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From PWTorch

- Friday's episode of WWE Smackdown got a 1.80 rating with 2.73 million viewers, which is about flat with the show pre-WrestleMania. The viewership was identical with the last first-run Smackdown, which was the one immediately after WrestleMania. However, the show has shown a steady decline following each live Smackdown, as seen below:

* Jan. 6 - Feb. 17... 2.07 average rating pre-2/21 live special
* Mar. 2 - Apr. 6... 1.91 average rating pre-4/10 live special
* Apr. 20 - 1.80 rating

Among cable TV shows, Smackdown ranked #4 in viewers for the night. It was #1 in key male demographics for the first hour and #2 in the male demos for the second hour. All key demos were lower than the April 6th episode and about even with the pre-WrestleMania Smackdowns in March.

At the same time last year, Smackdown pulled in a 1.87 rating with 2.83 million viewers.

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It's pretty clear that there's a certain percentage of marks that will only watch their guy, and their guy win.

Smackdown is a taped event with 60% of the Raw audience so that becomes even more apparent.

So if you're the WWE you have 2 choices for SD.

1. Ignore the ratings.

2. Cater your show to the marks.

It really doesn't matter how long they put the belt on Sheamus or how well they push him he's not going to bring in those additional marks. He has to create a new fanbase and that's not something WWE is capable of doing right now.
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