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I did. They weren't good.

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All of them? Give the guy some credit! :side:
He gets ZERO credit.

I listened to a few and then ones I heard sounded awful, even before he said a word. It sounds like it was recorded in a bathroom.

Hell, as a hater of Melina I was looking forward to Melina's confession but was very disappointed. Not funny at all.

Sin Cara song was by far the worst. Just not funny.

Maybe some of this could be avoided with better sound quality, but even just reading the lyrics. It's like WWE 2011 comedy (meaning not funny whatsoever to anyone over the age of 16).

well, that's my review. In conclusion, maybe if I was much younger I would have laughed.

Try being informed instead of just opinionated.
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This guy actually has a decent enough voice and I don't mind his style at all. Atleast he's got some creativity. For the record, Melina's Confession is cleverly funny, IMO.

Hey John Morrison this is Melina
I know ya seen me getting pretty obscene
With all the boys in the back all the bros
But you knows I ain't no hos that's just how it goes

You said you need to know what I been doin'
You need to know who I been screwin'
So I wrote you this song I hope it isn't wrong
If you really want to know it's pretty gross
But I guess here it gooooooes

I slept with Batista
We had a 3-way with a stranger
He did not want to walk alone
Inside my pit of danger
He really was an Animal
And I was in his jaws
As far as I'm concerned
He's got an infinite rematch clause

I slept with John Cena
And he made me turn off the light
I slept with Rey Mysterio
And we 619'd all night
I slept with Undertaker
And he made me call him Sid
But I did not sleep with CM Punk
Just kidding of course I did

I also slept with Mike Knox
Did you know that he has two cocks
One on his body and one on his beard
It was pretty weird

I used to do Hulk Hogan
But then he crossed the line
I did it with Sin Cara once
But he dropped me on my spine
I slept with Alex Riley
And I held him while he sobbed
Then I hooked up with HHH
So you know I was doin' the job

Don't cry Johnny don't cry
I still love you kind of

Hey, that's my lunch
Give it back
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