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Please can anyone tell me how to make sigs and thoser Namey thingies. I just became a member of this forum and need a little help please if anyone could help me I would be very grateful.

Thank you in advance to those who help me. :D
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Canadian Pothead said in post #3 :
I wouldnt say that this is a graphics topic, more of a site questions forum but there doesnt seem to be one, so I would say this is the most apropriate forum for this to be in....
Yes there is.
Suggestions and Feedback and that's where this is being moved to.

This has been copied directly from the FAQ section of the forum. Yes there is one! People just don't take the time to look at it.


How to put signatures images in your signature*
First and foremost, you need to know how to get the picture online. Use someone like http://www.nofx.com and upload from there. Once you upload, right-click the image and go to Properties and copy the URL ("http://www....com/image.jpg" for example). Then come to WEForums and go to edit profile. Scroll down to "signature" and put:

Do not put ANY spaces or tags after the tag. Do not line break either.

*Note: This also works for posting images for messages.

[b]Signature rules*[/b]
Signature banners are to be NO larger than 550 x 250 (7.6 x 3.5 inches, that is width x height). If your signature is larger than this, please get it resized. If you have two banners, they must be added together and must not exceed to previous pixels/inches. If they do, it will be removed without warning.

If you have GIFs and the file sizes are rather large, you may be asked to remove them for 56K users. If you have no banner, you are allowed only two GIFs in a signature. With a small signature (only one banner), you are allowed only one GIF. There can be exceptions IF the file sizes are very small, but otherwise forget it. Any admin has the right to remove a signature without telling you. Most likely a message will be left, so obey it and these rules.

*Note: If you are currently breaking these rules and are reading this, remove what is against the rules. Otherwise, If I see your signature, it will be removed without questioning.

[b]Uploading and using avatars*[/b]
Before attempting to use an avatar, check the image's dimensions. To do so, right-click the image and go to Properties. If the file is below 20,000 bytes and is 80 X 80 or less (in pixels), the image can be used. Save the image unto your hard drive and go to Edit Avatar. Okay, there, before trying to upload your avatar, make sure the "yes" circle is the circle selected and not "no." If it is, click "Browse..." and upload the file you want.

*Note: For some reason the WEForums server will not allow images linked from other sites to be used as avatars. It's something about the server's policy, so trying it will prove to be futile.

** You don't need to have a banner as such. For instance my sig is just 3 different pics from a Simpson's site. All I've done is posted the links with the [img] tags. It's not a real banner.
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