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Well outa all of those the last is the best.
The first one is ok. Has a decent amount of pictures. the background is not looking good though. and the text is not placed rightly. My rate would be a 6/10.
The second one doesnt have a nice color and background and the blending is'nt that special either. plus the text is not placed right. My rate for first would be a 6/10.
the third one is better and has a good amount cuts but again you did not place the text right. My third Rate Would be ummm... a 6/10 again.
The fourth one is nice. but still you have missplaced the text. and the blending is not looking cool. My Fourth Rate would be a 6.5/10.
Now your getting better with the fifth banner. Nice blending nice cuts nice text and nice placing. For that i will give you a 7.5/10.
The last one as i said is the best for me. although you can add one more pic in the middle. othervise it has nice cuts blendings looking cool and the text is awsome. It got a 8.5/10 outa me. well thats about it. Work On Them To Make Them Better.

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1st -

"Captain Charisma, Cus thats how i roll"

Normal background, but showing too much.

Cuts are ok, bit sloppy round some edges.

"captain charsima" text and font is good. But the "thats how i roll" isnt so good. I dont like that bit.

I think u need another pic..

Very normal banner. 6/10


2nd -

"Mr Money in the back, Edge"

Left cut is good. But shud be shrunk i think. Right cut around the hair is bad.

I like the background...blending is ok. Not sure about the lines going across. Maybe shud lower opacity.

Text and font is bad.

Slightly misused, not so good.



3rd -

"Muhammed Hassan, never been pinned"

Blending is alright. Text + font suits it.

Background is bad. I dont really like it.
The colour scheme seems roughly right. But the background doesnt have a good effect.



4th -

"Triple H"

Nice background.

Cuts are ok, one of his arms is done poorly (triceps)

text and font is fine...

just a 6/10


5th -

"Game over, Triple H"

Same good background. Dot effects r ok..

Blending is alright.

Same as above with cuts..

Put the pic of trips in his suit w/belt in it, and resize it, blend it, and it might look good.

I expected the green stroke on the game...like in his titaron.

Best out of the lot


Couldnt really go into any sort of depth cus theres so many :O

This is pretty much typical banners for 3 months experience.

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I cant be bothered to rate them all individually, I'll just give you some general pointers.

To start with all your bg's seem quite good. They have a nice grungy look to them. As well as that your cuts are quite good, assuming you did them yourself, although some seem a little ditsorted.
Your cuts are a little boring though, a little plain and they just blend in too much, I'd like to see some layer building them up and blended over thetop so they stand out more.

I'd say in order of quality they go:

1) Edge
2) Christian
3)Triple H (1st)
4) Hassan
5) Triple H (2nd)

There is genuinly too much bg showing and the text is bad. Bad choice of font and it looks a bit boring.

Try some tutorials for the text. www.good-tutorials.com

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Thanks for the feedback guys, the first 3 sigs i made ever were shit as. never knew how to blend and always used shitty BG's. But thanks for the rest of the feedback :)
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