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I never saw WWE during Macho Man/Hogan days, but I have heard people sorta compare these 2.

I've only seen some stuff happening in the early 90s between them, such as Elizabeth being in the "neutral corner" for Macho Man-Hogan, and then being in the audience(taken off tv for several months for storyline reasons) and then the whole aftermath at Wrestlemania between those 2.

So what are the similarities between the Bryan-AJ stuff now and the Macho Man-Elizabeth stuff from about 20 years ago?

Could we see some more similarities happening at time goes on? Maybe even one day a wedding between those 2 at Summerslam lol. Obviously a big difference between these 2 are the amount of time the storyline happened, cause Raw wasn't around until 1993,so there weren't weekly shows/monthly ppvs to make storylines last shorter.
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