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highlight from last week
stephanie mcmahon traded edge, rhyno, and nathan jones for stiener and someone else.

*smackdown starts with scott stiener in the ring. he talks about how he is a genetic freak and he is going to take the undisputed title from and at No Way Out. he asks angle to enter the ring right away. Big show comes out instead. he says that he is the genetic freak, being 7'2" 500 lbs. he challenges stiener for the no. 1 contendership for the title.


Match 1 - Billy Kidman vs Nunzino for thecruiserweight title.
Both men come out to the ring. Nunzino is accompanied by Noble and Nidia. before the bell sounds, Nunzino jumps billy kidman. nunzino does no high flying moes in the match. Kidman goes for the shooting star press but nidia pushes kidman off the turnbuckle. Nunzino hits the tornado arm breaker for the win.
Winner and new cruiserweight champion - Nunzino.

backstage, stephanie tells team angle they have to defend the tag titles against a returning team.


match 2 - team angle vs the acolytes

the acolytes enter the ring. they wear their old APA tights. team angle comes out surprised. Brawshaw and faarooq immediately take team angle outside the ring. they hit team angle with various weapons. the ref calls for the bell
winner by dq - team angle

backstage, cena, along with red dogg raps in the locker room about japanese people. during that, funaki and tajiri go to attack them, but are restrained.

match 3 - tajiri/funaki vs red dogg/cena
cena and redd dogg come out rapping about japanese again. during that, tajiri and funaki attack cena and red dogg from behind. the match get boring after about 5 minutes. cena ends up hitting funaki with a chain and winning
winner- cena and red dogg

backstage, the acolytes open up their apa office. big show enters and asks them to jump stiener. bradshaw tells big show that he put him out of action for several months, then hits show over the head with a beer mug.


Stephanie comes out saying that the no way out main event will be stiener vs benoit vs show vs angle. she then says there will be a 5 on 4 tag match. benoit, stiener, and the apa vs rock and heymans circle. she then leaves the ring.


match 4 - hulk hogan vs a-train
both men come out. the match get's stalled when hogan taunts. the match gets pretty long, and albert wins with vince's distraction followed by the trainwreck.
winner - a-train


main event - 5 on 4 tag match.

both teams enter the ring. after many tags, the legal men are bradshaw and the rock. everyone else leaves the ring. faarooq hits the spine buster, but the sean o'haire runs to the ring, and pulls the ref out. faarooq comfronts him, only to get hit by the fireman carry into the slam by o'haire. the rock hit's the peoples elbow for the win
winner - heymans circle and the rock

after thematch, everyone looks confused, and stares at o'haire who is on the stage underthe fist.

tell me what you think

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Good Show! Could Everyone tell me what they think of my show!!!

Here is my show:

WOW! Mayhem 2-8-02
{Pyro’s set off around the arena, camarmen scan the pumped crowd for good signs. We then are taken to good ole JR, and Jerry "The King" Lawler!}

JR: Hello, and welcome to WOW! Mayhem! We are less than one week away from WOW!’s first Pay Per View Kill or Be Killed!
King: I can’t wait for tonight! We have a jam packed card, and several announcements, on who our champions will be facing at KOBK!
JR: Yes, tonight is truly going to be great!

{It’s All About the Game music hits, the speakers. And we see Triple H comming down the ramp with a michrophone is his hand!}

HHH: The Game is pissed! I, Triple H, the best damn wrestler in this whole damn business, is not scheduled to be on the card this Friday night at KOBK! Yes, I’m sure this is an accident by the WOW! Front Office. But, just to make sure that I am going to be in a match this Friday, I am calling out my manager Ric Flair, who is backstage, to go and get that pissbrain Eric Bischoff and bring him down here. Right now!

{I’m Back, fills the arena, and out comes Ric Flair with Eric Bischoff.}

EB: You actually have the oudasity to call me out! This is my show, and Mr. Triple H, it WAS NOT an accident by the front office! We do not think that you are good enough to wrestle on our first PPV!
HHH: You must be mistaken, I am The Game. I am a World Title Contender. From my understanding, The World Champion Rob Van Dam does not have an opponent yet. So just to make things easier, on everyone, I volunteer myself for a Heavyweight title fight.
EB: No, No, No Triple H, hear at WOW! You have to earn your title shots!

{Here Comes The Pain plays, and out comes Brock Lesnar!}

BL: What makes you think you deserve a title shot? I think that I do!
HHH: You couldn’t tie my boot’s Mr. Next Big Thing (Triple H laughs to himself.)
EB: Well, I guess we will see about that!
BL: What do you mean?
EB: This Friday night at KOBK, it is going to be you Triple H against you Brock Lesnar, with the winner being the number one contendor for the Heavyweight Title.
RF: That’s great Triple H! Did you hear that! WHOOOOOOOOO!
EB: Yeah, well Ric you are also going to be in action!
RF: What? I am strictly a manager now!
EB: Well, you better get wrestling Mr. Flair otherwise you are going to be outta here!
RF: What?
EB: That is right, this Friday night it is going to be Ric Flair vs. A challenger to be named later, In a Hell in a Cell Retirement match! With the loser out of the WOW!
RF: Who is this person to be named later!
EB: Well, I guess you can find out for yourself, because tonight it will be Brock Lesnar and That Person vs. Ric Flair and Triple H, in a tag team match!

{I’m Back Hits and everyone in the ring leaves!}

King: Did you hear that JR!?
JR: I sure did King, at KOBK it is going to be Ric Flair vs. ??? in a Retirement Hell in A Cell match, and Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar for the #1 contendor, and TONIGHT Lesnar and ??? vs. Flair and HHH!
King: I knew we had a good one tonight!

{We enter commercial: Don’t Forget to tune in Friday Febuary 14, 2003 Right here on Book This! For Kill or Be Killed!, WOW!’s first Pay Per View!}

JR: Welcome, back!
King: Looks Like we are ready for our First Match!

{If ya Smeeeeel What The Rock is Cookin, goes over the titantron!}

JR: What the hell is this?, I don’t have The Rock on my card!
King: Neither do I!

(The Rock appears over the titantron from Hollywood via Sattelite. Rock: Finally The Rock has come back to WOW! Yes, you heard me right The Rock, the single greatest entertainer in sports entertainment history, is comming to WOW! All you peebrained jabroni trailor park trash, people can tune into The Great One on Feb. 21 at KOBK! Cuz that night The Rock, is going to return with a vengence by winning the WOW! Title! Because The Rock is going to kick that jabroni RVD’s face in! I’m going to kick his Roody Poo Candy Ass! If ya Smeeeeeel What The Rock is Cookin’! The satellite picture fades out!)

JR: WOW! The Rock is going to fight RVD, at KOBK for the Heavyweight Championship!
King: That should be a heck of a match!
JR: We should now be set for our first match.

{Matt Hardy’s music plays, and he comes down the ramp with Shannon. The Big Show’s music then plays and out comes the 7 foot 500 pounder!}

Ding, Ding, Ding
Matt Hardy starts off the match by bouncing off the ropes. He then runs into the Big Show and tries to closeline him. It has no effect on him. Hardy then bounces off the another set of ropes and tries to closeline him down. Still no effect. Hardy bounces off the third set of ropes, and executes another closeline, this time The Big Show rocks a little bit. Then Matt bounces off the fourth and final set of ropes and this time Big Show deliver a big boot to the face of Matt. Hardy is down so Big Show puts his massive foot on Hardy’s neck and chokes him. The ref tries to get him off, but he has no effect on the big giant. Big Show finally breaks the hold. He lifts up Hardy and whips him acrossed the ring and closelines him over the top rope. Big Show then steps over the third rope onto the apron and goes to get him. By the time Show is down their Hardy is already up. Matt gives Show a lowblow when the ref isn’t looking. Matt climbs back into the ring. Shannon then kicks on the Big Show while he is down. The Big Show then starts to get up and sees Shannon. Shannon still kicks at him but Show doesn’t feel the effects. Show grabs Shannon by the throat and delivers a monsterous chokeslam to Matt’s buddy. Show then gets in the ring as the count reaches 8. Matt goes after him with right and lefts. Show retaliates with one chop and Hardy goes down! Matt pops right back up. Show goes for a closeline but he misses! Matt Hardy then kicks the Big Show in the back, making him bend back. Matt Hardy then delivers the Twist of Fate on him! He goes for the cover 1……2……..The Big Show gets his massive leg on the rope. Then Matt goes to the top rope, and goes for the Swanton Bomb, but The Big Show moves, and all Matt Catches is the canvas. The Big Show goes for the cover 1…..2….no! The Big Show whips Matt off the ropes, and tries for the big boot, but Matt slides under it. Matt gives Show a russian leg sweep! Matt climbs up the to the top turnbuckle and waits for The Big Show to get up. As he is getting up Matt jumps and goes for a diving closeline, but Show catches him by the neck, and delivers the Showstoppa Closeline. He goes for the cover 1……2…….Shannon pulls on the refs leg. The referee gets up and talks to Shannon. Shannon slips a chair in the ring, and the ref doesn’t see it. Shannon and the ref continue to talk. Meanwhile Matt Hardy smashes the chair over Big Show’s skull. He then lays it down and does the Twist of Fate, on Big Show onto the chair. Matt then kicks the chair out of the ring. And Shannon gets off the apron. The referee turns around and sees Matt ontop of Big Show. The ref counts 1……2…….3!!!
JR: That was quite an upset King!
King: I’d say! I thought Big Show had that match won!

{We enter to commercial with Matt and Shannon celebrating on the ramp.}

JR: Welcome, back! If you are just tuning in, you missed a huge upset of Matt Hardy over Big Show, and later tonight we will have Brock Lesnar and ??? vs. Triple H and Ric Flair!
King: That is going to be some kind of matchup!
JR: I’m getting word that someone is just now arriving in a stretch black limousine! Let’s cut to backstage!

{Backstage we see Brock Lesnar waiting for a black stretch limo. It pulls up and out comes the shoffer. He opens the door, and out comes Hulk Hogan!}

BL: Hey, Hulk I’m glad you could make it!
HH: You think I would miss an opportunity to beat up Ric Flair? Notta chance Brotha!

JR: Oh My Gawd! Brock Lesnar’s mystery partner is Hulk Hogan!
King: And, that means that it is Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair at KOBK!
JR: Wow! Only get this action right here on WoW!

{Chief Morley’s music hits, and out comes the head of staff.}

CM: Hello, I am just out here for one reason and one reason only. And that is to announce something! That announcement is that starting right here tonight we are going to have a tournement! And that tournement will feature 6 superstars! Tonight their will be three matches. And the winners of those matches will move on this Friday to compete in a 4 way match! The winner of the four way will be the Television Champion! Because the winners of the matches tonight, will move on to Friday and compete in a 4 Way match at KOBK with Jeff Hardy for the TV Title! So the three matches that we will have tonight are D-Lo Brown vs. Edge, Chris Benoit vs. Goldust, Kurt Angle vs. Billy Kidman!

JR: WOW! King, that is another huge bombshell!
King: Yes, It is, You have to like D-Lo to win it all!
JR: I don’t know he is facing a very tough opponent in Edge!
King: Come, on JR aren’t you down with the Brown?
JR: Whatever, King, We are now ready for our first match of the tournement, I guess you could call it that!?!

{Billy Kidman comes down the ramp, while getting a big pop from the crowd! Kurt Angle then comes out, to You Suck! Chants!}

Ding, Ding, Ding
As soon as Angle gets in the ring Kidman and Angle lock up. Angle sends Billy off the ropes, and then closelines him down to the ground. Kurt picks up Billy and gives him a belly to belly suplex! Kurt goes for a quick win 1…..no Kidman kicks out after a one count! Angle then lifts Angle up and then sends him right back to where he came from with a scoop slam. Angle goes for a leg drop, but the faster Kidman moves out of the way. Kidman now hopes up to his feet and missile dropkicks, Angle to the mat. Kidman picks up Angle and closelines him to the outside! Angle takes a few minutes to rest on the outside mat. As Kurt is getting up, Billy throws himself off the ropes, and dives through with a suicide dive onto Angle. Billy then throws Kurt back into the ring as the count reaches 7. Kidman goes for a cover 1….2…..no! Kickout by the former olympic medalist. Kidman then DDT’s Angle onto the mat. Angle is laying in the center of the ring. Billy goes off of the ropes and jumps on the second rope, and executes a moonsault. Billy for the win 1…..2…kickout! Kidman now attempts to piledrive Angle, but Angle is to strong as he reverses the move, into a back body drop! Angle goes over to Kidman’s legs. He slaps on the Angle Lock! Kidman screams in huge amounts of pain. But he finally crawls over and reaches the ropes. The ref counts to 5 and makes Angle break the hold. Angle whips Billy into the corner. He then picks him up and sets him on the top turnbuckle. Kurt executes a superplex! Kurt goes for the pin 1…….2…….Billy kicks out! Kidman then hops up and exchanges rights and lefts with Kurt. Billy finally gets the advantage, and kicks him in the midsection. Kurt bends over, and Kidman jumps over him and rolls him up 1….2…..kickout! Kidman then goes to the apron, and slings him self back into the ring onto Kurt. Billy waits for Angle to get up and then sends him right back down, with a missile dropkick! Angle gets up again, and Kidman again missile dropkicks him down to the ground. Angle gets up for the third time and gets dropkicked back to the mat. Kidman goes for the pin 1…..2…..kickout! Kidman the puts Angle towards one of the corners. Kidman climbs up to the top turnbuckle, and signals to the crowd for the Shooting Star Press! Kidman jumps and Angle moves at the very last second! The ref counts both men out 1…….2……..3………4………5……..Both men reach their feet at the same time! Kurt Angle then gives Kidman a northern lights suplex. Kurt drags Billy Kidman out to the center of the ring and slaps on the Angle Lock! Kidman screams in pain, but refuses to call it quits! Angle then wrenches Kidman’s ankle back as far as he can, and Billy has no choice but to tap out!

JR: He may have lost the match, but Billy Kidman showed a lot out their tonight!
King: Who cares lets talk about are real winner Kurt Angle!
JR: We, have to cut to a commercial break, our TV title shot tournement will continue when we return!

{We enter commercial with Angle raising his arms, and the crowd chanting You Suck!}

JR: Welcome, back and we are now set for our next #1 contendor’s tournement match!
King: Yes, and my man Kurt Angle already won!
JR: That is right King, now lets take you to ringside for our next match-up!

{Goldust comes down to the ring first, while getting booed by the crowd, with chants of "Quer!" Chris Benoit then comes out, and the crowd goes nuts!}

Ding, Ding, Ding
The match starts off with both men locking up and Goldust whips Benoit into the corner. Goldust charges after him but Chris gets his foot up and catches Goldust in the mouth! Goldust then steps back in pain. Benoit then charges after him and closelines him to the ground. Benoit goes for the cover 1………2……kickout! Benoit lifts up Goldust and kicks him in the mid-section. Goldust bends over and Chris Benoit delivers a technically sound DDT! Benoit goes for another early cover. But this time Benoit only gets a one count! Benoit then gives Goldust a powerbomb, but he holds on and gives him another one, folllowed by a third one! Benoit with the pin 1……..2……..kickout! Benoit lifts Goldust up again but Goldust counters with a punch to Chris’s mouth. Goldust keeps punching the now dazed Benoit. Goldust then gives him a DDT and throws him out of the ring. Goldust taunts to the crowd before going after Benoit. Goldust piledrives Benoit’s face into the steel ramp! Goldust then gives Benoit a hard irish whip into the apron. Benoit screams in pain! Goldust then rolls Benoit back into the ring as the count hits 7. Goldust goes for the cover 1………2……….kickout! Golust then picks up Benoit spins himaround and delivers a reverse suplex. Goldust stomps on the down Benoit. He kicks him repeatedly. Goldust throws Benoit into the corner, and then he chokes him with his foot, while holding onto the top rope. The referee make Goldust quit, by threatening to DQ him! Goldust then breaks the hold. Goldust then throws Benoit to the outside once again. Goldust this time goes right after Benoit. Goldust grabs a chair and runs at Benoit, but the ref gets inbetween them, and makes Goldust drop the chair! The ref then backs away and Benoit kicks Goldust in the stomach, and he drops the chair. Benoit rolls Goldust back into the ring. Benoit give him a belly to belly suplex! He goes for the cover 1……2……kickout! Benoit then picks Goldust up and powerbombs him right back down to the mat. As Goldust lays their helpless on the ring canvas, Benoit signals to the crowd, and then climbs up to the top turnbuckle! Benoit leaps, and connects to Goldust’s body with a flying headbutt! Benoit goes for the cover on the Gold one, he gets a 1……2………3!


JR: That was quite, a match King! I thought that Goldust had that for a while there!
KING: Yeah, you are right JR, that was up and down the whole match!
JR: We, are cutting to a commercial break, when we get back we will have Edge vs. D-Lo!

{Commercial: Don’t forget to check out KOBK, on Book This!, on Friday February 14, 2003!}

JR: Welcome, back to the best show on Saturday!
King: We are set for our last semi-final match!
JR: Yes, we are! No wait, Tommy Dreamer is comming down the ramp!

{Tommy Dreamer walks down the ramp with a micraphone, and singapore cane in hand!}

TD: Well, I have been thinking lately and I think that I deserve a Hardcore Title shot! After I have busted my ass in the extreme league for so long! All I want to know is if Booker T is man enough to come out here right now, and fight me!

{Chief Morley then comes down to the ring with a mic!}

CM: Whoah, whoah, whoah let me get this straight, you want a Hardcore title shot?
TD: Yes, that is right and I want it right now! (Crowd Pops)
CM: Well I guess you can have your Hardcore fight! (Crowd Pops) But not here. Your shot will be at KOBK! (Crowd sounds dissapointed!) That night you will fight Booker T for the Hardc…………..

{The arena turns pitch black, until Pyro’s go off, and Kane emerges from backstage. He then walks toward ringside and grabs a mic!)

KANE: Well, Mr. Morley I think that I am worthy of a Hardcore title shot!
CM: I’m sorry Kane, but it is already Dreamer vs. Booker T for the belt!
KANE: So….make it a three way dance, and we will see who is the most extreme Mr. Dreamer!
CM: I don’t know, what does the fans think should we let Kane be in? (Crowd Boo’s since Kane joined M&M!)
KANE: Don’t listen to these idiots!
CM: I guess, the match will be a TLC Match! (Crowd Pops!)
KANE: Your on! And I will see you later Dreamer!

{All men leave, and they show us JR and King!}

JR: WOW! That should be a hell of a fight!
KING: Yeah, that will be a real barn burner!
JR: Ok, we are now ready for our last semi-final match!

{D-Lo comes out first accomponied by Theodore! Edge then comes out to a huge pop from the crowd!}

Ding, Ding, Ding
Both men lock up in the center of the ring. The result is D-Lo whipping Edge off the ropes and then executing a armdrag takedown. D-Lo then puts an armbar on Edges same arm. Edge screams in pain, as D-Lo wrenches his arm back farter and farther! The referee of the match asks D-Lo if he would like to quit, and D-Lo responds with a loud NO! Both men then once again reach their feet, at the same time. Edge goes off the ropes and closelines D-Lo over the top rope. D-Lo then reaches his feet slowly, and Edge flies off the other set of ropes and jumps over the top of the third rope onto D-Lo. Edge then lifts D-Lo up and then drops him onto the guard rail, hurting D-Lo’s rib cage severly. Edge rolls D-Lo back into the ring, and then hops up onto the apron and flips himself over the top rope, while landing on his back onto D-Lo’s ribs. D-Lo screams in pain! Edge then picks D-Lo up and gives him an Abdominal Stretch! D-Lo then is asked once again by the referee in he would like to give up, and once again D-Lo shouts back no! Edge then breaks the hold and tries for another one, but D-Lo counters by giving him a kick to his stomach. D-Lo then DDT’s Edge to the ground. D-Lo works on Edges arm somemore. D-Lo then whips Edge off the ropes, and D-Lo goes off the other set of ropes and Edge reagains focus and spears D-Lo to the ground. It hurt Edge’s shoulder/arm so bad though, so he can’t cover D-Lo! Both men lay on the canvas, and the referee begins to count 1………..2…………3…………….4………………5…………..6.. Edge gets up first! Edge goes off the ropes, and is tripped by Theodore! D-Lo then places Edge in the middle of the ring, and climbs to the top turnbuckle. D-Lo executes the Lowdown Frogsplash! D-Lo is so dazed though cuz that hurt his ribcage so bad! Both men once again lay on the mat for a count. 1……….2……….3…….4…………5……….D-Lo slowly gets up! D-Lo walks over to Edge and lifts him off the mat. Edge then quickly rolls D-Lo into a small package! 1……2…….3!!!

JR: That was quite a match! Edge surprised D-Lo at the end!
KING: No, he robbed D-Lo, at the end! Don’t worry D-Lo, I’m still Down With The Brown!!!
JR: Yeah, ok King, anyway we now know it will be Jeff Hardy defending his TV title, against Edge, Kurt Angle, and Chris Benoit in a 4 way Elimination Match! Lets cut backstage!

{We see Coach backstage with a micraphone, standing infront of Flair and HHH!}

Coach: What is going to be your gameplan going out their tonight against very tough competition?
HHH: You call an old rundown guyser tough competetion? And a young crappy former college wrestler tough competion? I think you better ask them they are going to beat the Nature Boy and The Game!
Flair: Yes, that is right now get out of here! Whoooooooooooooooooh!

{We then go to another locker room where Funaki, is watching Brock Lesnar and Hulk Hogan stretch!}

Funaki: How do you prepare for your comppppetion tonnnnight?(trying to pronounce the words)
HH: I’ll tell you how we prepare brotha, we are going to go out their and kick the living hell out of them brotha! My 24 inch pythons and The Next Big Thing, are going to kill them brotha!
BROCK: They better prepare, because here comes the pain!!!

{The camara cuts to JR and King!}

JR: Stay tuned our main event is comming at you next!

(Commercial Break)

{Ric Flair and HHH come out together to large amounts of boo’s! Brock Lesnar’s music then fills the arena and he comes out to large amounts of cheers! Then the crowd gets silent waiting for Hogan’s music, and then it hits, and he poses to the crowd from the entry way! The crowd blows the roof off the building!}

Ding, Ding, Ding
The match starts with Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair, and Brock Lesnar and Triple H, staring each other down, and yelling at the other person! Somehow Senior referee Earl Hebner happens to break them up and get the match started without any major confrontations! The match starts out with Brock Lesnar and Ric Flair in the ring first! Brock and The Nature Boy lock up, Brock shows his sheer power by just throwing Ric Flair across the ring! Ric Flair then rolls underneath the bottom rope and straightens his elbow pads and regains his composure before rentering the ring. Flair finally gets back in the ring as the count gets to 7. They once again lock up. This time though Flair takes a cheap shot by raking Brock Lesnar’s eyes! Flair then irish whips Lesnar into the corner. Flair takes a couple of chops at Brock’s chest until he falls to his knees. Flair then pulls Brock out to the center of the ring and puts a sleeper hold on him. The ref asks Brock if he wants to quit but Brock refuses. Hulk Hogan meanwhile tries to liven up the crowd, and get them on their feet! The crowd then starts to chant lets go Brock! Lets go Brock! Brock then pumps his fists in Hulk Hogan style.Brock then reaches his feet and gives Flair a couple of elbow shots to the stomach, it is enough for Flair to break the hold! Brock then walks over and tags Hulk Hogan. (The Crowd Pops!) Hogan then taunts to the crowd as if he is going to beat on Flair, but Flair will have nothing of it as he runs over and tags HHH! HHH gets in the ring and bounces off the ropes and closelines Hogan. But Hogan doesn’t even flinch! HHH then goes of the other set of ropes and gives Hogan a high knee to the chest! Hulk Hogan once again does not move! HHH then bounces off the ropes one last final time, this time Hogan pumps his fists and gives HHH a big boot the the face as he approaches him! As HHH is down, Hogan goes off the ropes and goes for a Leg Drop but HHH moves and Hogan hits the canvas hard. HHH then picks Hogan up and gives him a piledriver. Triple H then picks Hogan up once again and delivers a DDT to the mat. Triple H goes for the cover 1……2…..kickout! Hogan then gets up but Triple H punches him in the face. HHH then throws Hogan into his corner and distracts the ref. As Triple H is talking to Earl Hebner Ric Flair chokes Hulk Hogan in the corner with a piece of rope! Triple H then turns around and Ric Flair breaks the hold on Hulk Hogan! Ric Flair then signals for Triple H to tag him, because Hogan is weak! Triple H does so! Flair gets right in the ring and gives Hogan a couple of chops. Hogan falls to the ground, and RF gives him a knee drop! Flair then pulls Hulk Hogan out to the middle of the ring and slaps on the figure four! The Hulkster screams in pain. Hogan once again gets behind the crowd by pumping his fists! Hogan gets closer and closer to the ropes and then Flair pulls him back into the center and wrenches back even farther! Hogan screams in deep pain! The ref the lifts Hogan’s hand 1……….2………Hogan’s hand becomes untense just before it hit the mat for the third time! Hogan then punches Flair in the head a couple of times until he breaks the hold! Hogan gets up and tags Brock Lesnar! Flair wants nothing to do with Brock as he crawls over and reaches out and tags HHH! Brock then points at Triple H and goes after him! HHH gets the best of him though by giving him several knees to the chest! Meanwhile Hogan gets off the apron and goes after Ric Flair! Hogan and Flair battle it out outside the ring! Flair gets out a chair and tries to run after Hogan with it but Hogan counters by giving Ric Flair a big boot to the chair onto Flair’s skull! Flair is knocked out outside the ring! Meanwhile inside Triple H bounces himself off the ropes and charges at Brock attempting to do a closeline, but Brock ducks under the closeline and gets HHH onto his back for an F-5!!! Brock Lesnar executes the F-5 and Hogan slips into the ring and gives HHH a Big Leg Drop! Brock Lesnar then covers Triple H and Senior referee Earl Hebner counts the 1……..2……..3!!!

JR: What a match! What will happen Friday night at KOBK!???
KING: I don’t know JR I can’t wait!
JR: Neither can I!!! That is Mayhem for tonight, tune in next time!

{The copyright logo for WOW! Flashes at the bottom of the screen as we see Brock Lesnar and Hulk Hogan celebrating in the ring with their music playing!}


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Who Is M&M, what idoes WOW and KOBK stand for? Good show though, very good booking, a bit long wth the matches which i mainly skip over if they are too long, especially liked the booking of the hardcore belt, but I think i wouldn't have booked it as a TLC match. But its your booking, and I like it, well done.

P.S. And you really should post it in your own thread, so people do not get confused by mixing yours and anybody elses storylines together.
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