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3 glasses at the end has got to surely mean either 3 new guys behind this promo or at least, a new group.

As for former world champ, EY and EC3 would be most likely. Mr Anderson was meant to be on One Night Only special to.

With EC3's new approach and Impact teasing past TNA stuff, I'd love an Aces & 8s redo with EC3, Gallows & Anderson and Mr. Anderson as a base, with Anderson and Gallows being 2 former members.

Team Canada has also been hinted with Elgin and adding EY would be perfect as former member. Plus you already have The North and possibly Petey Williams.

I've also enjoyed TNAs factions and like the NJPW format of nearly whole roster apart of a stable so would be great if all these promos and new talent can also go with the hints of more TNA returning.

Definitely very intriguing
1 - 3 of 3 Posts