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Should the US title be the 'Undercard' title?

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Would that work? Would it give WWE's champions a hierarchy type situation?

WWE WHC- Main eventers such as Bryan, Cena and such.

IC title- Mid-carders who are talented, but aren't seen as 'Top' guys ie Christian, ADR and RVD.

US title- Lower card guys who either job or compete in meaningless matches like Fandango, Sin Cara and Titus.

Do you think if WWE actually set out divisions like that, that it would help? I understand that they'll need stories and such, but with actual divisions it would help the crowd associate different guys with each other. It would also have a bigger opportunity for guys to work and grow with each other and work on their in ring chemistry.

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I'd much prefer to see the US title gone and the light heavyweight/cruiserweight title re-introduced. Underutilized smaller guys like Justin Gabriel, Kofi Kingston, and (especially) Tyson Kidd could put on great matches that would actually mean something as opposed to them being jobbers to the stars.

The IC title situation I also kind of disagree with you. It should be what it used to be; a title for those that the company sees as potential future world title contenders. I think former world champion journeymen like the guys you listed should either put up and comers over or go for a final run at the world title.
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