiserweight Title match: Rey Mysterio vs. Matt Hardy. Rey Mysterio comes out to a huge pop. Matt Hardy then comes out with his MF-ers to the ring. The match is about to start, and then Steph's music hits again.

Steph: Now hold on. This match is not starting yet. As of right now, Shannon Moore and Crash are banned from ringside. And if there is ANY interference in ANYONE'S favor, they will automatically be suspended.(pop from the crowd)

So the MFers are forced to leave ringside, and the bell rings. Matt Hardy is so distracted from the enforcement, that he doesn't notice Rey Mysterio. Mysterio dropkick's Hardy, setting him up for the 619. He hits the 619 and then follows with the West Coast Pop. He rolls Matt Hardy up for the surprising win! Matt Hardy is absolutely shocked and embarrassed as he sees Mysterio run from ringside, the new Cruiserweight Champ!

Your winner: New Cruiserweight Champion, Rey Mysterio

It cuts to Vince McMahon, who is now entering Hulk Hogan's locker room. He is surprised to see Hogan sitting there, lacing up his boots.

Vince: What the hell is going on?! If I just saw Mr. Americ--All right Hogan what kind of tricks are you playing on me?

Hogan: There's no tricks Vince. You just have to accept that Mr. America is right, dude. He is not Hulk Hogan. I am Hulk Hogan, brother.

Vince: Now I'm just sick of these tricks. I must be hallucinating. I'll see you in the ring tonight, Hogan.

Hogan: Now wait just a damn minute, brother. If you're so strong at proving your point, then I want you to make a deal with me.

Vince: Alright, this should be good.

Hogan: If I can prove to you that Mr. America is not me, then you give me a brand new iron-clad contract in the WWE.

Vince: (laughing) What? Are you serious? You got it! This should be easy! And if you are Mr. America, you're both fired!

Hogan: That's a deal, brother!

Vince then walked out of Hogan's locker room with a big smile on his face. After Vince left, Hogan started smiling as well.


It's now time for the Cage Match for the WWE Tag Team Titles. Eddie & Chavo come out to an ovation from the crowd. Benoit & Rhyno come out, the heels in this match. match goes pretty smooth. Technical moves are hit all over the place, and finally all four men are busted open from the cage. Tajiri hits the Buzzsaw Kick on Benoit and Rhyno, and it looks like Eddie & Tajiri are gonna win. But as they are about to exit the cage over the top, John Cena climbs up and hits both Eddie & Chavo in the face with a chain. He then pulls Benoit and Rhyno out through the door, and new Tag Team Champions are crowned.

Your winners: New WWE Tag Team Champions Benoit & Rhyno


It is now time for the tag team ladder match, with the winners getting a shot at the WWE Tag Team Titles at Vengeance. Haas & Benjamin come out to different music. Angle then enters, followed by the WWE Champion Brock Lesnar. The match goes pretty smooth. Angle and Lesnar pretty much hold the advantage through the whole match. Angle sets the ladder up @ about 6:15 into the match. He then Angle Slams Shelton Benjamin. He climbs the ladder and goes for the briefcase, but Charlie Haas pulls him off and powerbombs him through a table. tries to climb, but Brock Lesnar goes up on the other side. They're both at the top, punching for position. Brock finally punches Haas in the gut, and gives him an F-5 off the top of the ladder! The impact sends both men crashing through the ring. Kurt Angle sets up a table on the outside. Shelton Benjamin climbs on one side, but Kurt Angle climbs on the other. After they both punch for position, Angle wins, and belly to belly suplexes Benjamin out of the ring through the table, but hangs onto the ladder. Angle then grabs the briefcase and gives him & Lesnar the win.

Your winners: New #1 Tag Team Title Contenders Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle.

Hulk Hogan is shown walking to the ring as SmackDown! cuts to a commercial.


Vince McMahon walks into Stephanie's locker room, where she is sitting on the couch with her eyes set on the TV.

Vince: You ready to see the end of both these superstars, Stephanie?

Stephanie said nothing.

Vince: Well, you better be ready, because that moment is coming very, very soon.

Vince leaves and walks toward the ring.

Tazz: Man, Vince looks confident. I can't wait to see what happens.

Cole: And you can see, that man, the Special Guest Referee, Vince McMahon, has a big smile on his face. The Hogan vs. Mr. America match is next, right after we take our last commercial break.


SmackDown! returns as the main event now begins: Hulk Hogan vs. Mr. America with Mr. McMahon as the special guest referee.

Vince's music hits and he walks to the ring with the most confident powerwalk any one has ever seen. He is all smiles as the match is about to begin.

Hogan's music hits and to a large pop from the crowd, he walks to the ring. He does his usual strut and poses. He enters the ring and rips his shirt off, then smiles at Vince as he points towards the titantron.

Mr. America's music hits. After about 1 minute, Mr. America finally comes out. He sports the same mask, shirt, and attire, doing some sloppy struts and poses to the ring. He looks just like the normal Mr. America, except for some beady eyes, and he's a bit skinnier. Vince is absolutely dumbstruck, continuosly rubbing his eyes. Mr. America rips his shirt off, and Vince gets angry. He grabs a microphone.

Vince: Now damnit, there is no way I am seeing both of you in the same ring at the same time. Mr. America, I am ordering you to remove your mask, now, or you'll be fired.

Hogan grabs a microphone.

Hogan: You can't fire him, because he's signed with Steph, brother. You can't force him to remove his mask. Just face it. I am not Mr. America, brother.

Sean O'Haire immediately comes in and attacks Mr. America. Mr. America belly-to-belly suplexes Sean O'Haire out of the ring. Mr America begins to remove his mask. The mask is off. It looks just like Hogan. Mr. America then rips off the wig and mustache, revealing to be Kurt Angle.

Vince: Kurt Ang--!

Before he can finish, Angle hits an Angle Slam on McMahon. Angle then celebrates with the newly signed Hogan as SmackDown! X goes off the air.

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Thanks for the compliments, and I can see why you guys thought my matches weren't so good. I was here in Anaheim, Cali., waiting for the doors to open, so I kinda had to rush through. I won't be at the next SmackDown! taping, so I'll have more time to get into detail. I'll try to build my storylines a little bit more, so they don't just hit, and I will also be doing RAW Inside the Fury.

I'm gonna go ahead and keep this as a normal thread, updating my SmackDown!s each week. I'll try to get into more detailed matches, keep the great promos goin', and try not to make the storylines so sudden. So until my next SmackDown! column, I'm out.

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