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so i've scrapped some of my ideas of other fake charecters, so im going to stick with the three i introduced last time, but any ways. hope you enjoy

Smackdown! opens with pyro music and we hear Evolution's (HHH'S) music hit and out walks the group
HHH- So, it looks like we have someone to introduce to you, this man here in the suit is a new friend of our's. I think you all know him, Flood! (crowd boos)
Flood stands proudly with the rest of the group all smiling confidently. Ric Flair takes the mic
Flair- It's time now, we are takin' over! some of you in the back will be around to come along for the ride with us, i think now is the time to let you know the surprise.... actually, no. we'll wait. what do you think guys should we wait?
Flood- I think we can let them know now, in fact we definitely should.
The lights go out and Scott Steiner's music hits. Steiner, along with team angle, y2j, christian, big show and paul heyman walk out onto the ramp. Steiner leading the pack goes to the ring. Evolution looks like they are ready to fight. Steiner and HHH stand face to face, then smile and hug. All of the wrestlers embrace then Steiner takes the mic
Steiner- as of right now, everyone else's ass is on notice! this IS the highest rung of the ladder. and from now on, everyone better watch their backs!
HHH's music hits again and all 15 men stand triumphant in the ring, when suddenly 'new world order' by Ministry hits and Sean O'haire stands on top of the ramp. He says nothing, but comes running to the ring and spears Flood, clotheslining and hitting christian, shelton benjamin and charlie haas But the group takes him over and beat him down. The men all leave O'haire in the ring.

***note: I decided to leave storm and regal as a tag team instead of joining the big evolution group***

Still in the ring several refs and EMT's are attending to O'haire who has been beaten very badly, when Rhyno's music hits. He and his tag partner Mark Court are on their way for a match against APA, the two men throw a prone O'haire onto the floor outside, where EMTs rush to the outside to help him.
--Match 1--
APA vs. Rhyno and Mark Court (c) (non-title match)
Court and Simmons start off the match with Court forcing him onto the mat, he hits several kicks in Simmons' back. He is relentlessly beaten up in the ring by Court who hits 3 sidewalk slams on Simmons, but he kicks out after a two count. Court tags in Rhyno who immediately runs for the gore but simmons drops out of the way sending rhyno into the middle rope. Simmons tags Bradshaw who blasts into the ring knocking both men down, he puts his focus on Court, but turns around getting the gore from rhyno. Before Court can cover simmons comes running in while the ref tries to get control and simmons hits the dominator and Bradshaw hits the Clothesline from hell on rhyno and both APA members cover rhyno and court for the 3 count
Winners- APA (5:52)
Match 2
Los Guerreros vs. Rodney Mack(w/ Theodore Long) and Chris Newinski
Mack immediately takes advantage of Chavo who's back was turned. Mack whales on Chavo then tags in Newinski who hits a snap suplex on Chavo
Tazz---looks like los guerreros werent ready for rodney and mack and newinski, eh, cole?
Chavo then kicks Newinski in the stomach hitting a dropkick to the side of newinski's head then rushes to the corner tagging in Eddie Guerrero who slams into Newinski full force, knocking him to the ground and hitting a somersault splash from the mat, Eddie goes for the cover but Mack makes the save for Newinski. Mack then pulls Newinski over making it easier for him to tag, Mack is tagged in and as he goes for the STF on eddie, eddie reverses the hold into an inside cradle holding the tights, picking up the win
Winners- Los Guerreros (4:13)
Backstage Stephanie Mcmahon is on the phone when Brock Lesnar heads into her office
Lesnar-- I don't know what you think you're letting happen here...
Steph--...What do you mean?
Lesnar- All those guys, think they are gonna run the wwe?!?!
Steph- Well i had nothing to do with it, maybe you should look over at Eric for this one, because he knew about steiner!
Lesnar looks furious and he walks out of the room without saying a word
Backstage Matt Hardy, Shannon Moore, Nathan Jones,Skinn O'donnal, Mark Court and Rhyno are in their dressing room, Court and Rhyno are sitting with towels on their heads
Hardy- You're lucky, you know that?! because that wasn't a title match, and you coulda just made complete asses of yourselves, less than a week as the champs?!? You think I don't know what it's like to be a champ???
Court-....Look we had everything under control when--
Jones slaps Court in the face
Jones- Shut it! You made yourselves look bad, not one pinned but both? We need to bring this out to the ring, something very important needs to be said
Hardy's music hits, the six men walk out with Rhyno and Court looking discouraged and mad.
Jones- we have to lose some dead weight here... that's right!
He looks over at the champs. Rhyno tries to grab the mic from jones but Court turns him around and boots Rhyno in the face knocking him to the mat
M. Cole- What the hell is that!!?? they are the tag team champs, The titles were just occupied this week, by those two men!
Court, Moore and Hardy begin whailing on Rhyno while Jones watches and Y2J, Christian, Big Show, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas come in, making it some like the other five men would be joining evolution. But as they all begin to pummel Rhyno
Court turns around to a side kick from Jones, Jones begins to clear the ring as Rhyno gets to his feet and hits the gore on several men! Court staggers back to his feet only to get with a gore of his own by Rhyno. Jones grabs the mic
Jones- Mark, I think we're gonna have to agree that the tag team champs are no more? Jones holds the mic up to Court and laughs hysterically with wide eyes. Rhyno grabs the mic from Jones.
Rhyno- I don't want this title, I don't want this team. I'm done with this,and mark, if you really wanna see Evolution, buddy, watch what's going up the ramp.
Rhyno exits the ring and walks up the ramp while Nathan Jones still on one knee smiling down at Court who is out cold.
Kurt Angle comes out with a mic and Evolution before the match
Angle- So we're going to set the record straight, all of us are represented by Paul Heyman, However. Team Angle will remain Team Angle, the big show, christian, shannon moore and matt hardy. But i'd like to give you Evolution. Heyman takes the mic.
Heyman- First I give you the newest members of Evolution, Mark Court and Skinner O'donnal...Flood, Batista, the third generation star Randy Orton, the sixteen time heavyweight champion and "coach" Natureboy Ric Flair, and your leaders; Scott Steiner and HHH!
(crowd boos loudly)
***Skinn's name changed to "Skinner"
Match 3-
Kurt Angle w/ paul heyman vs. Booker T.

Booker takes immediate action on Angle, sending him to the corner but misses a chop and Angle hits a suplex from the corner, after a lot of back and forth action Booker T hits a scissors kick on Angle, but Angle kicks out after 2. Angle hits the Angle slam after a low- blow but suriprisingly booker kicks out too. Angle goes to the top for a moonsault, but booker moves and runs to the outside himself, Booker hits the Houston Hangover on Angle and picks up the surprise win!
Winner- Booker T.
Brock Lesnar is seen back stage heading toward the parking area with a bat. He sits outside.
Lesnar is seen smashing a car hood and windshield when suddenly eric bischoff comes running out and chief morley is caught by lesnar who smacks him in the stomach with the bat and F-5's him onto the hood of the car, Eric bischoff is shown running into stephanie's office and demands a match.
Bisch- (out of breath) I want Lesnar..in the ring...with Flood and Batista...TONIGHT!
Steph- well that can be your half of the match
Bisch- what?
Steph- Lesnar will Face Flood and Batista, but it will be No DQ!
Bisch- I think we're starting to see eye to eye now
Backstage Stone Cold knocks on Chris Benoit's door.
Austin-Move your ass, we gotta talk.
Benoit opens the door and The two exchange looks and Austin enters the room.
Match 4-
Flood and Batista w/ Paul heyman and Ric flair vs. Brock Lesnar
Lesnar enters the ring with the baseball bat and immediately cracks Batista over the head with it, then turns to flood and smacks him in the leg then breaks the end of the bat over his head and then hitting Batista with the bat one more time. Lesnar looks over at Heyman and Flair , picks up Flood F-5's him out of the ring, then he f-5's Batista. Then Kane's music hits and he gives Batista a chokeslam out to the floor, Lesnar rolls flood and picks up the win
Winner-Brock Lesnar (2:39) Kane and Lesnar celebrate in the ring as Bischoff watches furiously with stephanie laughing at his anger.
M. Cole- I don't think those members of Evolution knew what they were getting into.
Tazz--I doubt it, cole, i doubt it.
Main Event---
HHH and Scott Steiner (w/ ALL of Evolution) vs. Chris Benoit and Stone Cold Steve Austin
The ring looks like a one sided lumberjack match surrounded by flood, orton, y2j, mark court, batista,o'donnal, flair and heyman.
Benoit is overtaken by Steiner quickly but manages to fight back with several kicks to the stomach and a snap suplex. Steiner tags in HHH who hits an elevated knee on Benoit and tosses him outside the ring where the other members of evolution attack him. Austin goes running to Benoit's aid knocking several guys to the floor benoit rolls back in the ring and drop kicks HHH then tags in stone cold who hits the lou thesz press on HHH and elbows steiner off the apron. Austin continues to beat on HHH then as HHH staggers to his feet austin hits the stunner, but as he goes for the pin Evolution slides into the ring and begin to attack austin and benoit, suddenly the lights go out and "New world order" hits and Sean O'haire is standing at the top of the ramp, but suddenly three explosions go off and out come HBK, Kane, Rhyno and lastly Kevin Nash comes through the curtains and the men hit the ring inciting a huge brawl, Evolution is cleared from the ring by the six men and the crowd goes wild as evolution are retreating up the ramp.
--End Show--

Hopefully it wasn't too too long hahahaha, anyway hope you liked reading.
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