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Should the Iron Man Match have been for the WCW US Heavyweight Championship

  • Yes. Ricky Steamboat should have won the title.

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  • No. It was the right move to have Steamboat win, but keep the US Title on Rude

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Should the 30 Minute Iron Man Match between Rick Rude and Ricky Steamboat at Beach Blast 1992 have been for the US Title?

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One of WCW's biggest feuds of 1992 was Rick Rude VS Ricky Steamboat. Rude was reigning WCW United States Heavyweight Champion, Steamboat was a hot challenger at the time, and the feud's climax was the 30 Minute Iron Man Match at Beach Blast with Steamboat winning in the end.

However, it was decided that the match was to be non-title, which meant that regardless of the outcome, Rick Rude was to remain US Champion at the conclusion of the feud. What harm would it have done to have Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat as WCW United States Heavyweight Champion for a 4th time then? He's been NWA US Champion 3 times before. He would have a 4th reign in 1994. Rude would continue to be US Champion for another 5-6 months before vacating the title due to injury, thus not being defeated for the title.

Should Ricky Steamboat have won the US Title in the Iron Man match with Rick Rude? Why didn't they make the match for the title?
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Apparently rick rude rufused to put the belt on the line saying that ricky steamboat had to many opportunities to win the us title which doesn't explain much and that's why the match was a non-title match.
In retrospect, it is a weird deal for a pay-per-view match where typically, you want a high stakes situation where the crowd is invested. My thought was they wanted Steamboat to go over but not necessarily for Rude to lose the strap. Feels a bit like a wonky booking to me but if memory serves this was in the Bill Watts era where things like this were common place.
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