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This may sound a bit out of the blue, but I think Booker T should work an angle where he just "respects" Antonio Cesaro. As a former United States Champion himself Booker says that he knows how Antonio must feel about being a foreign born star holding an "American" made title. Booker says that Antonio is the first Swiss born United States Champion of all time, and he respects a first for everybody.

I think what this does is allow Cesaro some creative room to develop more of a character with the help of the GM of the show who feels Cesaro is part of a bright future for the WWE. Now that he is United States Champion Cesaro will need something to get his character in to full swing. Booker T would allow Cesaro to make a first time decision, but backed by the approval of Booker T to pick himself his opponent for the United States title. Booker says that he backs whomever Antonio picks because he knows Cesaro will pick his toughest challenger every time.

That's exactly how Cesaro should play out with his character. Antonio picking his own opponent to defend his US title against would be nice to see. If an opponent isn't picked within 30 days the GM automatically chooses an opponent for the champion. Picking the opponent doesn't always have to be the person that the champion may be feuding with. Cesaro may be feuding with Tyson Kidd, but his title shot at the next PPV is vs Jack Swagger, a former World's Champion, and the special guest referee is Tyson Kidd. Kidd has mic skills, and I could easily hear him explaining the WWE fans that Cesaro is one of the most talented wrestlers alive today. Even though Kidd is playing the "face" with Cesaro playing "heel" there is still this level of respect from those that know Antonio.

Let this man play a "Fighting Champion" role, and see what makes of it. He has the size, and speed to easily work the crowds. His move set is actually more than what he has shown thus far. Most of his moves are WWE safe as well with a few exceptions. Let him begin his own title reign, and undefeated streak of his own. There is plenty of potential with this man especially for the upper mid card. His character could easily become one to love to hate, or learn to respect.
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