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Shows you how far WWE had fallen when it comes to their quality of mapping out matches. Most of the time, it's so predictable and follows a very very overused formula, which is extremely common in PG era matches.

-Pretentious chain wrestling that doesn't even make sense

-Long ass chin locks, basically generic head based subs that eat a lot of time 2/4 into a match

-Momentum turning punch and kicks exchanges

-High impact moves by the face wrestler

-Finishers spot fest, which leads to......

-Lots of (usually predictable, but not always) False finishes

-A variation of the winning wrestlers finisher that looks like it was taken off the WWE All Stars video game

Almost every 3, 4 or 5 star rated PG era matches followed this exact same formula or a variation of it. They never had this rigidly structured formula during the Ruthless Aggression Era or even during the Attitude Era. In RAE and AE matches, even a punch or a kick had a well placed logic to a match's story telling or psychology.
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