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Smackdown! 1/21/11 Card

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Alberto Del Rio vs R-Truth

Beth Phoenix vs Layla

Rey Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes

Drew McIntyre vs Trent Baretta

Edge vs Justin Gabriel​
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Not looking at spoilers this week so will respond here.

Looking forward to Edge vs Gabriel

Del Rio vs R-Truth seems to be an actual feud now - seems to a step down for Del Rio but as long he comes out on top all good. Keeping him relevant before the Rumble I guess.

Obviously Baretta getting the win on McIntyre last week was just so that McIntyre could squash him this week.

Assuming there will be a Barret promo in here somewhere. No Big Show on the card, is he "in hospital"?

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Looks a poor set of matches this week - expect lots of promos, since none of the matches look like they should last more than 10 minutes.

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ADR vs Truth for the third time in 3 weeks? Fuck. Truth definitely winning = double fuck.
Rey vs Cody? We all know how it's gonna end.
McIntyre vs Barreta for the third time in 4 weeks? Fuck. Again.
Edge vs Gabriel should be really good. I hope Gabriel wins, though there's no chance.

Shitty card for obvious reasons. SD has just received 4 new talent, and they only showcase one AND in a random (though ME) match? WTF?

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Del Rio-Truth is being done too much
Nothing interesting bout the divas match
McIntyre-Baretta is sorta interesting but they're doing it too much now
Rhodes-Mysterio is probably just some filler rumble hype type thing

Edge-Gabriel is an interesting one though. With the new group on SD, makes me wonder if Edge is their new target or something(Barrett-Edge at WM?)

Though sucks how WWE has so much talent on their roster yet we dont see anyone like Ziggler,Kofi,Swagger on the card. I'd rather see 7-8 matches lasting 5-10 minutes each(with lots of action in them) over 5 matches lasting 8+ minutes.
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