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After the AWESOME Cena vs Lesnar match (barring result) I'd like to know what everyones opinion on said topic is. How many ****-***** matches are there with so little "moves", but yet with so much "action" at the same time such as yesterday? And how many of those matches make so much sense from a storytelling and especially ring-psychology standpoint today?

The match yesterday was the clostest to oldschool wrestlika aka the "it's still real to me" era as we can get in a time like this, the fans were on the edge of their seats despite not going overboard with anything, and the biggest spot was a flying elbow and AA on the steel steps, two rather "tame" moves in comparision to the indy spotfests or WWE cruiserweight/TNA X-Division wrestling, but it got so much more emotion. Wrestling becomes a totally different breed when suddenly every single punch and kick matters, it makes every high impact move standout just that much more. Normally in a match people hit punches and kicks all the time, but they reccuperate soon after and it's as if those shots never happened, yesterday we saw how a match works where simple punches are sold throughout the WHOLE match.

Now I know that this kind of match can be extremely dangerous unless the workers are great "worked" strikers (Scott Hall used to have great punches back in the day for example), in fact even Puro is WAY softer that that nowadays which tells you quite a lot about the risks to take in such a match, but even without brutalising the opponent, do you think that making punches and kicks, knee, elbows etc stand out elevates the match (without necessarily stiffing the hell out of the opponent, no chance in travelling 300 days a year and beeing able to work that extremely all year round)? I think it just adds a whole new layer to the ring psychology aspect, even good psychology is terrible psychology compared to those worked shootstyle matches where the match flow and transistion is borderline MMA/amateur wrestling, Cena and Lesnar however were so good at it that they knew when to add the traditional movesets and the more spotty moves which made it even better.

So what's your opinion on trying to make single brawling/ground and pound shots credible again? To me, it would be a welcome addition and would help to show the difference between different wrestling styles aka brawler vs highflyer even more, increasing the dynamics bigtime.
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