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Yesterday afternoon i sat down and watched The Self Destruction Of The Ultimate Warrior on Youtube despite always vowing i would never watch it due to it's completely biased presentation in making one of the biggest stars of that era look bad and the fact that growing up i prefered The Ultimate Warrior over Hulk Hogan and probably everyone else other than Sting. Now i know looking back at it now The Ultimate Warrior wasn't exactly Shawn Michaels in the ring or The Rock on the mic but i defy anyone who says he didn't have a HUGE aura about him and that didn't like him as a kid because he was just as popular as Hulk Hogan was in between 1989 and 1991.

As i watched through the DVD two feuds stood out for me just like they did as a kid and those two feuds were with Ravishing Rick Rude and then Randy Savage and both of those two men did something that almost everyone else couldn't do in getting great matches from The Ultimate Warrior who was average in the ring at best. The feud with Rick Rude in 1989 was the one that really pushed The Ultimate Warrior into being that true alternative to Hulk Hogan because Rick Rude was such a great heel and garnered HUGE heat alongside Bobby Heenan but the feud they had in 1990 just smacked of Vince McMahon's desperation to recreate the magic of the previous year and it was nowhere near as good.

Towards the end of the year they put The Ultimate Warrior in a feud with Randy Savage who at the time for me was easily the top heel in the company who was also believable in beating The Ultimate Warrior and a great in ring worker but for me they wasted Warrior/Savage in only having one PPV match between the two although what a match it turned out to be. In 1990 Randy Savage wasn't really doing anything of note until the end of the year in the feud with The Ultimate Warrior and i have always felt that after The Ultimate Warrior won the WWF title from Hulk Hogan that WWF should have built Warrior/Savage for Summerslam through to Survivor Series and then as WWF wanted Hogan/Slaughter at WrestleMania 7 as the main event they could still have booked everything that happened in 1991 with Randy Savage costing The Ultimate Warrior the WWF title the same.

I think that The Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage being the main feud in the company in 1990 would have been HUGE and would have seen much better business then they already were because The Ultimate Warrior never had that one standout feud as WWF champion like Hulk Hogan did with Rowdy Roddy Piper or Andre The Giant and because of how great Randy Savage was he could have easily carried The Ultimate Warrior throughout the year rather than being wasted in a pointless feud with Dusty Rhodes. There was so much potential in Warrior/Savage in 1990 which would have been even bigger going into WrestleMania 7 on the back of a near year long build and it would have also maybe seen both men cement their place as wrestler's Vince McMahon could go to if he ever wanted to change things around and take Hulk Hogan out of the spotlight.
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