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Should World Title matches ALWAYS be the main event?

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World or WWE Title matches, if you have both being defended, have a joint main event with them being the last two matches.

In my opinion the whole point of Wrestling is supposed to be that you want to be the man, the champ, the main event.

Well having championship matches go on before having non title main events is contradictary to all that

They have devalued the titles too much.
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Yes, at least the WWE Championship should. I don't agree with the world heavyweight championship going on first though. It should be like it used to be. WHC going on 3rd to last, then a divas match or something that nobody cares about so everyone can recover, and then the WWE Championship going on last. The only cases where it should be acceptable to not do this would be a Undertaker streak match (and they don't even do this), or a once in a lifetime match (like Rock vs Cena).
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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