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OK,so I think that everybody were confused with previous League,so I`ll start a new thread with new rules.But first you guys have to sign up,just post something in this thread.

1. Has to be a one-on-one no thrills match. Just good old fassion wrestling, no interfearence or hard core stuff, just a normal match.

2. Unlimited amount of words, the match can be as long as you want.

3. Respect the judges decision, don't despute it.

5. Have fun.

6. Any split decisions will be decided by me, I'm the head judge.

Judges: (We need 3 or 4 judges please reply if you want to be a judge)

Contestents: (Please reply if you want to pretisapate in this League)

***Judges please read***

Please reward points for:

-Overall enjoyment of the match




-Profesionalism (ie: Match title, winner, time)

-Realism (Could this really happen? Ie: Spike Dudly powerbombing and beating Brock Lesnar will result in a deduction of points)

So please join and don`t ask me about matches!I will post them in a new thread(ex. Team Angle2003 vs. F-5)where judges have to grade them.

We are going to have several Rounds.Like 1st Round and then 2nd and so on.
Please don`t ask me what are you talking about,I`ll tell you when people are going to sign up.

1,904 Posts
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Ok we have three 4 judges.


Now we need comp.
But don`t forget that I`m a judge and comp. when I`m going to have match with some one else 3 other judges are going to grade my show.
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