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I was there. Didn't buy the "I was there" T-shirt though. Can't afford very much right now.

Anyway, the show opened with MVP vs. Tyler Reks. The arena was jam packed and the crowd was very hot all night through. MVP got the win via the Drive-By Kick. His new theme music sounded horrible through our speakers, might I add.

Next up was Drew Mcyntire vs. Finlay. Didn't know Finlay still wrestled. This was a fairly good match, with Finlay as a surprising victor after a shot from the shillelagh. No Hornswoggle appearance, which made me very happy.

I think the following contest was Natalya vs. Layla with Kelly Kelly as guest ref. Three hot women, involved in an enjoyable match, to my own surprise. All the sleeping dads were suddenly wide awake.

Next was an Intercontinental Title match between Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, Kaval and Kofi Kingston. Great match, with some funny shenanigans going on beforehand, when Dolph Ziggler elbow dropped a Kofi Kingston sign. I love Dolph. Kaval is an amazing athlete, by the way. Shame he's being underused at the moment. The finish saw all men hitting their finishers on each other, with Dolph ultimately hitting the ZigZag on Kofi for the win.

Final bout before the intermission was Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger vs. Rey Mysterio and Edge. The Swagger Soaring Eagle is insanely funny. The roof was absolutely blown off when Edge's music hit. Then all the children went wild for Rey Mysterio. Crowd was red hot. This was a fun, exciting match, with finally Mysterio hitting the 619 on Swagger followed by a spear by Edge for the win. After the match, The Swagger Soaring Eagle challenged both Mysterio and Edge for a fight, but he got hit by a 619/Spear combo. Funny bird.

After the break, a tag team match was up. It was the Nexus (Otunga, Slater and Harris, with Gabriel at ringside) versus The Hart Dynasty with special guest partner Bret Hart. Was a nice surprise. The roof went off a second time when he arrived. He did shit all though, except for a sharpshooter at the very end on Slater for the victory. Yay.

Up next was Chris Masters vs. Chavo Guerrero. Man I love Chavo, he needs to appear on Smackdown more :(. Chris Masters won a fairly good match with the Masterlock. Masters' physique looks amazingly unhealthy though. Me and my friend predicted a live heart attack in the middle of the ring, but it wasn't to be.

Main event saw Big Show vs. Kane for the World Title. A big-man contest that didn't really excite me, but hey, the Big Show owns, so I forgive him. After all, he did have to work with Kane. After Big Show had knocked out Kane, the Nexus randomly came out to attack Show. Then, all the heels we had seen in the previous matches came out, supposedly to make the save. But no, they joined Nexus in attacking Big Show. Ehh, yea. Then the faces came out and cleaned house. In the end, Otunga was the only heel left in the ring and he ate about 8 finishers. Poor Otunga. Serves him right for being such a waste of money though.

So, we all got sent home with a good feeling, after the faces stood tall. Hooray. Overall a fun experience, though. It's always fun to see the real life superstars in action in your hometown. Only happens once a year, so yea.
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