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Sin Cara is going to be huge!

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Yes, this is coming from the same guy that didn't know who the hell he was, and hadn't seen him high fly even once before tonight.

His entrance to his attack came off really well and the crowd seemed to love it and I actually got goosebumps believe it or not, and I've never had goosebumps for a debuting star, never.

He has gotten me excited, and judging from the crowd reaction and who he attacked, he will be a huge star.
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He seems to be in total control when flying just hope he doesn't get hurt because someone won't know how to take his moves or protect him.
he botched the shit out of his entrance though when he attempted the jump over the ropes but its a simple mistake not everyone dives clean over the ropes so even with that little mess up it still looked amazing i cant wait to see more from him
So. Cool.
I know! This dude is pretty damn good. I love his mask.
nice way to start, i loved the crowd reaction:

Who gives a shit if he botched his entrance....some people are never happy.
It's like combining Evan Bourne, Rey Mysterio, and John Morrison
It was a very small botch that was barely noticible
His jump was beautiful, sheamus and him are gonna have a great feud. Book it.
Who gives a shit if he botched his entrance....some people are never happy.
This. Some people acting like he completely fell on his ass when he dived into the ring, he immediately gained composure of himself and got to his feet.

Am I the only one who thinks Sin Cara music is actually greater then him? :D

That is one of the most epic themes I've ever heard in the WWE.
I can't wait to see him in action. He's already turning into one of my favorite "entertainers"(as the WWE would call it)...

I could see a Cara vs. Mysterio match at next year's Wrestlemania. As of now, it looks like Cara will feud with Sheamus, but I'm excited for him overall...
LOL wait ppl actually care that he wasn't able to perfectly jump that high into the ring?

A spot monkey who can't work a match or tell a story. I'm going to hate him.
Did Sin Cara botch his entrance for his debut?
Isn't that Avatar of yours a little revealing?
Sin cara is going to be amazing your right. I'm pumped.

Also Rey vs Cara at Mania. Book it
Anyone know his height? He looked like he had some good size for a highflyer.
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