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Sometimes putting younger green talent in tag team (sometimes with an already fairly established wrestler) can help to boost their creditability, confidence and mic skills as well as give a new dynamic to their moveset.

Both Jesse Sorensen & Mark Haskins are two examples I reckon could benefit from this.

This is where i feel a lot of the Vets could come in handy for a change, guys like Kid Kash pairing up with younger talent in order to strengthen the tag-team devision which is gonna look slightly empty with the likes of beer money going solo.

TNA's current Main Tag Teams

Mexican America
British Invasion
D'Angelo & Devon
Ink Inc.
...MCMG are kinda looking towards more solo ventures though with Sabin injured.
And the rest of fortune all seem to have their sights set on bigger things.

Who else do people feel would make a good legit tag team in TNA from their current roster?

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^Nah, Gunners showing some improvement, No need to saddle him with that ugly idoit Murphy.

Another vote for Kaz/Daniels, I actually think they'd make a nice team, weather they'd be heel or face idk, but it'd be better than Daniels/AJ part 2340 =D

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hardy and rvd

morgan and crimson

somoa joe and aj styles

kaz and james storm

steiner and bully ray both from classic tag teams

chavo guerro and hernandez

christopher daniels ajstyles

angle samoa joe

new beer money storm and kaz

i like pope devon

pope and hardy

or two classic teams combined called tlc hardy and devon
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