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Smackdown is here!

(A video of Austin driving the Semi-truck through Vince McMahon’s house plays. Then the Smackdown video and music plays. The show comes up and pryos set off in the arena. Cole and Tazz scream over the crowd and music.)

Cole: Welcome to Smackdown everybody! Tonight the Rock will team up with a man of his choice against the Big Show and Triple H.

Tazz: That’s right Cole its going to be a rocket buster.

(Vince McMahon’s music hits and the chairman makes his way to the ring. Vince gets in the ring and grabs a mic.)

Vince: Last Monday Austin did something I never thought he would do. He drove a damn truck through my house! And at Backlash I will tear him limb from limb in our street fight.

(Just then Austin music hits and the rattlesnake goes down to the ring. He takes the mic right from Vince’s hands.)

Austin: What? What? What? You think your gonna beat old Stone Cold Steve Austin in our street fight. What? Stone Cold laughs at you.

(Vince steels the mic right back.)

Vince: Austin you better shut your mouth because you owe me over a million dollar in damages.

(Austin steels the mic back from Vince.)

Austin: What? I don’t owe you anything. The only thing I owe you is a grade A ass whoopin.

(Austin drops the mic and him and Vince get toe to toe and stare each other down. All of a sudden Mick Foley’s music plays. Foley stays at the top of the ramp.)

Foley: As of right now there is a restraing order on you two. Austin if you come within fifty feet of Vince your match at Backlash will not take place. And next week on Raw a new superstar will debut against Stone Cold.

(Foleys music plays as he leaves. Austin and Vince continue to stare at each other before Austin’s music plays and he backs away slowly and then leaves the ring and heads up the ramp. Austin never takes his eyes off Vince.)

(Backstage we see Shelton Benjamin preparing for his match. Angle and Hass are screaming at him.)

Angle: You are the best! You can beat Test. He is nothing.

Hass: Come Benjamin show what Team Angle stands for. Show what DX stands for.

(Benjamin gets up from doing pushups and heads toward the ring with Angle and Hass behind him.)

Cole: IC title Quarterfinals next!


IC Title Quarterfinals Match: Shelton Benjamin /W Kurt Angle & Charlie Hass vs. Test /W Stacy Keibler
(Angle’s music plays and Shelton Benjamin with Angle and Hass. Then Test comes out. The match starts with Test going for a big boot, but Benjamin moves out of the way. Test turns around and Benjamin gets Test into the suplex position and goes for a suplex, but he can’t lift Test up. Test hits his fist on the back of Benjamin. Benjamin falls and Test picks him and Test hits Benjamin with a scoop slam. Test goes to the top rope, but Benjamin jumps up and runs to the corner and does a quick suplex off the top rope. Test falls holding his back. Stacy on the outside is banging the canvas and yelling at Test to get up. Charlie Hass walks around the ring and stalks Stacy. Stacy backs up into Kurt Angle. Hass goes to hit Stacy, but she ducks out of the way and Hass hits Angle. Test gets up and leaves the ring. Hass turns around and is met by Test who delivers a huge clothesline. Benjamin leaves the ring and hits Test in the back of the head. Benjamin rolls Test back into the ring. Test gets up and Benjamin takes him back down with a clothesline. Angle gets up and goes into the ring and hits Test in the face. The ref sounds for the bell.)
Winner by DQ: Test

( After the match Benjamin and Angle start beating on Test. Hass goes into the ring and joins the assault. Just then Chris Beniot and Edge run down to the ring and take out the three men. Team Angle leave the ring and Edge and Beniot help Test up. Beniot gets a mic.)

Beniot: Hey Angle! How bout at Backlash me and Edge team to take on your two buddy’s right there?

(You can here Angle screaming “You got it!” “You got it!” Beniot’s music plays as Test leaves the ring to check on Stacy. Beniot and Edge leave then Stacy and Test.)

(Backstage we see Undertaker about to get Interviewed by Coach.)

Cole: Undertaker gets interviewed next!

(When we return we see Undertaker about to get interviewed by Coach)

Coach: Undertaker last Monday on Raw you challenged Kane to a “Burn In Hell” match. What is that exactly?

Undertaker: You know how Kane said he didn’t want to have a Hell in a Cell match with me?

Coach: Yeah and…?

Undertaker: And I assumed he didn’t want to have a one on one Hell in a Cell match so instead it’s going to be a Hell in a Cell match with fire surrounding the ring. And the only way you can win is to get pinned.

(Undertaker walks away and the camera fixes on Coach.)

Coach: Well there you have it folks a “Burn In Hell” Match. It’s going to be awesome.

(RVD’s music plays and he comes out then Ryno does.)

IC Title Quarterfinal Match: RVD vs. Ryno
(The match with RVD kicking Ryno in the face about four or five times. Ryno catches the sixth kick and turns RVD around. When RVD turns around to face Ryno, Ryno gives RVD a spear. Ryno picks up RVD and Irish whips him into the corner. RVD bounces off the turnbuckle and Ryno goes for the gore, but RVD moves out of the way and Ryno gores the turnbuckle. RVD gets Ryno into a schoolboy. 1...2...Ryno kicks out. RVD gets to his feet then Ryno does. RVD kicks Ryno in the back of his head. Ryno falls fast first into the corner. RVD runs back to the opposite corner and runs with full force driving his elbow in Ryno’s back. Ryno falls back and RVD goes to the top rope and goes for the Frog Splash, but Ryno rolls out of the way. RVD holds his gut and Ryno goes for the cover 1…2…RVD kicks out. Ryno can’t believe it. Ryno gets up and he picks up RVD and suplexs him. RVD holds the back of his head while Ryno picks him up again and delivers another suplex. Ryno doesn’t let go of Van Dam this time and delivers another suplex. Ryno goes for the cover 1…2… Again RVD kicks out. Ryno goes into the corner and signals for RVD to get up. RVD gets up real slow with help by the ring ropes. Ryno rushes RVD and gores him. Ryno goes for the cover 1…2…RVD kicks out. Ryno is livid. Ryno goes to the outside of the ring and gets a chair. When Ryno gets back in the ring him and the ref argues. RVD leapfrogs over the ref and delivers a Vandaminator to Ryno. RVD goes for the cover 1…2…Ryno puts his foot on the ropes. The ref slides the chair of the ring and RVD picks up Ryno and Irish whips him into the corner. RVD does one shoulder thrust to the gut and another. RVD does a back flip and rushes and does a final shoulder thrust. Ryno falls face first into the canvas. RVD goes to the top ropes and hits the 5-star frog splash. RVD holds his guts and waits a couple of seconds before flipping Ryno over and going for the cover. 1…2…Ryno puts his foot on the rope and RVD can’t believe it. RVD bangs his hands on the turnbuckle. At this point Ryno is up and he suplexs RVD. Ryno goes for the cover 1…2…RVD kicks out. Ryno is tired and running out of fuel as is RVD. RVD gets up and hits the spinning wheel kick on Ryno. RVD goes to the top rope and hits the 5-star frog splash again. HHH runs down to the ring and RVD gets into the cover 1…2…HHH pulls the ref out of the ring and punches him. HHH goes into the ring and kicks RVD in the gut and does the pedigree on him. Rock runs down to the ring and gets HHH into The Rock bottom position, but Ryno gores the Rock in the back causing HHH to fall as well. Rock and HHH roll out of the ring. Ryno turns around and RVD kicks him in the face. RVD goes to the top rope and does his third Frog Splash of the match. RVD gets into the cover, but there isn’t a ref. Finally another ref runs down to the ring and begins to count 1…2…HHH pulls RVD off Ryno. RVD looks at HHH and he leaves the ring and starts to chase him around the ring. When RVD turns the corner Ryno is there and gores him. HHH walks back over to RVD and rolls him into the ring. The Rock taps Ryno on the shoulder and Ryno turns around and Rock starts punching Ryno. HHH tries to get involved, but The Rock delivers a double punch to HHH and Ryno. Rock rolls Ryno into the ring and RVD goes for the cover 1…2…3)
Winner: RVD

Cole: What a match!

Tazz: Rocket buster Material.

(RVD’s music hits the PA system as he celebrates with the Rock. HHH and Ryno are knocked out. Rock and RVD walk up the ramp.)


(We return hearing Mick Foley’s music. The commissioner stays at the top of the ramp.)

Foley: Tonight there will be a Tag Team Match between Triple H and Big Show against The Rock and a partner of his choosing. I think that this match should have a special stipulation Last Man Standing with a special guest referee of Bret Hart! Also the four man Battle Royal has been changed to a twenty man over the top battle royal for the #1 contender spot for the title next week on Raw.

Cole: What? Bret Hart as the guest referee?

Tazz: That’s what he said this is gonna be off the chart.

Foley: That match will take place after this upcoming match, which will have the cruiserweight Title on the line.

(Foley’s music plays and he leaves then Billy Kidman’s music plays then Rey Mysterios does.)

Cruiserweight Championship Match: Billy Kidman vs. Rey Mysterio ©
(The match starts and Mysterio and Kidman get into a lockup. Mysterio throws Kidman off of him into the ropes. Mysterio dropkicks Kidman through the ropes. Mysterio leaves the ring. Mysterio rolls Kidman back into the ring. Kidman lies on the canvas. Rey goes on the top rope and walks across till he gets to the middle of the ring rope. Mysterio then bounces his two legs off the ropes and flips onto Kidman. 1…2…Kidman kicks out. Mysterio picks up Kidman and Irish whips him into the ropes and Mysterio delivers a cross body. Mysterio picks up Kidman and punches him into the corner. Mysterio shoves his boot into Kidman’s neck and the ref gets between the two. Mysterio lets go and waits for Kidman to come out of the corner. Kidman stumbles out of the corner and Mysterio flips over him and dropkicks the back of Kidman’s legs. Kidman falls face first into the canvas and Mysterio goes for the West Coast Pop and hits it. 1…2…3)
Winner and still Cruiserweight Champion: Rey Mysterio

(After the match Rey leaves the ring and then Kidman does. Backstage we see Triple H lacing up his boots and Show walks in.)

Show: You ready to this?

Triple H: You bet.

(They leave the locker room and head toward the ring.)

Cole: Last Man Standing Tag Match next!


(Triple H comes out with Big Show. Bert Hart then comes out wearing a referee shirt and getting a huge pop from the crowd. The Rock’s music plays and he walks down to the end of the entrance ramp and waits for his partner. A long silence lingers in the air till Kane’s music plays and Hell, fire, and brimstone walks to the ring.)

Last Man Standing Tag Team Match: The Rock & Kane vs. Big Show & Triple H. Special referee: Bret Hart
(The match starts and all the men start punching each other. Kane levels Show with a shot then sends him over the top. The Rock does his infamous “Rock” punches to HHH.
Kane leaves the ring and Irish whips Show into the ring post. Kane picks up the ring steps and runs and hits Show in the face with them. Rock and HHH are battling on the outside. Rock clotheslines HHH over the barricade. Rock and HHH battle up through the crowd. Bret can’t decide whether to stay with Kane & Show or to go with Rock & HHH. Finally Vince McMahon’s music plays and the chairman walks down the ring taking off his suit reveling a referee shirt. Vince goes through the crowd and catches up with HHH & Rock. Meanwhile Kane and Show are battling up the ramp. Kane goes to hit Show’s head off the staging, but Show counters and hits Kane’s head off of it. Back were Rock and HHH are. Rock is knocked out and blooded. Vince begins the count 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…Rock gets up. HHH takes the object he used to bloody the Rock and takes a swing, but Rock ducks and HHH hits Vince with it. Rock kicks HHH in the gut and goes for a DDT on the concrete, but HHH elbows Rock in the side and takes his head and rams into a soda machine. Back with Kane & Show, Show has Kane brought Kane to the back. Show bounces Kane’s head off a buffet table. Food flies everywhere. Show then gets Kane and suplexs him through a door. Bret begins the count 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…Kane sits right up. Show wraps his hand around Kane’s neck and Kane wraps his hand around Show’s neck. Both circle the small room there in until both of them go through a wall. Bret does not count since both men are down. HHH has Rock in the catapult position and then HHH catapults Rock through a glass window, but since Vince had been knocked out no count is made. Show gets up first and he picks up Kane and he finds handcuffs on a nearby table and Show handcuffs Kane to a chair and begins punching him in the gut. Bret breaks up the onslaught and Kane rips the handcuffs right from the chair. Kane picks up that same wooden chair and busts it over Show’s head. Show doesn’t fall and Kane goes for a big boot, but Show ducks and Kane kicks in the wall. A bloody Rock gets up and HHH goes to punch him, but Rock blocks the punch and punches HHH. HHH stumbles back and falls onto a table. The Rock goes into the room with the broken glass and gets a ladder. Rock sets up the ladder in front of the table were HHH lie. Rock climbs to the very top and he slides off his elbow pad and he then does a people’s elbow off the ladder and putting himself and HHH through the table. Kane meanwhile is chocking Show with a wire. Show breaks free and wraps his hand around Kane’s neck and he lifts him straight up and chokeslams him through another wooden chair. Bret begins to count 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…Kane gets up to one knee…9…Kane gets up. Show wraps his hand around Kane’s neck again, but Kane kicks him in the mid-section. Rock gets up and he picks up HHH and Irish whips him into metal poles. HHH stumbles over them. Rock bashes HHH’s head off of a door. Kane then opens the door and HHH punches him. Rock slams HHH’s head off the door again and all four men go into the room. The cameraman can’t fit in the room so we are just staring at the door.)

Cole: We have to take a commercial break don’t go anywhere!


(We come back still looking at the door and all of a sudden Kane and Rock both come crashing through the door. HHH and Show walks out and HHH is holding a sledgehammer and laughing. Bret begins the count 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…Kane gets up…9…Kane picks up the Rock with his last bit of strength. HHH goes to hit Kane with the sledgehammer, but Kane kicks HHH in the face back into the room. Rock punches Show, but with little energy. Kane picks up the Sledgehammer and uses it as a lock-to-lock HHH in the room. Show fights back against the Rock and he puts his giant hand on Rock’s face and pushes him back and Rock’s head bounces off the concrete. Kane and Show begin fighting. They fight all the way down the hall until they reach a staircase going down. Kane punches Show and Show tries to keep his balance from falling down the stair, but Kane gets a nearby steel chair and smacks Show over the head with it and Show falls down the stairs. Bret begins the count 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10. The ring bell sounds and the match is over.)
Winners: The Rock & Kane

Cole: What a match!

Tazz: Rocketbuster.

(EMTS help The Rock and they put him on a stretcher. They also carry the Big Show out as well. Kurt Angle, Benjamin, and Hass are all standing around and watching the TV.)

Angle: As much as I hate The Rock and Kane I have to give them all the respect in the world that was a hell of a match.

Benjamin: You damn right.

Hass: Great. I just hope Show is ok.

Angle: Well were in the 20 man battle royal. Shelton will you be watching?

Benjamin: You bet.

(Angle and Hass head to the ring.)

(The 20 man entrants are: Angle, Hass, Noble, Tajerie, HBK, Y2J, Beniot, Lawler, Lesner, Taker, Nunzio, The Dudley Boys, Los Gurrieros, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Booker T, Goldust, and Stone Cold. All these men come to the ring and the match is under way.)

#1 Contender 20 man over the top Battle Royal
(The match starts and right away. Angle eliminates Tajerie. Austin and Jeff get into a fistfight before Austin eliminates him. Bubba-ray eliminates D-Von. D-Von is pissed so he brings Bubba under the ropes and punches him in the face. Matt eliminates Goldust and then Booker eliminates Matt. Stone Cold gets rid of Nunzio. HBK and Y2J are fighting in the corner. Y2J tries to lift HBK’s legs over the rope, but HBK kicks him in the face. At this point Lawler and Hass are gone. Stone cold clothesline Chavo over the top. Booker gives a spinning wheel kick to Eddie, which sends him over the ropes. Taker then gets rid of Booker. Lesner punches Taker and then F-5’s him over the ropes on to the thin matting. Taker holds his ribs screaming in pain. EMT’s come down and take Taker way. Angle, Angle slams Lesner and goes to clothesline Lesner over the rope, but Lesner moves out of the way and Lesner uses Angle’s own momentum and throws him over the top. Beniot then dropkicks Lenser over the rope. Jericho then tries to get the walls of Jericho on HBK, but HBK refuses and Jericho decides to catapult HBK, which sends him over the ropes. Austin then gives Y2J the stunner. Austin then eliminates Beniot. Its down to Y2J and Austin. Jericho gets up and Austin stuns him again. Austin picks up Jericho and goes to throw him over the ropes, but Jericho moves out of the way and he punches Austin in the back off the head and Austin goes over the rope. Note The superstars were fighting during the match I just put the elimination part.)
Winner: Chris Jericho

Cole: Jericho is the number one contender for Rock’s title on Raw.

Tazz: But the question is will The Rock be ready for next week?

Cole: We’ll have to wait and see. For Tazz I’m Michael Cole we’ll see you next week only on Smackdown.

(Backstage we see Vince watching TV when his phone rings. He picks it up.)

Vince: Hello?

Voice on Phone: Hello Vince. I’ve been watching Smackdown and its great. I can’t wait for Raw, but I must warn you. I will kill the WWE forever. Unlike the N.W.O I will succeed!

Vince: Who the hell is this?

(We can hear the dial tone indicating that the stranger hung up. The screen fades black as we see Vince with a strange look on his face. The WWE symbol flashes across the screen.)
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