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**1st Smackdown of January**

Match 1- Crash vs. Rey Jr. CR. Title

The Match stars with a series of arm drags from each man. Rey hits a quick roll up but can only get 2. Crash off the ropes dropkick by mysterio. gets 2. reyn picks him up suplex. He then goes outside he misses the leg drop from the ropes. Crash hits a bulldog 1.2. kick out rey then gets the upper hand and hits a Tornadoe DDT crash ends up with his head in between the ropes 619 by rey the he hits the west coast pop for the 1.2.3.
Winner in 6:12 Rey Jr.

We are now in Stephs office she is with 6 superstars. Edge, RVD, B.Gunn, S.O'Haire, J.Cena, and M.Hardy Steph tells the there will be a draw for the matches in the US title tournament 2 men will get byes. she draws out of a hat and the two men to get a bye are M.Hardy and J.Cena. The two matches tonight will be Edge vs. RVD and up next will be B.Gunn vs. S.O'Haire.


Match 2- B.Gunn vs. S.O'Haire US Title Quarterfinal

Match starts with o'haire hitting a clothsline then hitting a belly to belly on gunn. Gunn then reverses o'haires suplex and tries a roll up but only gets a 1 count. Gunn hits a DDT but o'haire rolls to the outside. Gunn tries to throw o'haire into the steps but it gets reversed and o'haire gets thrown into the steel. O'haire gets him in the ring he tries his finisher but gunn gets out of it and hits the fameasser for the 3 count.
Winner in 8:54 B.Gunn

K.Angle promo is shown and says returning at the Royal Rumble.

Cole and Tazz go over the rules for the rumble that 15 men will be in the rumble form Smackdown and 15 from Raw. winner gets a shot at WM XX. They then tell us U.Dragon debuts next.


Match 3- U.Dragon vs. S.Moore

This match is a squash for dragon he hits of lot of offence on moore and hits a corkscrew moonnsualt but gets only a 2. Then he locked in the Dargon Sleeper for the win
Winner in 3:55 U.Dragon

We now see Jericho talking to Steph and he asks her for a title shot at the Rumble she says he will have a # 1 contender match with the Undertaker tonight.


We come and Jericho is Talking to Steiner and all we can hear of the converstion is thanks for doing this for me Scott.

Match 4- Bradshaw vs. Steiner

Match starts with a lock up between both men and Steiner hits a scoop slam He then picks up bradshaw and throws him off the ropes and hits a clothsline. Steiner goes to the corner to take the turnbuckle padding off he picks up bradshaw to drop hi on the unprotected turnbuckle but he drops behind him and throws him front first into the corner and the tries for the pin 1.2. steiner gets his foot on the rope towards the end of the match and Bradshaw misses the clothesline from hell and steiner hits a belly to belly the he hooks in the steiner recliner and gets bradshaw to tap out.
Winner in 8:45 Scott Steiner


We return and M.Hardy is in the ring and he calls out Crash and S.Moore. He tells them that he is sick of them losing and he says he is giving them one last chance and he challenges any three superstars to face Himself crash and shannon at the rumble and out comes rey jr u.Dragon and Spanky. they accept the challenge and hardy tells them that he will probaly have to beat them by himself but he will.

Match 5- Edge vs. RVD US title Quarterfinal

This match starts with RVD hitting a heel kick. He tries a straight kick and Edge catches it but RVD steps through and hits a spin kick He tries rolling Thunder but Edge moves out of the way. Edge hits a reverse DDT he only gets a 2 count He hits a leg drop on him he then picks up Rob and throws him into the corner he tries to spear him put misses and hits his shoulder off the ringpost. RVD then puts arm sumbissions on edge and puts pressure on his injured shoulder. He then hits the rolling thunder 1.2. kick out DDT by RVD he goes fo the 5-star frog splash but misses and he gets up dazed and edge hits the spear for the 1.2.3
Winner in 12:11 Edge


Match 6- Jericho vs. Taker #1 contender match for WWE Title

Jericho starts the match trying to get as much offence in as he can. Taker is just too powerful for him taker hits right hands and throws him off the ropes for a clothesline hes picking jericho up and jericho hits a low blow on taker and he hits a dropkick he then tries the lionsault but Taker gets hes knees up he gets a 2 count on jericho. He gets him up and hits his old school move from the top.he picks him up and tries to hit the clothesline but jericho ducks and Taker nails the ref. Taker is now dominating the match and out comes Steiner he hits taker with the chair and gives Jericho the chance to hit the lionsault the ref is back up and counts the 3. Jericho is going to the Rumble To take on B.Lesnar. Jericho and steiner embrace and start kicking the Undertaker but out comes Lesnar and he hits the F5 on Steiner while Jericho gets out og the ring. Tker and lesnar shake hands.
Winner in 10:01 Jericho

**End of Show**

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